Uplift Yourself with CBD in the Morning

Published October 13, 2020
Uplift Yourself with CBD in the Morning - Secret Nature

Anecdotal testimony is unequivocal: Sativa-dominant Cannabis sativa strains appear to provide a boost of energy that might make mornings easier and more productive. While scientists still aren’t exactly sure what it is about sativa strains that makes them so energy-inducing, both intoxicating and non-intoxicating cannabis users agree that sativa is the direction to go when you’re looking for a boost.

To make it easier to achieve your morning sativa boost, Secret Nature recently introduced the Morning Bundle, which wraps three of our most popular sativa products into a single discounted package. In this guide, learn more about the energy-boosting benefits of CBD, find out how this cannabinoid compares to coffee, and discover why you should rely on the sativa-dominant Secret Nature Morning Bundle to smooth out your day from the very start.

Why should you use sativa-dominant CBD in the morning?

Originally, plant taxonomists believed that Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa were separate species. We don’t blame them: Indica-dominant cannabis strains look and behave so differently from sativa-dominant strains that they almost seem to be different plants.

Over time, however, the international research community has reached the consensus that indica and sativa strains of cannabis come from a single species: Cannabis sativa. Nonetheless, the debate continues regarding the fundamental differences between indica-dominant and sativa-dominant cannabis strains. While some researchers would rather sweep the differences between these cannabis subtypes under the rug, an overwhelming wealth of anecdotal testimony suggests that the indica/sativa divide is much more than just skin-deep.

In their attempts to determine the salient differences between indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains, scientists have used the process of elimination. Since there’s no difference between the chemical structures of the dominant cannabinoids in indica and sativa strains, researchers have had to look elsewhere. This research has reached two potential conclusions:

  1. The makeup of minor cannabinoids in indica and sativa strains may be different;
  2. And the terpene profiles in sativa-dominant and indica-dominant strains may also be dissimilar.

At this point, we still don’t have a firm understanding of what causes indica and sativa strains to have different effects. The best theories available, however, suggest that indica-dominant strains might have higher levels of relaxing minor cannabinoids, such as cannabinol (CBN), and sativa-dominant strains might contain higher concentrations of energizing cannabinoids, such as cannabichromene (CBC).

Even more compelling are the terpene profile differences between sativa and indica strains. Sativa-dominant strains often contain high concentrations of limonene, for instance, while indica-dominant strains commonly contain lots of pinene. We need to learn more about terpenes to be sure, but it’s entirely possible that the unique properties of each terpene contribute significantly to the specific effects of various Cannabis sativa strains.

What’s entirely clear is that the hemp and cannabis users have reached a firm consensus that sativa strains are energizing while indica strains are relaxing. We’ll need to wait for the science to catch up to be entirely sure, but millions of cannabis users agree that you should use sativa in the morning and hold off on the indica strains until it’s time to wind down.

CBD flower is the most powerful way to catch a sativa updraft

Regardless of the scientific reasons behind the uplifting effects of sativa cannabis, it’s clear that using CBD flower is the most potent method of enjoying a non-intoxicating hemp boost. While ingesting CBD orally only provides around 10-15% bioavailability, smoking or vaping hemp can provide bioavailability as high as 56%.

This means that inhaling sativa-rich hemp provides your body with 3-5 times more CBD than orally ingesting this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. While researchers haven’t yet determined the bioavailability of cannabis terpenes when ingested using different methods, terpenes are lipids just like CBD. It’s safe to assume, therefore, that vaping or smoking terpenes provides much higher bioavailability than ingesting these aromatic and delicious oils by mouth.

If you want to experience the uplifting benefits of non-intoxicating, sativa-dominant cannabis to the fullest as part of your morning routine, smoking or vaping hemp flower is the only way to go. We specifically designed our Morning Bundle to provide you with the most convenient, potent, and natural ways to catch hold of some sativa energy during the early groggy hours when you need a boost the most.

Secret Nature sativa-dominant CBD flower in your morning routine

To give you an idea of just how perfectly tailored our Morning Bundle is to your daily routine, let’s run through the three components of this discounted bundle and explain how they fit into your morning:

Secret Dream Pre-Roll 2-Pack

Secret Dream is a powerful sativa. It’s essentially the CBD version of Blue Dream, and veteran cannabis users will be pleased by this strain’s recognizable terpene profile. With 24.1% total cannabinoids, these Secret Dream pre-rolls are heavy hitters you should keep on standby for especially groggy mornings.

Dough Boy Pre-Roll 2-Pack

As a hybrid strain, Secret Nature Dough Boy is perfectly balanced. It has around 20% total cannabinoids, and this strain’s creamy, doughy flavor makes Dough Boy perfect for enjoying a moment of peace and quiet before the day gets into full swing.

Papaya Nights 3.5g CBD Flower

Secret Nature Papaya Nights is our most popular sativa strain, and this cultivar’s fruity, sour taste and aroma provide you with the perfect kick to get your brain running properly in the early morning. Grind up your Papaya Nights buds and enjoy them in a pipe, bong, or dry herb vaporizer.

CBD vs. coffee: What are the similarities and differences?

Many people rely on coffee for a burst of energy in the morning. Using caffeine as your daily wakeup drug, however, can have serious consequences. Caffeine can hurt your heart and make it hard to sleep at night, and this stimulant is also significantly habit-forming and tolerance-building. As a result, you might find that you need more and more coffee every morning just to wake up—and that’s not to mention the awful, jittery crash that occurs once your two or three (or five or six) cups of coffee start to wear off.

CBD, on the other hand, is not habit-forming, and it does not appear to have any significant side effects. Smoking or vaping CBD flower in the morning doesn’t result in a crash a few hours later, and using CBD flower throughout the day won’t make it hard to sleep at night. 

Using CBD and coffee together

With that said, it’s up to you whether you should stop drinking coffee altogether. Smoking a CBD pre-roll and sipping on a cup of coffee might be the best way to start your morning.

You may find after a while, however, that using CBD flower after you wake up makes you want coffee less.

Enjoy impressive savings with our tailor-fit Morning Bundle

We designed our Secret Nature Morning Bundle to make your early mornings as easy as possible. Every day when you get up, you can choose between three different top-selling Secret Nature CBD flower products depending on your needs and how much time you have. Best of all, you save more than $10 when you buy the Morning Bundle instead of purchasing the three products it contains separately, which is bound to reduce your morning stress levels.

Save an extra 15% on the Morning Bundle today

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