What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Daytime Use?

Published October 08, 2022
What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Daytime Use? - Secret Nature

Due to this cannabinoid’s naturally relaxing effects, using CBD during the day can be a challenge for many users. If you’re tired of falling asleep unexpectedly after taking CBD, you’ll be pleased to hear that the recent addition of terpenes to CBD gummies has infused them with the benefits of sativa cannabis strains for the first time.

Which types of CBD gummies are best to use during the day, and which specific CBD gummy products should you choose if you’re plagued with CBD-induced narcolepsy? Find the answers in this guide to using CBD gummies during the day.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are tasty, fruity snacks that contain high concentrations of CBD-rich hemp extract. While they come in all shapes and sizes, CBD gummies usually resemble conventional fruit snacks or gumdrop candies and can contain a wide variety of different ingredients.

What do CBD gummies do?

One of the primary functions of CBD gummies is to cover up the taste of CBD. While some people might love it, others tend to dislike the somewhat strong taste of hemp extract, which is almost entirely overpowered by the sweet fruitiness of CBD gummies.

As oral CBD products, CBD gummies generally kick in after around half an hour and provide effects that last for about three hours. If you slowly and carefully chew your CBD gummies before swallowing, their effects might kick in somewhat faster.

What are the different kinds of CBD gummies?

The first distinction to be aware of is though all CBD gummies sold online must contain less than 0.3% THC, CBD gummies bought at a marijuana dispensary can contain considerably more THC. Aside from the differences between dispensary-bought and online CBD gummies, these CBD edibles also vary considerably based on their ingredients.

CBD gummies that contain all-natural and organic ingredients taste better while also delivering improved effects. All the chemical preservatives and other artificial ingredients present in conventional CBD gummies get in the way of this natural hemp compound’s healing abilities. When combined with natural flavorings like terpenes, on the other hand, CBD can become even more effective than it is on its own.

Research into using CBD for pain & energy

If you’re planning on taking CBD gummies during the day, it’s likely that you’re either battling pain or seeking a natural way to feel more energized. Research into CBD suggests that it could be useful for both purposes.

CBD is widely understood to have some impact on pain, for instance. In a 2021 clinical study, the vast majority of patients showed at least some improvement in pain after using CBD, and at this point, tens of thousands of individuals have come forward with their own stories of using CBD to overcome the pain in ways they never thought were possible before.

There’s also growing evidence that CBD may have a significant neurological impact, potentially helping your brain operate in a more efficient and energy-generating manner. A 2021 research review, for example, found that “CBD induces significant alterations in brain activity” that “possibly [reflect its] therapeutic effects.”

Do terpenes give CBD gummies indica or sativa effects?

Adding terpenes from a strain with sativa attributes to CBD gummies will result in gummies with sativa effects, and the same is true for indica and hybrid strains. As a result, it’s possible to produce genuine indica CBD gummies or sativa CBD gummies, but you need to make sure to choose the right terpenes for the job. When it comes to flavoring CBD gummies and imparting them with either indica or sativa effects, only live resin terpenes will do.

What are the best CBD gummy strains for daytime use?

If you want to counteract CBD’s naturally soporific effects enough to use this cannabinoid effectively during the day, you’ll want gummies that offer all the benefits of sativa cannabis strains. We can think of three excellent “gummy strains” you should try if you’re looking for the best CBD gummies to use during the day:

#1) Super Lemon Live Resin CBD Gummies

All Secret Nature CBD gummies are sweetened only with cane sugar, and these particular gummies get their flavor from Super Lemon Haze live resin terpenes — nothing more, nothing less. With fruit juice as the only coloring ingredient, these tapioca syrup gummies provide an immediate kick as you chew them that makes you entirely forget that CBD is supposed to make you sleepy.

Why you’ll love Super Lemon CBD gummies for daytime use

Based on extensive testing performed by Secret Nature staff and feedback from customers, Super Lemon is the best Secret Nature live resin CBD gummy flavor to use during the day. While other sativa strains are also offered, Super Lemon seems to cut through the relaxing properties of CBD the best. You’ll still feel relaxed, of course, but a couple of Super Lemon live resin CBD gummies will get you just as sativa-boosted as you would be after smoking a bowl of strong sativa weed.

#2) Strawberry Cough Live Resin CBD Gummies

Strawberry Cough stands among the most legendary sativa cannabis strains, and with Secret Nature Strawberry Cough Live Resin CBD Gummies, it’s possible for the first time to experience all the uplifting benefits of Strawberry Cough in the form of a convenient, organic, and delicious CBD gummy. Appealingly red and satisfyingly strawberry flavored, the ingredients list for these gummies doesn’t give you any cause to worry about what you just ingested.

Why you’ll love Strawberry Cough CBD gummies for daytime use

Based on our experience and what our customers have told us, Strawberry Cough is a close second-best when it comes to daytime CBD gummies. There’s something about the succulence of strawberries, however, that feels more indulgent than zesty lemons, which have a tendency to zing you right to your feet. Switching things up with Strawberry Cough during the day sometimes, though, is highly recommended.

#3) Mimosa Live Resin CBD Gummies

Most sources peg Mimosa as a 70/30 sativa/indica mix, so it won’t provide the full-blooded sativa effects of a strain like Super Lemon Haze. Still, Mimosa is a delicious strain that imparts its somehow-alcoholic citrusy vibe to gummies just as much as it does to Mimosa cannabis.

Why you’ll love Mimosa CBD gummies for daytime use

Depending on the type of activity you need to engage in, Secret Nature Mimosa Live Resin CBD Gummies can be absolutely wonderful for daytime use. They aren’t that soporific, and they put you into a dreamlike daze even though you won’t feel high. Those trying to get complicated work done, though, might still feel that familiar CBD doze coming on if they take too many Mimosa gummies in the middle of the day.

How do you choose the best CBD gummies for daytime use?

While a CBD gummy is inherently something indulgent and sweet, there’s no reason your sugary temptation should be any worse for you than it needs to be. For that reason, prefer CBD gummies that contain 100% organic, all-natural ingredients. Also, it’s a sign that a company is with the times if they add organic cannabis terpenes to their CBD gummies, indicating you’ve found a brand that likely takes other forward-thinking, health-centered approaches to making its edibles.

Best CBD gummy for daytime use FAQ

Learn more about using CBD gummies during the daytime below:

1. Which CBD gummy is best for daytime use?

If you’re looking for a CBD gummy to use during the day, an average CBD gummy won’t get the job done. You’ll need gummies that have been infused with sativa terpenes, and if these terpenes are derived from organically grown cannabis plants, all the better. 

Terpenes from strongly sativa strains are best for cutting the naturally relaxing effects of CBD, allowing you to enjoy its other benefits during the day. From there, look for CBD gummy products that have lots of positive reviews and natural, organic ingredients.

2. Can you take CBD gummies during the day?

Yes it’s certainly possible to take CBD gummies during the day, but taking the wrong gummies might make you fall asleep. To counteract the natural tendency of CBD to put you to sleep, any CBD gummies you take during the day should contain terpenes from sativa strains — with live resin terpenes offering the best benefits. If you still find yourself falling asleep after taking CBD gummies during the day, consider trying a lower dose.

3. When should you not take CBD gummies?

Unless you have particular circumstances limiting your ability to use CBD, there is no particularly bad time for taking CBD gummies — as long as you’re taking the right CBD gummies at the right time. Conventional CBD gummies or gummies with indica terpenes might not be the best CBD edibles to eat during the daytime, for instance, even though CBD gummies with sativa terpenes would be equally inappropriate for nighttime use.

4. How much CBD should I take during the day?

Most people limit themselves to a daily CBD dose of around 50-100mg even though it’s equally common to take a considerably larger dose right before bed at night. Long-term CBD users and individuals with chronic pain may take as much as 300mg of CBD per day, and studies have shown that doses of CBD as high as 1,500mg per day may be well-tolerated.

5. Is it better to take CBD gummies at night or in the morning?

Most people would contend that it’s better to take CBD gummies at night than it is to take them in the morning, but it all depends on your needs. For some people, the need for CBD gummies may not be as strong at night as it is in the morning, so regardless of overall ideal timing, taking CBD gummies in the morning would be better. If you simply want to experience the overall benefits of CBD, though, it would be more ideal to take CBD gummies at night than in the morning.

6. Can you get addicted to CBD products?

No, there does not appear to be any possibility of getting addicted to any type of CBD product. In fact, research suggests that CBD may actually be helpful in overcoming addictions to other substances. Scientists believe CBD lacks addicting properties due to the fact that it does not stimulate production of addiction-supporting chemicals in the brain. 

7. Does CBD raise your blood pressure?

There is no indication that using any type of CBD product has any potential to increase your blood pressure. On the contrary, all available evidence suggests that CBD reduces blood pressure, which could be excellent news for individuals with hypertension. In fact, most experts suggest that you practice caution when using CBD if you already take blood pressure medication due to this cannabinoid‘s observed ability to dramatically lower blood pressure.

8. What medications does CBD interact with?

CBD can interact with any medications that come with a “grapefruit warning,” which are provided with medications that can behave poorly with substances found in grapefruits. CBD, grapefruits, and a variety of other substances all use the same enzymes in the digestive tract for metabolism, so using these substances at the same time can lead to toxic buildup. This buildup is not an issue with CBD, but it can be for other medications that CBD interacts with if they are only safe at low doses.

9. Do CBD gummies kick in immediately?

No, the effects of CBD gummies are not usually noticeable immediately. Instead, the effects of these types of CBD edibles usually slowly activate over the course of around 30 minutes after ingestion. You can make your CBD gummies kick in slightly faster by chewing them thoroughly before swallowing, which allows absorption of some of the CBD they contain through the thin membranes that line your mouth.

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