What Does CBD Flower Smell Like?

Published November 15, 2021
What Does CBD Flower Smell Like? - Secret Nature

Regardless of which cannabinoid it contains, cannabis flower smells pretty much the same. Called “hemp” when it contains less than 0.3% THC, the smell of cannabis isn’t determined by the cannabinoids it contains but the terpenes it expresses.

The smell of cannabis varies slightly from strain to strain, and buds only continue smelling good if they’re stored properly. In this guide, learn:

  • What CBD flower smells like
  • If hemp smells like weed
  • What delta 8 flower smells like
  • And more…

Does CBD flower have a smell?

Yes, CBD flower has a very potent smell due to the terpenes it contains. Aromatic oils that are also found in many other plants, terpenes are naturally expressed in every strain of cannabis flower.

Each terpene has its own aroma, and every hemp strain contains dozens of different terpenes. Combined, these nice-smelling plant oils give cannabis strains their unique aromas and tastes.

What does hemp flower smell like?

Hemp flower generally smells dank and sweet just like the THC-rich cannabis you’re used to. The aroma of hemp flower varies somewhat from strain to strain; some strains might smell especially skunky while others are fruity or even spicy.

What your hemp flower smells like is generally determined by which terpenes it contains in the highest concentrations. Here’s a cheat sheet to common terpene aromas and flavors:

  • Linalool: lavender
  • Limonene: citrus fruit
  • Humulene: hops
  • Pinene: pine sap
  • Myrcene: mangoes
  • Caryophyllene: peppers
  • Borneol: mint
  • Terpineol: lilac

Does CBD flower smell like marijuana?

Yes, by aroma alone, CBD-rich hemp flower is practically indistinguishable from THC-rich marijuana. In fact, the only way to tell the difference between weed and hemp (aside from smoking it) is to test samples in a lab. Law enforcement officers can get confused by these similarities, rewarding the discreet hemp smoker.

Does hemp smell like skunk?

THC-rich cannabis is often described as having a “skunky” odor, and some veteran smokers associate this aroma with high-grade cannabis. Certain hemp strains smell skunky since they often share genetics with skunky strains of THC weed. Check product descriptions to find strains that are described as having “skunk” terpene profiles.

What does hemp smell like when smoked?

If you thought the aroma of CBD-rich hemp was strong in its container, just wait until you smoke it. Upon your first exhalation, the space around you will be filled with pleasant-smelling smoke. 

It isn’t recommended that you smoke hemp inside without proper ventilation, and even when smoked outside, burning hemp buds produce nice-smelling clouds that spread quite a ways. If you’re concerned about your hemp being mistaken for marijuana, you should take care to smoke discreetly in areas where you won’t draw unwanted attention.

Does CBD hash smell?

In its container, CBD concentrate generally doesn’t have a strong aroma like hemp flower. Your CBD hash will release a somewhat stronger aroma when vaped or smoked, but again, CBD concentrate just isn’t as aromatic as fresh, preserved hemp buds.

Does CBD flower taste good?

Yes, CBD flower usually tastes good when you smoke it or vape it. If your hemp flower smells good, it will probably taste good as well.

Pay extra attention on the exhale to savor the full flavor of your hemp flower. The grade of your CBD flower significantly affects its flavor; consider going with artisan-crafted hemp to save your throat and lungs if you intend to smoke CBD long-term.

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What is the best-smelling CBD hemp flower?

The better it’s grown, the better CBD hemp flower will smell. To attain the title of “best-smelling hemp flower,” it’s generally necessary for CBD buds to be:

  • Indoor-grown
  • Hand-trimmed and manicured
  • Cured and preserved using high-tech methods

If it comes in a bag and looks like something that was grown out in a field, it’s unlikely that your CBD hemp flower will taste very good. If it comes in a hermetically sealed container and looks frosty and dense, however, your CBD buds are true winners.

What does delta 8 flower smell like?

Delta 8 flower smells exactly like other types of THC or CBD flower you may have smoked. Even though delta 8 THC is chemically different from delta 9, these two cannabinoids smell exactly the same in cannabis flower.

As is the case with CBD hemp flower, the only way to prove delta 8 flower contains D8, not D9, is with a lab test. With this in mind, keep your delta 8 use discreet just to avoid any unwanted confusion.

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Does delta 8 flower smell like delta 9?

Yes, delta 8 and delta 9 flower smell exactly alike. You cannot distinguish these two cannabinoids from each other by smell, so you’ll need to rely on written product information to tell the difference between cannabis that contains D8 and cannabis that contains D9.

One of the best resources you can use is a third-party lab test. Most delta 8 suppliers provide lab reports with their products proving the cannabinoids they contain, and if a delta 8 producer doesn’t offer lab tests, it’s probably a scam company.

Is buying hemp flower legal?

You can buy hemp flower online and have it shipped to any state. The law separates hemp flower from marijuana with a 0.3% THC threshold, and any cannabis that contains less than this amount of THC is considered hemp.

The conflicts between state and federal laws on the subject of cannabis legislation can be confusing. As a premier hemp flower company, Secret Nature cuts through the chaos and delivers CBD and delta 8 flower to all 50 states. Contact customer service if you have any further questions regarding hemp flower laws.
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