What Are CBD Pre-Rolls Good For?

CBD pre-rolls are among the most convenient products we offer at Secret Nature. With a pre-roll in your pocket, all you need to indulge in the benefits of CBD is an appropriate location and a lighter. Don’t hesitate to smoke a CBD pre-roll any time of the day or night, but keep a special eye out for these five stressful situations that are more befitting of a Secret Nature pre-roll than any others.

What are CBD pre-rolls?

For want of a better word, CBD pre-rolls are like hemp “joints.” In most cases, pre-rolls look just like marijuana joints, but instead of THC, they contain non-intoxicating, non-addictive CBD.

Pre-rolls vary widely in terms of quality depending on the company that makes them, but here at Secret Nature, we take great pride in the quality and potency of our pre-roll lineup. Starting with the finest 100%-hemp papers, we gently grind the nugs of some of our greatest strains until they’re the perfect consistency for filling joints. Then, we add a hemp cardboard crutch at the end and roll our ground-up flower into a tapered-cone pre-roll.

We offer our pre-rolls in both 2-packs and 7-packs to suit your needs and your budget, and like all Secret Nature products, our pre-rolls are tested by an independent lab for purity and potency. You’ll only truly understand the convenience and potency of a Secret Nature pre-roll when you hold one of these slim, beautiful CBD joints in your own hands.

1. Smoke a Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-roll during your morning commute

Let’s start our list of the best times to smoke Secret Nature pre-rolls with one of the most stressful parts of your day—your morning commute. Whether you take city transit to school, you have to fight through traffic to get to your job, or you simply have to make your way across town to the grocery store, everyone faces stressful transportation scenarios from time to time.

The next time you feel like fidgeting and checking the time on your phone at the bus stop, pull out a Papaya Nights pre-roll instead. When an unexpected traffic jam brings your life to an unexpected stop, pass the time with the Papaya Nights 2-pack you stashed away in your glove compartment. Any time your morning schedule becomes too busy to handle, remember that Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-rolls are there to make things easier.

With more than 70 5-star reviews, our Papaya Nights pre-rolls 7-pack is one of the most popular products we offer at Secret Nature. This strain is heavily sativa-dominant, so it’s the perfect type of hemp to puff on in the morning when you are in need of some uplifting vibes. Most importantly, Papaya Nights contains 19.7% CBD, which means it packs the exact type of relaxing punch you need to overcome stress and face the busy world around you with a relaxed attitude.

2. Light up a Secret Nature Secret Dream pre-roll to break the ice

Whenever there’s a stressful environment at work or you don’t know anyone at the smoker’s circle, lighting up a Secret Dream pre-roll is a great way to make friends and put your mind at ease while interacting with others. CBD has been researched extensively for its effects on social anxiety disorder (SAD), and this cannabinoid’s potential for keeping you cool in social situations remains a hot topic of scientific research.

We don’t suggest that you lead into the conversation by citing statistics about CBD and anxiety, however. Instead, casually break the ice by pulling out a Secret Nature Secret Dream pre-roll, and light up at your leisure. In addition to offering uplifting sativa effects, this non-intoxicating CBD flower strain exudes one of the most delicious aromas of any Secret Nature cultivar, making it a sure conversation starter.

Whether CBD has any genuine benefits for social anxiety or any other form of anxiety isn’t for us to say. We’ll simply point out that CBD flower is currently one of the biggest trends in the nation, and pulling out a Secret Nature CBD joint is sure to score you some social points. Even if you have to go back and face a stressful social situation after your break, your relaxing experience with Secret Nature Secret Dream will put a new pep in your step and help you stay focused.

3. Dive into a Secret Nature Fuji pre-roll to power through the end of the day

Everyone around you is packing up to go home, but you still have so much to do. You know that if you leave now, your work will simply be waiting for you in the morning, but the pile of projects you need to complete is threatening to induce a genuine stress attack. Even if you work from home or simply take care of your kids for a living, there’s no end to the responsibilities of the modern adult.

Secret Nature Fuji pre-rolls are there when you need a little extra boost to get across the finish line. CBD isn’t a stimulant—on the contrary, it’s widely considered to be a mild relaxant. However, some of the terpenes present in Cannabis sativa flower are known to be stimulating, and these energy-boosting terpenes are present in high concentrations in sativa-dominant Secret Nature Fuji. Light up a Fuji pre-roll, inhale, and prepare yourself to finish off your day right.

4. Take the edge off with a Secret Nature Sweet Cake pre-roll to deal with stress at home

Getting home should be cause for celebration, but in some cases, home life might just add to the stress of the day. Whether your entryway is a mess, you have bills you need to pay, or your relationships with people you share your home with aren’t the best, try smoking a Sweet Cake CBD pre-roll to acclimate to your home environment.

This relaxing indica strain is the perfect solution for any blues you might be feeling upon encountering the state of your home after a long day. While indica strains don’t give you the energy rush that’s characteristic of sativa hemp, they do a great job of helping you mellow out, face reality, and prepare for whatever might come next.

The best part is that, unlike THC-rich indicas, CBD-rich indicas like Secret Nature Sweet Cake won’t glue you to the couch. Instead, they’ll provide you with just enough relaxation to retain a level head without being intoxicating. Instead of flying off the handle and throwing your hands up in the air over the stresses in your home environment, light up a Sweet Cake pre-roll to face the situation before you with the right attitude.

5. Sink into a Secret Nature Frosted Kush pre-roll to let the day wash away

It’s natural to feel anxiety right before you go to sleep at night. In some cases, pre-bed stress and anxiety can become so intense that you end up staying up half the night just trying to fall asleep. Instead of wasting hours of your valuable rest time tossing, turning, and looking at the clock, keep a pack of Secret Nature Frosted Kush pre-rolls by your bedside.

Our customers tell us that Frosted Kush is one of the most relaxing indicas we have to offer, and providing this strain in pre-roll form makes it easier than ever to indulge in Frosted Kush whenever deep, restful sleep seems impossibly far away. Before you turn off the light, simply light up a Frosted Kush pre-roll, take a few deep inhalations, and feel all your worries melt away.

In recent years, scientists have ramped up efforts to determine the benefits of CBD for sleep, and based on the initial evidence, it seems that this topic is well worth pursuing. Contribute to the conversation by leaving a review after you use Secret Nature Frosted Kush pre-rolls to battle your bouts of stressful insomnia.

Secret Nature pre-rolls—stress doesn’t stand a chance

Whenever life presents you with a challenging situation, remember that the solution is right in front of you—CBD. No, hemp won’t solve your problems for you, but it might help you relax just enough to avoid anxiety and make the right moves.

In this list, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the different pre-rolls we offer at Secret Nature. Each strain of hemp has its own unique qualities, and you might find that a particular pre-roll fits your needs better than all the rest. After you’ve tried the five pre-rolls we’ve listed above, feel free to expand your horizons by visiting our CBD pre-roll category page, and take a look through the rest of our shop to discover everything that the world’s most popular CBD flower company has to offer.

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