Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Flower

Published June 13, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Flower - Secret Nature

The word “doughboy” has been around for more than a century, and for most of us, this term conjures up images of deliciousness and contentment. Secret Nature Dough Boy doesn’t disappoint when you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy non-intoxicating CBD to your heart’s content, and we offer this strain in a few different product options to meet the needs of even our most discerning customers.

This strain has received dozens of reviews, and its dense, frosty nugs are a delight to behold for everyone who tries Secret Nature Dough Boy. In this guide, we’ll give you some background on Dough Boy, provide some examples of real customer feedback this strain has received, and leave you with some tips on the best ways to use your new favorite Secret Nature strain.

Strain origins

With all of the cultivars, we produce at Secret Nature, it’s our goal to capture as many of the desirable qualities of THC-rich strains as possible while eliminating their intoxicating qualities. The only way to achieve this result is to cross THC-dominant strains with CBD-dominant strains dozens of times until we land on a result that provides the best of both worlds while containing less than 0.3% THC.

Some time back, we started experimenting with classic strains like Cookie Dough to see if we could bring the THC content of these cultivars into compliance while retaining the terpene profiles that make them so popular. Along the way, we ended up creating a strain that tastes and smells just like fresh-baked bread or cookie dough while containing high levels of CBD and compliant levels of THC.

As we tested Dough Boy amongst ourselves, we quickly determined that this strain would be an absolute hit among Secret Nature customers. While our latest batch of Dough Boy contains almost 22% total cannabinoids, it contains less than 0.3% THC, and this strain boasts a unique terpene profile that offers a certain sense of nostalgia while knocking it out of the park in terms of taste and aroma.

Terpene profile

Strains like Dough Boy contain countless terpenes and flavonoids, and it's the way that these non-intoxicating, aromatic molecules interact that makes each hemp strain unique. While it’s only possible to provide you with a brief sampling of some of the terpenes that Dough Boy contains in this guide, even this limited information can be extremely useful as you figure out what this strain will smell and taste like and identify any further benefits it may provide. Here’s some basic background on a few of the most concentrated terpenes that Secret Nature Dough Boy contains:


Myrcene is a very common terpene in Cannabis sativa strains, and it shares its dank aroma with mangoes, thyme, and lemongrass.


Caryophyllene is a spicy terpene that smells just like fresh pepper, and each gram of Dough Boy contains around 10mg of caryophyllene.


Bisabolol is also present in chamomile flower, and this terpene has a sweet, floral scent that helps contribute to Dough Boy’s cookie aroma and flavor.


Limonene is a sour terpene that’s also found in citrus peels. This terpene appears to be a very powerful antioxidant.


Pinene is abundant in pine trees, and this antibacterial terpene has an unsurprisingly piney taste and aroma.

Customer reviews

Dough Boy is a customer favorite at, which is part of why we decided to create an in-depth guide to this popular strain. No strain guide would be complete, however without insight into what actual customers think about Dough Boy and the effects it provides. In this section, we’ll offer snippets of verified buyer reviews along with links to product pages where you can learn more about what other people think about Dough Boy and purchase this organic, indoor-grown hemp strain for yourself.

Secret Nature Dough Boy CBD Flower

We offer Secret Nature Dough Boy flower in 3.6g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes, and this strain has more than 40 4-star and 5-star reviews. Jose C. tells us that Dough Boy is the best “cbd flower I’ve had” and that the “smells and the taste is A1.” Baron J. backs up this assessment by saying Secret Nature Dough Boy was “just what I needed” to “take the edge off,” and Damon P. provides us with a very enthusiastic review by saying that if he had an extra set of hands, he would “give Dough Boy 4 thumbs up.”

Secret Nature Dough Boy Pre-Rolls 7-Pack

This 7-pack of pre-rolled Dough Boy joints contains 4.2g of CBD flower total, and like all of our pre-rolls, this product is rolled in organic hemp paper. Gagan H. says that this 7-pack is “so convenient” and that he “gets more bud,” and Tyler S. reports that Dough Boy “was a relaxing smoke for me and my friends.”

Secret Nature Dough Boy Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

This affordable 2-pack of Dough Boy pre-rolls is a great product if you want to experience this strain without a major investment. Eric G. says that this pre-roll 2-pack is “perfect for the price and just what I needed,” and Lindsay W. tells us that her Dough Boy pre-rolls “helped my body wind down for bed.” If you had any doubts about the aroma of this strain, Emmy A. relieves them by saying that Dough Boy “literally smells like creamy dough” and that she “loved this strain.”

When and how to use Secret Nature Dough Boy

Now that you know more about where Dough Boy came from and what Secret Nature customers think about this popular strain, it’s understandable if you’re itching to try some Dough Boy for yourself. Go ahead and add one of the products we’ve linked to your cart and check out, and then return to this section for more details on the best times and methods for getting the most out of your Secret Nature Dough Boy purchase.

When to use Secret Nature Dough Boy

Dough Boy is a hybrid strain, which makes it appropriate to use this cultivar at any time of the day and for any reason. Many of our customers report that Dough Boy provides a relaxing feeling while still making them feel energized, so this strain is perfect for focusing on stressful tasks that might otherwise be overwhelming. Some customers even say that Dough Boy is just as good as an indica-dominant strain when they want to get full, restful sleep at night.

How to use Secret Nature Dough Boy

Dough Boy is such a delicious strain that it’s practically begging to be cooked into edibles. If you’d rather not take that route with your Dough Boy nugs or you like smoking pre-rolls instead, just make sure that you share this delicious Secret Nature strain with friends. Due to its cookie-like taste, Dough Boy truly provides a unique experience that most people haven’t enjoyed with CBD flower before, so share the love whether you like smoking or vaping best.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Dough Boy

We grow Dough Boy with pride. Like all of our strains, Secret Nature Dough Boy is indoor-grown and hand-trimmed, and we only use organic, sustainable horticultural practices to produce our lab-tested hemp flower. Dough Boy tastes smells and hits better than outdoor bud, and this strain’s unique taste and aroma profile will quickly make it one of your favorites. Choose one of the product options we’ve listed above to start rolling in your personal stash of Dough Boy today.

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