What Are Delta 8 Drinks?

Published June 19, 2022
What Are Delta 8 Drinks? - Secret Nature

Delta 8 is everywhere these days. One way to expand the delta 8 industry even further is to come up with new types of products, and some companies have taken this as their cue to develop delta 8 drinks.

Is taking delta 8 in a drink an effective way to consume this cannabinoid? What are the best delta 8 drinks on the market? How do you make your own delta 8 drinks? We’ll answer these questions—and more—in this guide.

Are there delta 8 drinks?

Yes, delta 8 comes in drink form. Most delta 8 drinks consist of water-soluble D8 extracts suspended in beverages intended to be consumed cold or at room temperature. Concentrations of delta 8 in D8 drinks vary, but most options contain relatively low doses.

— Types of delta 8 drinks

There are a few different types of delta 8 drinks available on the market. The most common options include delta 8 seltzers, delta 8 water, and delta 8 sodas. Let’s cover some popular questions regarding the types of delta 8 drinks that are available:

Do D8 seltzers get you high?

Yes, since they contain the intoxicating cannabinoid delta 8 THC, D8 seltzers are designed to get you high. Whether they actually achieve this purpose, however, is another matter. Many delta 8 seltzers do not contain enough D8 to cause considerable intoxication unless you consume 2-3 drinks at a time.

How long does it take for delta 8 seltzer to kick in?

Delta 8 seltzer products should kick in within around 30 minutes. If you still do not feel any effects after 45 minutes, it’s likely that the D8 seltzer you consumed did not contain a high-enough concentration of cannabinoids to cause noticeable intoxication.

What do delta 8 shots do?

Delta 8 shots are designed to deliver the euphoric, blissful effects of this cannabinoid more efficiently by using less liquid. Reminiscent of the types of energy shots you can buy at gas stations, D8 shots often contain inferior, artificial ingredients and questionably low doses of delta 8.

What is a delta 8 drink enhancer?

Delta 8 “drink enhancers” are liquid products that are designed to be added to drinks. Highly concentrated, these drink boosters spread delta 8 throughout the entirety of a beverage. Delta 8 drink enhancers are even more likely than D8 shots, however, to contain less-than-ideal artificial ingredients.

What is delta 8 drink mix?

Delta 8 drink mix is a powdered product containing delta 8 THC. Offered in either single-serve packets or larger containers, D8 drink mix is designed to be stirred into beverages. Some delta 8 drink mixes are relatively high-quality, and the ability to choose your own dosage is one of the distinct advantages of this type of D8 drink product.

— Delta 8 & alcohol

Speaking of delta 8 drinks, can you drink D8 with alcohol? We’ll answer the most pressing questions related to delta 8 and alcohol use in this section:

Can delta 8 replace alcohol?

Many users find that delta 8—or THC in general—is a highly desirable alternative to alcohol for kicking back and reducing stress. While delta 8 might cause some mild side effects in some people, the serious short-term and long-term side effects of chronic alcohol use are obvious and well-documented. With binge drinking and alcohol use disorder on the rise, you might want to look to delta 8 instead the next time you want to feel euphorically intoxicated.

Can you take delta 8 with alcohol?

Most experts don’t consider mixing delta 8 with alcohol to be seriously dangerous, but there are a few facts regarding the combined effects of these substances that you should know about. First, alcohol increases the absorption of all forms of THC, potentially leading to a considerably enhanced high.

Also, cannabinoids are widely known to have antiemetic properties, potentially preventing you from vomiting if you drink too much alcohol. What’s more, using delta 8 and alcohol at the same time can exacerbate alcohol’s judgment-impairing effects. Only combine alcohol with delta 8 if you’re being extremely cautious.

Does delta 8 help hangovers?

Some people who habitually drink alcohol have indicated that using delta 8 the day after helps them with their hangover symptoms. Alcohol drinkers have touted smoking weed as a hangover cure for decades, so it’s no surprise that delta 8—or “weed lite”—is also used for the same purpose.

— Delta 8 drinks DIY

If you’re disappointed with the selection of delta 8 drinks available online, rest assured that it’s relatively easy to make your own D8 drinks from home. If you take the easy route, your delta 8 drink will need to be hot instead of cold, but it’s even possible to make your own delta 8 water or seltzer if you get your hands on the right type of water-soluble D8 concentrate. We’ll cover the steps you need to take below:

How do you make a delta 8 drink?

Making a delta 8 drink using D8 flower or concentrate is easy. All it takes is putting your delta 8 in a hot drink like coffee or tea. If you’re using delta 8 flower, consider grinding it first and putting it inside a tea strainer. With D8 concentrate, though, you can simply measure out your ideal dose, add it to your hot beverage, and wait for it to fully dissolve.

How do you make delta 8 tea?

Whether you’re using flower or concentrate, making delta 8 tea is a very simple process. One popular method is adding ground-up delta 8 flower to a looseleaf tea mix that you place inside a conventional tea strainer. If you’d rather drink a tea made from only delta 8 flower, that’s an option too—due to its high concentrations of terpenes, cannabis tea tastes better than you’d think.

Another option is using a conventional tea bag and simply putting some delta 8 concentrate in the water while it’s still hot. Doing so will disperse delta 8 throughout your beverage while your tea bag steeps.

The bottom line: Are delta 8 drinks good?

We’ll be honest—most premade delta 8 drinks aren’t that great. In general, cannabis drinks are more novelties than they are genuinely useful products. If they actually contain high-enough concentrations of cannabinoids to be effective, they probably also contain lots of ingredients you probably shouldn’t be drinking.

Delta 8 drinks you make yourself, however, have the potential to be both fun and effective. When you make your own delta 8 drinks, you have total control over both the doses you ingest and the ingredients you use. Considering how much the prices of delta 8 drinks you can buy online are hiked to account for shipping costs, it certainly makes the most sense to make your own D8 drinks at home using delta 8 flower or concentrate.

— Delta 8 drinks FAQ

Have any more questions about delta 8 drinks? Check the answers below:

1. What does CBD seltzer do?

Unlike delta 8 seltzer, CBD seltzer is not designed to get you high. Instead, it’s intended to deliver the non-intoxicating benefits of CBD in the form of a drink. Like delta 8 seltzer, however, CBD-infused seltzer drinks often fail to live up to expectations due to their low doses and high prices.

2. Is delta 8 hard on your liver?

There’s no evidence that delta 8 harms your liver in any way. In regards to the effects of THC in general on your liver, evidence is inconclusive. Some studies have shown that THC might be useful for certain hepatic conditions, but others have shown that using THC might make liver conditions worse. Clearly, more research into the effects of delta 8 and other forms of THC on your liver must be conducted before we draw any conclusions.

3. What is the best delta 8 drink?

There aren’t many options for great delta 8 drinks out there. The best delta drink you could get, however, would include at least 20-50mg of delta 8 per drink and not contain any artificial flavors or other ingredients. As an added bonus, the type of D8 extract included should be distillate, not isolate to properly capture the benefits of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

4. Where can I read delta 8 drink reviews?

You can find reviews for delta 8 drink products on the websites of companies that sell D8 beverages. Using these reviews, you can determine whether a drinkable delta 8 product is worth your time. The reviews should be from verified buyers, and there should be at least a few dozen reviews to confirm the quality of the product.

5. Can I buy delta 8 drinks wholesale?

Some companies may offer delta 8 drinks wholesale. Make sure you properly analyze the quality and saleability of a D8 drink product, however, before you make a business investment.

6. Where can I buy delta 8 drinks online?

You can certainly buy delta 8 drinks online, but it’s better to make your own using high-quality delta 8 flower or extracts. The best options would be to grind up some delta 8 flower and place it in a tea strainer or simply add D8 concentrate to any hot drink.

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