What Is a CBD Vape Cartridge? Overview & Types

Published October 28, 2021
What Is a CBD Vape Cartridge? Overview & Types - Secret Nature

CBD vape cartridges are some of the most popular types of CBD hemp products. They’re easy to use, deliver great results, anda they’re familiar to both tobacco and cannabis smokers.

What exactly is, however, this device you’re attaching to a battery and sucking on the end of? What do vape cartridges contain, what are they made from, and how do you use them? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this detailed guide to vape cartridges: CBD, THC, and D8.

What is a cannabis vape cartridge?

A cannabis vape cartridge, also known as a weed vape cartridge, is a disposable vaping device that attaches to the end of an interchangeable battery, powering a coil that heats cannabis concentrate into vapor. You then inhale this vapor through a mouthpiece. Cannabis vapes can contain a wide variety of different cannabinoids.

Components of a vape cartridge

Whichever substances they contain, vape cartridges usually consist of the following components:

  • A tank or chamber that contains the substance to be vaporized
  • A mouthpiece attached to the end of the tank that allows you to inhale vapor
  • A coil that activates when exposed to an electrical current and vaporizes the substance in the tank
  • A connector that attaches the cartridge to the battery

What is a THC vape cartridge?

A THC vape cartridge is a cannabis vape cartridge that primarily contains the intoxicating cannabinoid delta 9 THC. Still considered a controlled substance at the federal level, products containing delta 9 have been legalized in some capacity in over a third of American states.

You cannot buy delta 9 vapes on the internet. Products containing this restricted cannabinoid are available at state-controlled medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries instead.

What is a CBD vape cartridge?

A CBD vape cartridge is a hemp (cannabis) vape cartridge that primarily contains the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD. Generally considered industrial hemp on the federal level, CBD is not a controlled substance, and state-specific CBD restrictions are rare.

CBD vape cartridges are widely available online. Lack of relevant regulation, though, has led to significant quality differences between CBD vape brands.

What is a delta 8 vape cartridge?

A delta 8 vape cartridge is a cannabis vape cartridge containing the THC analog delta 8 THC. Not yet available naturally in cannabis in significant quantities, delta 8 is usually converted from CBD instead.

Even though it is very similar to the controlled substance delta 9 THC, delta 8 (D8) vape cartridges are widely available on the internet. All but a few online delta 8 brands are unrepentant junk, though. Use customer reviews, ingredient information, and lab reports to separate the delta 8 wheat from the chaff.

  • Secret Nature Super 8 Delta 8 THC Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Scott F. “Amazing” ★★★★★ “This is the best tasting delta 8 cart I have had. The effects are just as others have described as well. Great for relaxing and getting rid of anxiety and pain. Well done!”

What is an indica vape cartridge?

CBD, THC, and delta 8 cartridges can come in indica, sativa, or hybrid properties determined by their genetically determined terpene profiles. An indica vape cartridge is a cannabis or hemp vape cartridge that contains natural or added terpenes extract from an indica-dominant cannabis strain. Indica vapes generally have relaxing qualities that users love for getting to sleep at night.

What is a sativa vape cartridge?

The opposite of an indica vape cartridge, a sativa vape cartridge contains cannabis or hemp extract naturally containing or boosted with terpenes derived from a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. In contrast to relaxing indicas, uplifting sativas give you energy and are great for focusing throughout the day. Sativa vape cartridges can come in CBD, THC, or D8.

  • Secret Nature Bellini Sativa CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Amanda G. “Great Quality!” ★★★★★ “I'm a kidney transplant recipient so the full spectrum is just what I was looking for! Gives a nice relaxing feeling without putting your straight to bed. The taste is nice too! Will be ordering again 👍🏻👍🏻”

What is a hybrid vape cartridge?

Some cannabis strains aren’t particularly sativa-leaning or indica-leaning. Called hybrids, these strains provide balanced effects that a good for any activity, and hybrid vape cartridges are CBD, THC, or D8 cannabis vapes that contain the terpene profiles of hybrid cannabis strains.

  • Secret Nature Raw Nectar CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Zachary N. ★★★★★ “The raw nectar stain is full of flavor, after a couple a minutes, it helped me reach that relaxation that I’ve always wanted. Thank you for the quality of your products.”

Vaping CBD carts FAQ

1. Do CBD cartridges do anything?

Even though they do not get you high, CBD vape cartridges certainly have a noticeable effect that most users report as being pleasantly relaxing. Inhaling CBD provides potent and immediate effects, and vaping cannabis extract appears to provide better bioavailability than smoking it.

2. What do CBD vape carts do?

CBD vape carts heat cannabis distillate in a tank, turning it into vapor you can then inhale through a mouthpiece. Making vaporizing cannabis easy and discreet, CBD vapes are beloved by hemp users from all walks of life. 

3. Can you get high from vaping CBD oil?

No, the type of CBD vape oil you can buy on the internet won’t get you high since it must contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC by law. Compared to the 70%+ concentration of CBD present in most vape cartridges, this ratio is far too low for THC to ever have any noticeable effect.

4. Is vaping CBD better than drops?

Many users prefer the quick, potent effects of vaping CBD to the long-lasting but much milder effects of CBD tinctures. Both types of products have their ideal uses, though. CBD tinctures are great if you want to feel the effects of CBD for a long time, and CBD vapes are perfect for intense, immediate relief.

5. What are the side effects of vaping CBD?

Scientists have not discovered any major side effects of CBD, and there’s no reason to suspect additional side effects suddenly appear when this cannabinoid is vaporized. Some CBD vape products may contain contaminants, though, so it’s important to research customer reviews and lab reports before making a purchase.
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