What Are CBD Pre-Rolls Good For?

Published August 08, 2020
What Are CBD Pre-Rolls Good For? - Secret Nature

CBD pre-rolls are among the most convenient types of hemp products. With a pre-roll in your pocket, all you need to indulge in the benefits of CBD is an appropriate location and a lighter.

Don’t hesitate to smoke a CBD pre-roll any time of the day or night. Keep a special eye out, though, for these five stressful situations that are more befitting of a hemp pre-roll than any others:

1. Smoke a Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-roll during your morning commute

Everyone faces stressful transportation scenarios from time to time. Let’s start our list of the best times to smoke Secret Nature pre-rolls with one of the most stressful parts of your day—your morning commute. When an unexpected traffic jam brings your life to an unexpected stop, pass the time with the Secret Nature Papaya Nights 7-Pack you stashed away in your glove compartment.

Papaya Nights is one of the most popular products we offer at Secret Nature. This strain is heavily sativa-dominant, so it’s the perfect type of hemp to puff on in the morning when you are in need of some uplifting vibes. Most importantly, Papaya Nights contains 19.7% CBD, which means it packs the type of relaxing punch you need to overcome stress and face the busy world around you with a relaxed attitude.

2. Light up a Secret Nature Secret Dream pre-roll to break the ice

Whenever you don’t know anyone at the smoker’s circle, lighting up a Secret Dream pre-roll is a great way to make friends and put your mind at ease. CBD has been researched extensively for its effects on social anxiety, and this cannabinoid’s potential for keeping you cool in social situations remains a hot topic of scientific research.

Casually break the ice by pulling out a Secret Nature Secret Dream pre-roll, and light up at your leisure. In addition to offering uplifting sativa effects, this non-intoxicating CBD flower strain exudes one of the most delicious aromas of any Secret Nature cultivar, making it a sure conversation starter.

3. Dive into a Secret Nature Fuji pre-roll to power through

There’s no end to the responsibilities of the modern adult. Secret Nature Fuji pre-rolls are there when you need a little extra boost to get across the finish line.

CBD isn’t a stimulant—on the contrary, it’s widely considered to be a mild relaxant. However, some of the terpenes present in Cannabis sativa flower are known to be stimulating, and these energy-boosting terpenes are present in high concentrations in sativa-dominant Secret Nature Fuji.

4. Take the edge off with a Secret Nature Sweet Cake pre-roll

Try smoking a Sweet Cake CBD pre-roll to acclimate to your home environment at the end of the day. While indica strains don’t give you the energy rush that’s characteristic of sativa hemp, they do a great job of helping you mellow out, face reality, and prepare for whatever might come next.

CBD-rich indicas like Secret Nature Sweet Cake won’t glue you to the couch. Instead, they’ll provide you with just enough relaxation to retain a level head without being intoxicating. Light up a Sweet Cake pre-roll to face the situation at home with the right attitude.

5. Sink into a Secret Nature Frosted Kush pre-roll to let the day wash away

It’s natural to feel anxiety right before you go to sleep at night. Instead of wasting hours of your valuable rest time tossing, turning, and looking at the clock, keep a pack of Secret Nature Frosted Kush pre-rolls by your bedside.

In recent years, scientists have ramped up efforts to determine the benefits of CBD for sleep. Our customers tell us that Frosted Kush is one of the most relaxing indicas we have to offer, and providing this strain in pre-roll form makes it easier than ever to indulge in Frosted Kush whenever deep, restful sleep seems impossibly far away. 

Benefits of CBD pre-rolls FAQ

Let’s finish up with a few answers to frequently asked CBD pre-roll questions:

What are CBD pre-rolls?

For want of a better word, CBD pre-rolls are like hemp “joints.” In most cases, pre-rolls look just like marijuana joints, but instead of THC, they contain non-intoxicating, non-addictive CBD.

Pre-rolls vary widely in terms of quality depending on the company that makes them. High-quality hemp pre-rolls feature hemp papers and organic hemp bud that was trimmed and manicured prior to grinding. Low-quality hemp joints often contain trim or shake, which tastes terrible and is less potent.

Do CBD pre-rolls get you high?

No, CBD pre-rolls that you buy online do not contain enough THC to get you high. By law, industrial hemp products must contain less than 0.3% THC, and at concentrations that low, there’s no chance of intoxication occurring.

Smoking CBD can blow the minds of first-timers, though. This is CBD like you’ve never known it before: Get ready for a deeper and stronger non-intoxicating CBD experience.

Do CBD pre-rolls help with pain?

Many people have tried CBD pre-rolls to help with their chronic pain. Initial research into CBD for pain is promising, but more scientific studies need to be published before we can draw any firm conclusions.

Whether or not CBD helps with pain, it’s a fact that inhaling CBD is the most effective and potent way to use this cannabinoid. You have a far greater chance of experiencing pain relief when you inhale CBD than when you use less-potent forms of this cannabinoid.

What are the best CBD pre-rolls for sleep?

Hemp users generally consider indica strains of hemp to be the best for bedtime, and it’s also important that your CBD pre-rolls be high-potency. For a potent indica smoke to keep by your bedside, we’d suggest Secret Nature Frosted Kush, which is one of the all-time most popular indica CBD flower strains.

Where can I read CBD pre-rolled joints reviews?

Reading reviews can be one of the best ways to find out if a CBD pre-roll product is a winner or loser. Here are verified customer reviews for three of the strains we covered in this guide:

​​• Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Kevin D. “Dank” ★★★★★ “Great strain, smooth smoke and nice buzz. I really like the strain and will look to get more!!”

​​• Secret Nature Fuji CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack  review - Cody L. ★★★★★ “I'm a new smoker that recently discovered CBD. I bought some cheap hempettes at my smoke shop but wanted something stronger. I could barely feel the effect AND they were harsh. These joints draw so smooth and smell FANTASTIC. They got me so relaxed. I couldn't get over the taste either. Extremely good taste.”

​​• Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Sam B. “Frosted Kush” ★★★★★ “Smokes great and gives a really clear headed feeling! Loved it”

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