What Is Delta 8 Live Resin?

Published October 28, 2022
What Is Delta 8 Live Resin? - Secret Nature

The delta 8 market has matured, and there are now lots of different types of high-quality delta 8 products to choose from. One of the best forms of delta 8 you can buy is delta 8 live resin, a term that can refer to a variety of different products. What, exactly, is delta 8 live resin, and why do hemp enthusiasts swear by its benefits?

What is delta 8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8 or d8) is a natural analogue of THC that occurs in cannabis and hemp. Usually only naturally present in unusably small quantities, delta 8 is commonly converted from CBD using a simple enzymatic process.

Delta 8 is chemically distinct from delta 9 THC, so it is not usually considered to be marijuana at the federal level. Even so, the effects of delta 8 closely mirror those of delta 9, making delta 8 inherently different from fully non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD or CBG.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a type of hemp or cannabis extract that preserves the terpenes in Cannabis flower in the perfected state they attain in full bloom. For contrast, most other methods of cannabis or hemp extraction involve removing extracts from flowers that have already been dried and cured, a process that oxidizes terpenes and reduces their potency.

Not only do live resin extracts smell and taste better, but they also offer the individual benefits of terpenes more strongly, altogether improving the efficacy of the entourage effect. Once a fringe, connoisseur extract, live resin is now considered to be the way of the future, and it’s becoming more prevalent in both adult-use and online cannabinoid markets.

What is D8 live resin?

Delta 8 live resin consists of converted delta 8 distillate that has been combined with live resin terpenes, resulting in one of the most flavorful and effective ways to use D8 yet devised. With delta 8 live resin, it’s possible to pair this THC analogue with any from among hundreds of popular cannabis strains, reproducing the effects, flavors, and aromas of adult-use cannabis in a product you can buy online.

What does delta 8 live resin do?

Delta 8 live resin provides essentially the same effects as THC live resin, just a little bit toned down. The same clean, delicious flavor will combine with an unusually powerful, terpene-boosted high to unlock the latent benefits of delta 8 to their fullest possible extent.

If you ingest delta 8 live resin orally, you’ll feel the effects within 30 minutes, and they’ll last around three hours. In the case of vaped or dabbed delta 8 live resin, on the other hand, effects will kick in instantly but only last around an hour.

What are the benefits of delta 8 live resin?

We can think of a few different ways delta 8 live resin might make your life better or more convenient:

— Delicious flavor

You can truly have no conception of the difference in flavor live resin makes until you’ve tried it for yourself. All the nuanced flavor notes of cannabis are there, clearer and bolder than you’ve ever experienced them before.

— Improved effects

Spared the cruel fate of oxidation, each terpene in live resin comes through stronger, providing individually improved effects that collectively boost the potential of the entourage effect higher than was ever thought possible.

— Impressive potency

The entourage effect aside, delta 8 live resin is inherently a potent type of product. Most forms of delta 8 live resin consist of at least 50% D8, and some concentrates feature 90% delta 8 or higher.

— Convenient availability

If you’re looking for live resin THC of the conventional variety, you’ll be stuck with what you can find in your local area — if you’re lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legal, that is. Delta 8 live resin, on the other hand, is widely sold on the internet, and you have a national market to choose from, naturally pushing product quality higher.

What types of delta 8 live resin products are there?

The two most common types of delta 8 live resin products are dabs and vapes, but it’s also becoming relatively common to find delta 8 live resin gummies on the internet. Dabs (usually provided in the form of 1g concentrate jars) offer the most raw potency, but vapes (vape carts and disposables) are more convenient.

As a growing number of people become aware of the benefits of delta 8 live resin, expect it to become present in a wider array of products. Delta 8 live resin gummies, for instance, have a lot of unexplored potential due to the impressively flavorful attributes of terpenes.

What to look for in delta 8 live resin

Live resin is clearly the superior form of delta 8 extract, but there’s still plenty of variety even within the delta 8 live resin sub-market. For starters, you’ll want to pick a company that derives its delta 8 naturally from organic CBD and gets its terpenes from organic, indoor-grown cannabis plants.

In itself, live resin extract shouldn’t consist of anything aside from these two ingredients. Some products, however, like delta 8 live resin gummies, must contain a greater number of ingredients due to their design.

Discover delta 8 live resin today

Live resin tastes better, it smells better, and it's more effective. Once you’ve taken some time to truly revel in the difference live resin makes, you’ll find it hard to go back to other types of extracts.

Delta 8 and live resin may both be new to the scene, but they’re already getting along great. Live resin makes delta 8 taste better and offer better effects, and delta 8 gives live resin manufacturers another reason to expand into the hemp market.

In the hands of the right brand, this situational synergy can do great things. Choose your delta 8 live resin products carefully, and then dive into the powerful effects of this ultra-potent extract type.

Delta 8 live resin FAQ

Want to know more about delta 8 live resin? Check the FAQ section below for further details:

1. What’s the difference between live resin vs. delta 8?

Live resin and delta 8 aren’t two different cannabinoids. Rather, delta 8 is a cannabinoid while live resin is an extract type that can contain delta 8 or a wide variety of other cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis.

2. Is delta 8 live resin any good?

Delta 8 live resin can be excellent as long as it is formulated correctly. To stand any chance of being worth your while, a delta 8 live resin product must come with independent lab reports, and it should have at least a few dozen positive reviews. Make sure your chosen delta 8 live resin product is organic and features genuine, strain-specific cannabis terpenes before you make a purchase.

3. Is delta 8 live resin safe?

Scientists still haven’t fully established the safety of delta 8, but it’s believed to offer roughly the same safety as conventional THC. When it comes to live resin, the safety of this type of terpene extract depends on the quality of the cannabis it was extracted from and the safety of the extraction process.

As you choose a delta 8 live resin product, check lab reports to make sure it doesn’t contain any contaminants. You can also contact the manufacturer if you want to learn more about how they extract and formulate their delta 8 live resin products.

4. Is live resin delta 8 more potent?

Yes, users generally agree that live resin delta 8 products are more potent than delta 8 products that do not feature this next-generation form of terpene extract. It only makes sense — live resin extraction prevents terpenes from oxidizing, and in their original, undamaged forms, terpenes have incredible power to both do good on their own and boost the effects of cannabinoids like delta 8.

5. What do they have to say about delta 8 live resin on Reddit?

There are quite a few posts regarding delta 8 live resin on the popular r/delta8 Subreddit. For the most part, users quibble about whether “delta 8 live resin” can actually exist and seem uninformed about the processes commonly used to mix delta 8 distillate with cannabis live resin. In one post, a user declares delta 8 live resin a “marketing scam” despite the fact that sparing terpenes from oxidation would make them more effective based on mere common sense.

6. Is there delta 8 live resin wax?

Yes, in some cases, delta 8 live resin might be offered in wax form. It’s more common, however, to find delta 8 live resin concentrate in the form of distillate since both delta 8 extract and cannabis terpenes are usually offered in this form.

7. Where can I buy delta 8 live resin distillate?

Though some physical retailers are starting to carry delta 8 live resin, you’re still better off buying this type of hemp extract online. Secret Nature D8 Live Resin is offered in the form of fresh-frozen, live resin sugar and features 850mg total cannabinoids per 1g jar.
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