Ultimate Guide to Secret OG CBD Flower

Published April 24, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret OG CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Maybe it’s the dense, sticky nugs that smell like dank diesel. Or, maybe it’s the relaxing indica effects of this classic Secret Nature strain. Whatever the case may be, Secret OG is one of the most-purchased and most-reviewed CBD flower strains available at, and this all-star product deserves to be highlighted. 

Due to continued customer interest, we decided to put this guide together to organize all the important information on Secret OG in one place. Let’s dive in.

Strain Origins

Not to be confused with Secret Recipe, a THC-dominant strain, Secret OG is an in-house strain bred by the expert cannabis geneticists at Secret Nature. As the result of a series of crosses between OG Kush and CBD-rich strains, Secret OG preserves many of the desirable attributes of kush strains while containing less than 0.3% THC.

In fact, our customers tell us that Secret OG is almost exactly like OG Kush in terms of appearance, aroma, and taste. With Secret OG, we prove that the most attractive attributes of indica cannabis strains aren’t limited to THC-rich bud—Secret Nature can do it even better with CBD.

Terpene Profile

The unique blend of terpenes and flavonoids in Secret OG creates a creamy, earthy aroma profile with strong diesel undertones, and this terpene blend is responsible for the strain’s relaxing indica effects. Like OG Kush, Secret OG contains significant quantities the following terpenes:


The most abundant terpene in cannabis, myrcene has a spicy, herbal taste, and this terpene is responsible for the “dank” smell associated with high-grade hemp.


Caryophyllene is almost as abundant in cannabis as myrcene, and this terpene also has a bitter or spicy taste. The peppery aroma present in Secret OG is due to the presence of caryophyllene.


Also found in citrus peels, limonene has a zesty, citrusy aroma and flavor.


Found in pine trees and lime blossoms as well as certain cannabis strains, terpineol is a rare terpene that’s responsible for Secret OG’s unique aroma.

Customer Reviews

The information on Secret OG we’ve provided so far is all well and good, but knowing where this strain came from and which terpenes it contains might not help you if you’re on the fence. There’s a reason people trust customer reviews more than any other information on a product—you can trust fellow consumers more than you can trust brands.

Best CBD Pre-Rolls To Buy Online

There’s also a reason Secret OG has so many five-star verified buyer reviews, however—consumers trust Secret Nature, and they want to share the love they have for our brand and the strains we produce. Each Secret OG product available at has dozens of reviews, so let’s hear what these satisfied customers have to say.

Secret OG Raw Flower 

This Secret Nature product has more reviews than almost any other, and one customer tells us that she has “noticed a difference in my need for my regular pain meds” after using Secret OG. Other customers tell us that this strain is “really fire” and that they’re surprised by how good it is. David L. even goes so far as to say he “believe[s] in CBD now” after using Secret OG, which is the best praise we could ever hope to receive.

Secret OG Ultra Premium 7 Pack

One customer tells us that there are “too many reasons to list” to love our Secret OG pre-rolls and another report that this offering is the “[b]est product on the market.” What’s more, Alexandra S. tells us that “SECRET OG was my first so it’ll always be a favorite.”

Secret OG Ultra Premium, 2 Pack

This 2-pack of Secret OG pre-rolls may be small, but Ani M. says that this product “[h]its smooth and really mellowed me out!” Other customers report that this product ships faster than expected, and Andrew R. is “[V]ery impressed and satisfied.”

CBD Joints by Secret Nature CBD

When and how to use Secret OG

You’re ready to put some Secret OG pre-rolls or nugs into your cart, but you want to know how to use this highly-celebrated Secret Nature product. Let’s break it down by the “when” and the “how:”

When to use Secret Nature Secret OG

This strain is definitely indica-dominant, which means you’ll want to use it when it’s time to relax. Whether you need a break in the middle of the day or it’s time to hit the hay, Secret OG is the strain to reach for when non-intoxicating R&R is exactly what you need.

Since Secret OG nugs are so beautiful and delicious, this is the perfect strain to share with family, friends, or co-workers. No matter what your social group’s perspective on cannabis might be, you can show them that hemp doesn’t get you high while still providing a satisfying, potent experience they’ll want to write home about.

How to use Secret Nature Secret OG

You should use Secret OG pre-rolls when you’re on the go or you want to share this strain with others. At home, you might want to keep a pre-roll or two by your bedside in case you need a little help sleeping.

There are quite a few ways to use Secret OG nugs. You might want to smoke these high-grade hemp buds in a pipe or a bong, but remember that vaping is better for your lungs. It doesn’t cost much to invest in a handheld dry herb vape pen, and you may even want to go the extra mile with a tabletop vaporizer.

You might prefer not to absorb all the flavors of low-end hemp flower, but Secret OG is grown so well and its genetics are so amazing that the enhanced flavor experience offered by vaping is almost a must. Try Secret OG today, and make sure to come back to tell us all about your top-shelf Secret Nature experience.

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