What Are Delta 8 Cigarettes?

Published August 01, 2023
What Are Delta 8 Cigarettes? - Secret Nature

Cigarettes themselves have gotten a bad rap in recent decades. The term itself, though, just means “small cigar,” and this isn’t the first time “cigar” has been used to refer to smokeables containing substances other than tobacco.

So, a cigarette containing something other than tobacco is associated with tobacco stigma in name only. Delta 8 cigarettes offer all the convenience of tobacco cigarettes, and they might even serve as effective stand-ins for people trying to kick nicotine.

In this guide, learn what delta 8 cigarettes are, how to smoke them, and how to choose between the different delta 8 cigarettes that are available.

Part 1: Definitions

Before we go any further, it’s important to make sure that the differences between delta 8 cigarettes and other types of cigarettes are clear:

What is delta 8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8, D8) is a variant of THC naturally found in Cannabis sativa. In most strains of cannabis, delta 8 is only available in low concentrations, but it is easy to convert D8 from other cannabinoids. Delta 8 is generally considered to be industrial hemp, so it isn’t regulated as marijuana.

Is delta 8 the same as THC?

No, delta 8 is not the exact same thing as the substance usually called “THC.” The cannabinoid commonly known as THC has the chemical name delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol while the full chemical name of delta 8 is delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol.

In chemical terms, the only difference between delta 8 and delta 9 is a pair of carbon bonds, so the cannabinoids have very similar effects. Delta 8 and delta 9 affect the brain differently, however, which is often apparent in their effects. While delta 9 can often cause intense paranoia as a side effect, for instance, the milder effects of delta 8 hardly ever cause such intense psychological reactions.

What are delta 8 cigarettes?

A delta 8 cigarette is a pre-rolled joint that you smoke just like a tobacco cigarette. They don’t usually contain any tobacco or nicotine, however.

Essentially, a delta 8 cigarette is the same thing as a marijuana joint, but it contains less than 0.3% THC, and it’s rolled professionally to burn smoothly. Plus, the effects of delta 8 are slightly different from what you’re used to with marijuana — definitely worth exploring if you aren’t familiar.

Are delta 8 cigarettes the same as tobacco cigarettes?

No, delta 8 cigarettes are not the same as tobacco cigarettes in many ways. They almost always don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine, for instance, and they have entirely different effects.

While tobacco is a central nervous system stimulant that has directly chemically addicting attributes, the effects of delta 8 are much more subtle and are not believed to be chemically addicting. What’s more, delta 8 cigarettes taste considerably better than conventional tobacco cigarettes — especially if they contain organic, indoor-grown hemp buds.

Part 2: Details

Now that we have some idea what we’re talking about, let’s dig into the main section of our inquiry:

What are the benefits of delta 8 cigarettes?

Put simply, why would you want to try delta 8 cigarettes? A few reasons immediately come to mind:

  • Cigarettes are just about the easiest way to smoke delta 8
  • You don’t have to roll your own joints this way
  • Delta 8 pre-rolls are very easy to share
  • Delta 8 has mild effects that everyone will love
  • You can buy affordable and high-quality delta 8 cigarettes online

Delta 8 cigarettes make it easy and rewarding to smoke delta 8. There’s no fuss over rolling your joint — all you have to do is put a D8 pre-roll in your mouth and light it.

What types of delta 8 cigarettes are there?

For the most part, all delta 8 cigarettes are quite similar. They consist of a handful of key components:

  • Ground-up hemp buds rich in delta 8
  • A rolling paper
  • A crutch or mouthpiece

These three ingredients, however, vary massively in terms of quality. Most stark are the differences between bud material used in delta 8 joints. Some manufacturers use trim, which tastes worse and is lower-potency. Always prefer D8 joints with real buds.

The paper also makes a big difference in your delta 8 cigarette experience. It’s standard practice to use rice or wood pulp papers, but true connoisseurs recognize that the organic hemp rolling papers made by brands like RAW offer both a safer and tastier smoke.

As far as the mouthpiece goes, all that’s necessary is keeping buds out of your mouth. All-hemp construction is again appreciated, though.

How are delta 8 cigarettes made?

The process used to make delta 8 cigarettes varies depending on the type of equipment used. For the types of professionally produced D8 cigarettes you can buy online, however, automated machinery is used that provides reliable results.

We’ll list out the steps involved in the process of making a delta 8 cigarette to help you understand the process in greater detail:

  1. Hemp buds are grown that contain either CBD or CBG
  2. The buds are dried, cured, and sprayed with delta 8 distillate
  3. After the distillate dries, the buds are ground
  4. The ground cannabis is placed in the intake of a rolling machine
  5. The rolling machine automatically adds the mouthpiece and provides a perfect roll
  6. The resulting delta 8 cigarettes are packaged and sealed

Of course, the process detailed above assumes that the manufacturer is not using inferior ingredients like cannabis leaves or trim instead of actual buds. Due to major differences in production quality, it’s always important to research the manufacturer of a delta 8 cigarette product you’re considering.

How do you smoke delta 8 cigarettes?

Smoking a delta 8 cigarette is something you can learn to do in an instant, but at the same time, it’s an art that can take a lifetime to perfect. Put simply, just place the right end between your lips, find a source of flame, apply it to the other end, and inhale.

The process is almost exactly the same as smoking a tobacco cigarette. There’s one peculiarity you should note, however — your delta 8 pre-roll will be capped with a tiny nub of paper. Don’t tear it off — this paper is designed to be lit and then serve as a source of flame to get your pre-roll smoking properly.

Just to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, let’s briefly summarize the steps involved:

  • Remove your delta 8 pre-roll from its packaging
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth
  • Light the tip with a lighter or match
  • Use this lit tip to fully light the end of the pre-roll by inhaling in short, gentle puffs
  • Once lit fully, savor a long draw on the end of the pre-roll
  • Take a moment to gauge the effects, and then continue puffing as desired

Part 3: Discussion

To wrap up, we’ll cover some of the finer points regarding delta 8 cigarettes. You’ll want to know the answers to these questions before the first time you try smoking delta 8:

Are delta 8 cigarettes better than buds?

Some users consider delta 8 cigarettes or joints to be superior to loose buds since they come in a form that you can smoke already and don’t involve any hassle. For many, though, the ability to buy whole cannabis buds and then do what you want with them is absolutely indispensable.

It can’t be said that delta 8 cigarettes are better than buds — or the other way around. The two types of products are simply different, and they’re each appropriate for a certain type of situation.

Is smoking delta 8 cigarettes better than vaping?

There might be reasons a delta 8 user would consider smoking delta 8 cigarettes or pre-rolls to be superior to vaping the cannabinoid. The opposite can also be said to be true, though, since the two product types feature so many inherent differences.

Vaping delta 8 is the more potent option, for instance, but it doesn’t replicate the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette like a delta 8 pre-roll can. What’s more, some users enjoy the harsher yet fuller feel of smoke while others might prefer the lighter and cleaner feeling of vapor.

If you can’t decide whether delta 8 cigarettes or vapes are better for your situation, there’s one clear solution — trying both and comparing the results.

Are delta 8 cigarettes safe?

To properly understand the safety of delta 8 cigarettes, you have to reset your expectations back to zero. Decades of highly effective (and factual) anti-tobacco propaganda has unfortunately taught us that smoking anything is tantamount to leaping off a tall building headfirst.

However, there’s no evidence that smoking cannabis affects your lungs the same way as tobacco. The two plants are quite different, after all, as are the smoked portions. Tobacco doesn’t even produce flowers, so the leaves are smoked.

Cannabis, though, naturally produces highly resinous flowers that are ideally suited for incineration. It’s almost as if nature is gradually nudging us to view the safety of cannabis smoking in a new light.

Will delta 8 cigarettes make me fail a drug test?

Yes, there’s absolutely no denying that smoking delta 8 cigarettes or pre-rolls will make you fail a drug test. The chemical differences between delta 8 and the conventional form of THC (delta 9) may be considerable enough to separate the two cannabinoids for most regulatory purposes, but the laws of men have no bearing on the inherent truths of chemistry.

In urinalysis and other common forms of drug testing, the slight structural differences between delta 8 and delta 9 are indistinguishable. Put in other words, drug tests can’t tell delta 8 and delta 9 apart, making them both appear equally as the federally illegal compound THC.

Summary: Should I try delta 8 cigarettes?

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid it pays to experience multiple ways. As long-time cannabis users, we were fascinated by the rise of D8, so we smoked and vaped it in pretty much every way science has yet developed.

There’s something unique and special about smoking delta 8 in the form of a pre-rolled cigarette that no other ingestion method can fully replicate. Smoking out of a pipe or bong simply feels different, and vaping is another animal altogether.

Originally, cannabis caught on because people rolled it into rudimentary joints they passed around the fire or to the back of the van. Pre-rolls (or cigarettes) are baked into hemp and cannabis heritage, and if you haven’t yet experienced delta 8 in the form of a good, old-fashioned joint, what are you waiting for?

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