What Do You Do with Hemp Flowers? 5 Unique Ideas

Published October 28, 2021
What Do You Do with Hemp Flowers? 5 Unique Ideas - Secret Nature

Maybe you smoked weed all through high school. Or, maybe you’ve never touched a cannabis plant in your life and associate its smell with illegal drugs.

We all come to CBD hemp flower from different angles, but all are welcome. If this is your first time, allow us to guide you through the process of using CBD hemp flower with the help of unique stories from real Secret Nature customers.

#1: Smoke a hemp pre-roll to deal with insomnia, PTSD, and anxiety

The easiest way to use CBD hemp flower is to smoke it in a joint, so the first few things to do with hemp flower that we list will all involve smoking joints or “pre-rolls.” Let’s start with the testimony of Secret Nature verified customer Yulissa V., who seems to have had quite the hard time before finding out what to do CBD hemp flower:

  • Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 2-Pack review - Yulissa V. “Best CBD company!” ★★★★★ “I tried their secret OG preroll and their Mr. Rainbow preroll and I can say that that thang did it’s thang lol! I loved it! It taste and smells exactly like Thc but it didn’t give me the feeling of anxiety that thc usually gives me. I Read more about review stating Best CBD company!was so relaxed. I have insomnia due to the military, and I also have a 7 month old baby. I smoked a preroll and I was finally able to sleep for the first time in along time.”

#2: Smoke sativa CBD for the energy to do the dishes on limited income

CBD hemp pre-rolls will always be waiting for you when you need to get over the next hurdle life puts in your way. For some Secret Nature customers with chronic conditions on fixed income, smoking a convenient hemp pre-roll here and there is simply what’s necessary to face the tasks of the day.

  • Secret Nature Secret Dream CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Deborah O. ★★★★★ “Let me talk about energy! I am a diabetic w/neuropathy and most days I am on the couch. Those days that I use my Secret Nature product I am able to do my dishes and clean house. What a wonderful feeling! Thank you so much for many high quality and fair priced products. That is important to me as I am a senior on Social Security.”

#3: Bonding with stoner mom over a pair of hemp joints

Even though it’s a potent medicinal practice, smoking CBD hemp flower doesn’t have to be all business. There’s plenty of room for pleasure, human connection, and shared experiences. Just take the following testimony of intergenerational hemp bonding from verified Secret Nature customer Katrina H.:

  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum CBD Hemp Pre-Roll 2-Pack review - . “ ★★★★★ “I bought these for my mom, I’m usually more of a THC smoker but we both loved these. They hit incredibly smooth, they stay lit very well, and the feeling they give you is so calming.”

#4: Grinding some hemp to clear your head

CBD hemp flower is nothing like THC-rich weed. We’re not knocking THC, but CBD relaxes you unlike any other cannabinoid. Below, observe as verified customer Tod O. summarizes all the best selling points of Secret Nature hemp flower better than we ever could:

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower review - Tod O. ★★★★★ “Nice and strong bud. This herb will set you straight. With a oh so relaxing and solid grounding feel, Frosted Kush is a must in any line up of THC consuming folk. When you need a head clearing and balance reformation, I reach for this bud. At a great price of $40 and 9.5 to 10 in quality, who could ask for a better edge on value. Hands down, superior herb by Secret Nature.”

#5: Attaining full-body relaxation with a bowl of hemp

Whichever reason you’ve decided to use CBD hemp flower, you deserve a basic explanation of how the process works when you aren’t smoking a pre-roll. Any bong, pipe, or dry herb vape will do, and you just need to follow these simple instructions to get started:

  • Remove a small amount (0.5g - 1g) of hemp flower from its container. You may need to break up a larger nug into smaller portions.
  • Break the nug up slightly to put it in your grinder. Shut the lid of the grinder, and turn the two sides of the grinder counter to each other to grind your hemp.
  • Remove the hemp flower from the grinder, and place it in the bowl of your smoking device.
  • Apply a flame or otherwise activate your smoking rig, then inhale.
  • With smoke, don’t hold your hit. With vapes, hold the hemp vapor you inhaled in your lungs for a moment before fully exhaling.
  • That’s it! You just smoked CBD hemp flower.
  • Secret Nature Sour Gummi CBD Hemp Flower review - Erin B. “Excellent Product” ★★★★★ “I've bought CBD flower from numerous sources. The flower from Secret Nature is by far the best. The bud smells amazing and tastes wonderful. Full body relaxation. Thank you!”

FAQ: Figuring out what to do with hemp flower

What is hemp flower used for?

People generally use hemp flower to tackle anxiety, deal with pain, or get to sleep at night. There are dozens of different potential uses of CBD hemp flower, though, and remember that hemp flower comes in many more cannabinoids than just CBD.

How do you take hemp flowers?

You can take hemp flower by grinding it up and smoking it in a bong, pipe, or joint. You can also take the expedited route and purchase your hemp flower in pre-rolled joint form. It’s even possible to cook CBD hemp flower into meals or treats with basic kitchen tools you probably have at home.

How do you make edible hemp flowers?

To become edible, all you need to do is decarboxylate your hemp flowers by heating them to around 250° F for around 30 minutes. Then, you can cook your activated hemp flowers into an oil of your choice or directly into food like a stir-fry, pasta dish, or salad.
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