What Are LR THC Gummies?

Published May 08, 2024
What Are LR THC Gummies? - Secret Nature

If you’ve come across the term “LR” as you search for the internet’s best THC gummies, it’s natural to be confused at first glance. This brief acronym just means “live resin,” though — a simple fact leading to an entire discussion surrounding what LR gummies are and how, exactly, this new shortening of “live resin” is coming into common usage.

What does it mean when gummies are labeled “LR THC,” and where can you buy the best live resin THC gummies? Find all the answers in this guide.

What does “LR THC” mean?

The term “LR THC” simply means “live resin THC.” So, in the case of Secret Nature LR THC Gummies, the acronym is included simply to denote that these gummies contain live resin THC extract. Other gummies might contain conventional terpenes or not feature any terpenes at all. The presence of the two letters “LR” in the name of a THC gummy product is a solid indication that the gummies in question contain an advanced, delicious, and extra-effective form of THC extract.

Does “LR” just mean “live resin?

Yes, “LR” is simply an abbreviation for “live resin” when you see the term used in the context of cannabis. Recently, cannabis producers have started believing their customers are familiar enough with live resin to recognize this short abbreviation. However, there’s still some degree of confusion around the term “LR,” making it important to — once again — clearly confirm that “LR” means “live resin” in the context of cannabis products.

What are “LR” gummies?

If you see “LR” used in the context of cannabis gummies in particular, that’s nearly a guarantee the gummies in question contain live resin extract. It’s still not as common as it should be to see live resin in cannabis gummies. However, the practice of including live resin cannabis terpenes in edibles is gradually becoming the accepted standard — so much so that brands even feel comfortable abbreviating the term to “LR” under certain circumstances.

What are the benefits of LR (live resin) gummies?

Cannabis gummies that contain live resin — AKA “LR gummies” offer a few considerable benefits that set them apart from older, conventional formulations. Due to their less-processed nature, some users prefer LR gummies for their safety. It’s a fact that live resin is stronger than other extract types as well, and the addition of undamaged terpenes to cannabis gummy formulations certainly makes them taste better.

Let’s explore each benefit in a bit more detail:

Are live resin gummies safer?

Cannabis gummies run the gamut from the ultra-natural live resin organic to the super-processed and isolate infused with toxic additives. Live resin, by its definition, is less processed than other forms of cannabis extract. As a result, many users believe it to be safer — and chances are that they’re right. Always check the lab reports for any LR gummies you come across to ensure for yourself that they’re safe and high-quality.

Are live resin gummies stronger?

Due to the presence of higher concentrations of undamaged terpenes and flavonoids, live resin gummies should — indeed — be considered stronger than their conventional counterparts. On the labeling, however, they might be weaker in pure THC content. The amount of THC in a gummy, however, only matters as much as the quality of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids it accompanies. The more terpenes, the stronger the gummy (up to a certain point!)

Do live resin gummies taste better?

Yes, live resin gummies also have an advantage over the competition in their flavor. Terpenes don’t just make cannabis stronger — they also make it tastier, so by preserving terpenes, live resin or LR conveys the natural deliciousness of cannabis with a greater degree of fidelity. Expect the flavors of LR cannabis gummies to “pop” much more than artificial flavoring ever could.

Where do you buy live resin THC edibles?

Depending on where you live, it might be possible to buy live resin THC edibles in a physical dispensary. However, standards of quality vary considerably by region — while live resin might be commonplace in California, it remains nearly unheard of in Connecticut, for instance. 

As a result, most users turn to the internet in their search for the highest quality LR THC gummies that money can buy. After all, this approach worked for them with CBD oil, THCA flower, and all manner of other cannabinoid-related products. Why not also rely on the internet as a dependable source of live resin cannabis gummies?

Can you buy LR THC gummies online?

Yes, it’s possible to buy live resin THC gummies online — with either delta 9 or other forms of THC. Due to the peculiarities of the law, THC is actually allowable in gummies so long as it doesn’t exceed a certain ratio to the rest of the gummy’s volume.

As a result, the internet has grown to offer the best selection of LR THC gummies you can find anywhere. Other types of cannabis products established the rule, and the rise of online-order LR THC gummies only confirms it — the internet simply does cannabis better. No exception to this universal law, the types of live resin THC gummies you can buy online are better than comparable gummies found in stores across the country. 

What are the best live resin THC gummies?

Secret Nature objectively offers the best LR THC gummies available online. Starting with a base of the best live resin you can extract from organic cannabis, tapioca syrup and pure cane sugar combine to offer the type of wholesome sweetness you remember from childhood.

Gummies can contain as much as 20mg delta 9 THC per dose, so be prepared for the genuine dispensary experience with Secret Nature LR Gummies. Available flavors include:

1. Secret Nature Huckleberry Snoozers LR THC Gummies
2. Secret Nature Apple Smackers LR THC Gummies
3. Secret Nature Strawberry Lifters LR THC Gummies

    Live resin & gummies: The bottom line

    Live resin and THC gummies are a natural match. The goal with gummies is to provide the most desirable flavor possible, and cannabis just so happens to be equipped with its own personal array of flavor-rich compounds.

    The only issue is that these natural flavoring substances — terpenes and flavonoids — are usually damaged or discarded during the production of cannabis extract. Live resin rectifies this mistake by properly protecting and enshrining flavonoids and terpenes, making THC gummies both more flavorful and more effective.

    The higher the concentration of terpenes in a cannabis product, the more it offers the entourage effect — a beneficial synergy that appears to occur between cannabis compounds. Ideally, THC products should contain around 10% terpenes, enough to properly trigger this special cannabis synergy.

    Live resin THC gummies FAQ

    Learn more about the value live resin adds to gummies below:

    What are the strongest THC gummies?

    The strongest THC gummies contain the full spectrum of cannabis components — cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Live resin THC gummies are the only option that contains this full spectrum, making them the strongest THC gummies you can buy online.

    Is it safe to eat live resin edibles?

    There’s no reason eating live resin edibles should be any less safe than taking normal THC edibles. In fact, the ingredients and processing that go into live resin edibles often make them considerably safer than the conventional alternative.

    What mg of live resin gummies is best?

    To offer noticeable psychoactive effects, live resin gummies should contain at least 10mg THC each. A good dose is generally considered to be between 20-30mg THC per gummy.

    Are there LR THC gummies with 1000mg?

    To our knowledge, there aren’t any live resin THC gummies that contain 1000mg THC each. Such a large dose usually isn’t found in single servings of edibles.

    Are Dr. Endo gummies live resin?

    Yes, any gummy with the “Dr. Endo” label is guaranteed to be live resin. Featuring high concentrations of terpenes and minor cannabinoids, Dr. Endo Live Resin THC Gummies offer effects that are more potent and enjoyable than anything you’ve ever tried before.

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