What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Published August 11, 2021
What Are CBD Moon Rocks? - Secret Nature

They don’t come from the moon, but they’re just as out-there. CBD moon rocks are the industry’s attempt to make flower more potent while retaining its basic appearance and structure, and the results are mixed at best.

Learn what CBD moon rocks are, if they have any benefits, and most importantly, whether they’re worth it.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are cannabis or hemp buds that have been slathered with concentrate and then dusted with kief. This coating of concentrated cannabinoid material creates an outer sheath that looks a little bit like rock, thus the name.

While hemp or cannabis flower can’t push beyond 30% potency, moon rocks can offer potency as high as 50-60%. You have to trust, though, that the concentrate coating your moon rocks is as high-quality as the bud inside.

Can moon rocks be CBD?

Yes, moon rocks can contain CBD as well as THC. For that matter, even CBG moon rocks are now popping up here and there, and CBD moon rocks made with hemp are just about as common as the THC-rich cannabis variety at this point.

CBD moon rocks are just the same as THC moon rocks except for the dominant cannabinoid. As long as they contain less than 0.3% THC, though, CBD moon rocks won’t get you high while THC moon rocks certainly will.

CBD flower vs. CBD moon rocks

What are the differences between CBD flower and CBD moon rocks?

  • CBD flower is all-natural with no additives
  • CBD moon rocks include an added layer of concentrate
  • CBD flower usually contains around 15-20% CBD
  • CBD moon rocks can contain up to 60% CBD
  • It’s easy to tell the quality of CBD flower at a glance
  • Buds are hidden under kief with CBD moon rocks
  • CBD flower is the connoisseur option
  • CBD moon rocks are the direct option

How do you use CBD moon rocks?

Using CBD moon rocks is a little bit trickier than using conventional hemp flower. You can grind up moon rocks just like normal flower, but you have to be careful not to get kief everywhere. Once you have a little hill of fluffy dankness in your grinder, fill up a joint or load a bowl as you would normally.

The additional concentrate is the whole reason you got moon rocks in the first place, but the second you grind them up, you have to wonder: Couldn’t I have just boosted the mixture once it was already ground-up? What, exactly, is the point of moon rocks?

Are CBD moon rocks any good?

No, CBD moon rocks are very rarely good. They’re usually low-quality and don’t offer anything that other types of inhalable CBD products don’t. All too often, moon rocks cover up the detractors of low-quality flower instead of enhancing the benefits of buds that were already high-quality.

Get your tinfoil hats ready, because we’re about to explain the conspiracy behind moon rocks. You see, sometimes a crop of hemp flower doesn’t turn out as beautiful as you’d planned, and you might be tempted to cover it up with concentrate and kief before anyone notices.

Achieving high potencies of CBD is so easy in other ways that all the mess and iffiness of CBD moon rocks starts to seem questionable. Vape cartridges and concentrates, for instance, offer higher concentrations of CBD while also being less messy.

Do CBD moon rocks get you high?

No matter how covered with concentrate they might be, CBD moon rocks should never get you high. To be sold online, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC, and they should come with lab tests that prove it.

If a CBD moon rock you smoked got you high, chances are you got it from a cannabis dispensary by mistake. Or, the company that sold you the moon rock could have lied about its THC concentrations. That’s why third-party lab tests are so important.

What are the benefits of CBD moon rocks?

Let’s summarize the best points of CBD moon rocks:

  • Higher concentration of CBD than flower (~50%)
  • Reduced aroma
  • More discreet to carry around
  • Sometimes more bang for your buck

What are the detractors of CBD moon rocks?

… and remind you of their low points:

  • Usually just a way to cover up low-quality flower
  • Don’t offer anything other high-potency CBD products can’t
  • Low-quality concentrates are often used
  • Sketchier than CBD flower

CBD moon rocks FAQ

What else can we answer about CBD moon rocks to finish up?

1. What are CBD rocks?

In most cases, the term “CBD rocks” refers to CBD moon rocks, which are hemp buds coated with concentrate and kief. This term can also be used, however, to refer to CBD shatter, a type of extremely purified concentrate that takes on a rock-like appearance once distilled. Make sure you know which type of CBD rock you’re looking at before you add it to your cart.

2. What is moon rock flower?

Moon rock hemp or cannabis flower is nugs of cannabis that have been covered with concentrate and then dusted with kief. The resulting product offers increased potency, but it’s harder to visually confirm the quality of moon rocks, making lab testing an absolute necessity.

We can almost forget, but the term “moon rock” refers in its original sense to rocks from the moon. That’s certainly not what we’re talking about here; CBD types of moon rocks won’t even make you feel like you’re out in space since they don’t get you high.

3. What is the best CBD flower?

It’s doubtful that CBD moon rocks will ever deliver the quality you can find in all-natural, organic hemp flower. Moon rocks might be your thing, and that’s perfectly alright. The true connoisseur option, however, is a free, juicy hemp nug that hasn’t been encased in carbonite.

Here are some of the attributes you should look out for in hemp flower if you want to find the best buds around:

  • High potency — potencies of around 15-25% are ideal.
  • Excellent photos — orange hairs and white trichomes should be clearly visible.
  • Dense bud structure — you shouldn’t be able to see through the buds.
  • Independent lab tests — make sure they’re from a third-party lab.
  • Indoor-grown —better potency, higher-quality, and tastier.
  • Organic — you don’t want contaminants in your food, so you definitely don’t want to inhale them either.
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