What Is Delta 8 Shatter?

Published August 31, 2022
What Is Delta 8 Shatter? - Secret Nature

Yes, delta 8 comes in shatter form, and delta 8 shatter is everything you’d expect it to be — potent, breakable, and dabbable. Just like everything else in the world of delta 8, though, D8 shatter isn’t quite like any other form of shatter you’ve tried before. Learn everything there is to know about what delta 8 shatter is, what it does, and its benefits in this guide.

Delta 8 shatter defined

Delta 8 shatter is a rigid, brittle form of cannabis extract that is usually vaporized using a dab rig. In most ways, delta 8 shatter is just like shatter containing other cannabinoids. Since delta 8 is usually classified as industrial hemp, though, D8 shatter products are widely sold online.

Is delta 8 the same thing as THC?

Delta 8 is chemically different from the more common form of THC, delta 9, and the differences matter for both regulatory and end-user reasons. Because delta 8 is chemically distinct from the substance the federal government defines as “THC,” delta 8 products are generally treated as industrial hemp instead of marijuana.

The effects of delta 8 are also considerably diminished compared to the effects of delta 9. Users usually indicate that delta 8 lacks the paranoia-inducing attributes that can make the otherwise pleasant high provided by delta 9 considerably less desirable.

Can you buy delta 8 shatter online?

Yes, you can buy delta 8 shatter online just like you’d buy any other delta 8 products. As a relatively popular type of cannabis extract overall, shatter becomes even more desirable when it contains delta 8, which gets you high like THC but is available for purchase online.

What does delta 8 shatter do?

Delta 8 shatter will provide the same rush of euphoria and soothing bodily relaxation that you’re used to experiencing with THC. Just as is the case with conventional THC, the experience you’ll have with delta 8 shatter will vary considerably depending on the terpenes present in the extract.

D8 shatter with indica terpenes will provide a stronger body high and make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Sativa delta 8 shatter, on the other hand, offers a cognitive high and makes you feel energized and creative.

Does delta 8 shatter get you high?

Yes, delta 8 shatter will certainly get you high. While delta 8 and delta 9 are different enough to be considered separate substances on a regulatory basis, delta 8 is still THC, and THC gets you high. You’ll find that the delta 8 high, though, is considerably mellower than what you’re used to with conventional THC.

What are the benefits of delta 8 shatter?

As its popularity online shows, delta 8 is highly beneficial and fits the requirements of many hemp and cannabis users. Let’s discuss the top five benefits of delta 8 shatter in more detail:

1. You can buy it online

For THC users, the obvious and most impressive benefit of delta 8 shatter is that delta 8 is a form of THC you can buy online. If you live in a state where conventional forms of THC are hard to acquire, delta 8 shatter can be an ideal alternative. Even cannabis users living in medical or recreational states may prefer the ease of buying delta 8 shatter online.

2. It gets you high like THC

When you hear the phrase “a type of cannabis you can buy online,” it’s natural to think we’re simply dealing with another CBD. For all their unique attributes, after all, that’s essentially what CBG and CBN have turned out to be.

Delta 8 shatter, however, is online THC that packs a serious punch. Delta 8 may not get you high in the exact same way as delta 9, but it certainly gets you high.

3. Shatter is high-potency

As a type of delta 8 product, shatter is desirable due to its unusual degree of potency. Many types of delta 8 extracts can contain as little as 50% total cannabinoids, but with shatter, you’re guaranteed to have at least 70% delta 8. You’ll feel the difference the moment you take a dab of delta 8 shatter. 

4. Shatter is user-friendly

Shatter is considerably easier to handle than other types of delta 8 extracts. The average user will find less-purified forms of delta 8 extract to be too gooey or viscous, and even extract types that offer comparable potency like wax or crumble are often difficult to get on the end of a dabber. Shatter, though, breaks easily and doesn’t stick to your fingers.

5. You can use shatter in many different ways

Delta 8 shatter may not be unique in this way, but shatter in general is highly desirable due to its impressive versatility. Some of the ways you can use delta 8 shatter include:

Option 1: With a rig

This is the conventional method of using shatter. A dab rig consists of a heated nail and a piece of glasswork similar to a bong. The nail sits where the bowl would be in a bong, and you vaporize delta 8 shatter using the nail. Dab rig nails are heated either with butane torches or via electrical plug-ins.

Option 2: With a dab pen

A dab pen is like a portable dab rig. It fits into your pocket, but it contains a small chamber that behaves similarly to the type of dab rig you’d put on your table. Using delta 8 shatter with a dab pen is convenient even if it doesn’t offer the smoothness or volume of hits you can get with a tabletop rig.

Option 3: Added to flower

You can also sprinkle delta 8 shatter on top of a bong bowl or roll it into a joint. Delta 8 shatter boosts the potency of delta 8 flower, but it also goes well with hemp buds containing CBD or CBG.

Option 4: In edibles

While this isn’t always a recommended option, it’s sometimes possible to add delta 8 shatter to edibles. Doing so might be wasteful, however, and there are types of delta 8 extracts that are specifically designed to be added to edible products.

Should I try delta 8 shatter?

If you’re a fan of both high-potency cannabis extracts and the popular THC analog delta 8, then shatter is definitely a type of dab extract you should certainly try. The quality of delta 8 shatter products varies considerably among manufacturers, however, so make sure to research individual products before making a purchase. As long as you proceed with caution, using delta 8 shatter should be a highly rewarding experience that will acquaint you with an entirely new side of the cannabis plant.

Delta 8 shatter FAQ

Can you eat delta 8 shatter?

It is not generally recommended that you orally consume delta 8 shatter. In many cases, extracts designed to be vaporized contain unideal terpene levels or have other attributes that make them unsuitable to be orally ingested. Seek out a type of delta 8 extract that is specifically designed to be used in edibles instead.

Can you smoke delta 8 shatter?

Attempting to smoke delta 8 shatter in a pipe or bong will result in a runny mess and waste your extract. If you add delta 8 shatter to cannabis flower, however, it’s perfectly possible and highly enjoyable to smoke delta 8 shatter. Just remember to never try to smoke delta 8 shatter on its own — dab only.

What does delta 8 shatter do if you smoke it?

The way delta 8 shatter behaves when you smoke it depends on the way in which you smoke it. If you try to smoke delta 8 shatter by packing it into a pipe bowl and applying a flame, the shatter will simply melt without vaporizing. If you add the shatter to cannabis flower, however, the combustion of the flower will provide the heat necessary to vaporize the shatter, and the flower material will provide a buffer between the shatter and the wall of the pipe or bong.

Can I make delta 8 shatter at home?

It is not generally recommended that you attempt to make any type of cannabis extract (even BHO) at home, and this is doubly true in the case of shatter containing delta 8 or any other cannabinoid. Producing shatter requires considerable purification involving dangerous, heavy equipment that is not suitable for home use.

What is stronger: Shatter or diamonds?

In the cannabis industry, producers have recently started calling a crystalline form of THC isolate “diamonds.” Since shatter contains the terpenes and minor cannabinoids necessary to trigger the entourage effect, shatter is stronger than diamonds.

Is delta 8 the same as K2?

No, delta 8 has absolutely nothing to do with the vile, dangerous form of synthetic THC known as K2. The result of botched Army experiments into chemical warfare, K2 is addictive and toxic while delta 8 is an all-natural cannabinoid found in cannabis flower.

Is delta 8 a psychedelic?

No, delta 8 is not a psychedelic. It does not have hallucinogenic properties, and its effects are much more mild than those offered by psychedelic substances.

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