What Is Crumble Weed?

Published August 23, 2022
What Is Crumble Weed? - Secret Nature

There are so many different ways you can smoke weed these days. One of them is crumble, a form of concentrated cannabis extract that you usually load into a vape. What, exactly, is crumble when it comes to the world of weed, and why might you want to use this crumbly form of cannabis concentrate? Find the answers in this guide.

What is crumble?

Crumble is a type of cannabis concentrate named for its crumbly texture. While other types of cannabis concentrate are oily, sticky, or viscous, crumble breaks down into a powdery substance between your fingers before becoming oily due to the heat of your hands. 

Why is crumble crumbly?

Crumble takes on its unusual texture due to the methods used to extract it. The texture of this type of cannabis concentrate has nothing to do with its potency, which ranges from around 40-70%. The extraction method used to make crumble simply injects a considerable amount of air into the structure, making it light and crumbly.

What is crumble wax?

The somewhat confusing term “crumble wax” is sometimes used to refer to crumble since there’s an overall tendency among cannabis consumers to refer to any type of cannabinoid concentrate as “wax.” You should be careful to make sure whether the extract you’re using is actually crumble or wax before you proceed, though.

What is crumble used for?

Crumble is used for the same purposes for which you use any other type of cannabis concentrate. Some users prefer crumble due to its consistency, which they consider easier to handle.

The truth is, though, that you’re just as likely to waste crumble as you are any other type of cannabis concentrate, and the illusion that crumble is easier to handle may cause you to be less careful with this type of extract. In the end, crumble isn’t all that different from more-viscous types of cannabis concentrate.

Can you dab crumble?

Yes, crumble is one of the main types of cannabis concentrate used for dabbing. Users appreciate how easy it is to break off a dab of crumble cleanly onto the end of a dabber, and crumble usually vaporizes instantly, offering big clouds of vapor.

Can you add crumble to weed?

Yes, there are a few ways you can add crumble to weed. One of the simplest involves simply sprinkling a small amount of crumble on top of a bowl of weed you just packed in a pipe or a bong. You can also add some crumble into a joint before you roll it up — don’t try to paint crumble on the side of your joint like you would with a more oily type of extract.

Can you make edibles with crumble?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to make cannabis edibles using crumble. This type of extract is just about as viable for edibles as any other form of cannabis concentrate. There’s nothing in particular about crumble, however, that makes it stand out as an especially good type of cannabis extract to use in edibles.

What is the best way to use crumble?

Overall, dabbing is probably the best way to use crumble. You can also load crumble into a dab pen, but for the best results, you’ll want a full-fledged dab rig complete with a nail heated either with a butane torch or an electrical plug-in.

If you’re looking for a type of extract to add to weed, though, you can’t do much better than crumble. Due to its unique texture, it’s relatively easy to break crumble up between your fingers and sprinkle it on top of ground-up flower — as long as you do it fast enough to keep your crumble from melting!

What are the benefits of crumble?

Users like crumble because it is potent and easy to handle. Compared to other types of cannabis extract, crumble retains its shape much better without being so crystalline that it is difficult to handle at room temperature. Some users like crumble merely for its texture, which they find to be more enjoyable or whimsical than the textures of other cannabis extract types.

What is better: wax or crumble?

Comparing the two types of cannabis extracts, wax and crumble are quite similar to each other. Crumble is simply an even waxier form of wax that holds itself together and doesn’t stick to the outsides of dab containers. Depending on your purposes, either type of cannabis extract might be more appropriate.

Is crumble better than shatter?

Shatter is an even more purified form of wax that has a generally crystalline structure. It is rigid at room temperature and must be heated to be broken up safely.

While shatter usually offers a higher degree of potency than crumble, exceptions sometimes occur. Shatter is generally considered to be one of the best types of cannabis extract, but crumble certainly still has its benefits.

Which cannabinoids does crumble contain?

Crumble originally only contained THC, but as other cannabinoids have entered the market, forms of crumble containing these THC alternatives have also appeared. Whether it’s non-intoxicating CBD or the THC analog delta 8, the world of crumble has expanded to include a variety of new cannabinoids that all benefit from being offered in this convenient extract type.

Is there crumble with CBD?

Yes, CBD crumble exists and is relatively easy to find on the internet. Even if you can’t find CBD crumble with the exact same consistency as THC crumble you’ve tried, you’re sure to come across a product that at least closely approximates crumble’s texture.

Is there crumble with delta 8?

Yes, there are now crumble products that contain the THC alternative delta 8. In these products, delta 8 has been added to extracts containing other cannabinoids, so combination CBD+D8 or CBG+D8 crumble extracts are common.

How do I choose the best cannabis crumble products?

If you’re buying crumble online, products should come with third-party lab reports proving their potency and purity, and they should have plenty of positive customer reviews. It’s hard to tell much about how crumble will affect you from its appearance, so check the terpene profile when you’re looking over the lab report, and do your best to learn more about how the manufacturer makes its crumble.

The bottom line: Should I smoke crumble?

If you’ve never tried crumble, this unique cannabinoid extract type is certainly worth a shot. It might not end up becoming your favorite type of extract, but you’ll never know until you try it. 

There’s definitely something to be said for this concentrate’s crumbly texture and high potency, but in the end, there are also lots of other types of extract to try. Simply don’t forget crumble if you’ve yet to find the type of cannabis extract that’s right for you.

Weed crumble FAQ

1. How do you hit crumble?

If you’re using a dab rig, you hit crumble the same way you’d hit any other type of cannabis concentrate — load a small amount onto the end of your dabber tool, heat up the nail in your dab rig, put your mouth on the mouthpiece, apply the dabber tool to the nail, and inhale. You should always use the right kind of equipment to hit crumble or any other form of cannabis extract.

2. How do you smoke crumble without a rig?

If you don’t have a dab rig, the best way to smoke crumble is to add it to a joint or use it to top a pipe or bong bowl. Other DIY methods, such as “hot knifing,” offer mixed results and can be dangerous. Keep in mind that dab rigs start at the price of a gram of concentrate and that you can always use a portable dab pen if you don’t want to invest in a tabletop rig.

3. Can you put crumble on a cigarette?

Unless you heat it up first to make it more viscous, crumble is not an ideal form of cannabis concentrate to slather on the outside of a cannabis joint or tobacco cigarette. Smoking tobacco is dangerous anyway and should never be recommended.

4. How much is a gram of crumble?

Crumble doesn’t generally cost any more or less than other types of cannabis concentrate. As a result, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 for a quality gram of crumble.

5. How long does crumble last?

A gram of crumble might last you anywhere between a day and a month depending on your usage habits. Stored properly, crumble remains usable for at least a year just like other types of cannabis concentrate.

6. At what temperature does crumble melt?

Crumble melts at a relatively low temperature. It is best to keep crumble in temperatures not succeeding 75° F. If your crumble melts, though, it is still usable and will resolidify when relocated to a cooler area.

7. How do you store crumble long-term?

If you aren’t planning to use your crumble for a while, store it in an airtight, lightproof container in a cool, dry location. Sealed containers like Pelican cases stored in drawers or closets are ideal for this type of purpose.

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