What is Durban Poison?

Cannabis comes in different strains with each having a unique and distinguished mind and body effects. In fact, the variations are dependent on the needs of the users, and Durban Poison strain is one of the popular Cannabis strains whose special properties has seen it rapidly gain popularity across the globe. Unlike many other types, being a pure Sativa strain is a feature that shows just why Durban Poison is a personal favorite for most people today. Essentially, it is free of any other indica elements, giving the user a balanced and worthwhile experience. The purity of Durban Poison is not all – the ideal green coloration typical of marijuana gives it a classic appearance with a striking brightness. And that is not all, Durban poison treats its users to a harmoniously blended spice aroma accompanied by an irresistible hint of sweetness. It also has an even more incomparable flavor characterized by a blend of vanilla-like or spiced orange with anise or fennel toppings, all in one serving. There is no precise limitation to what a Durban Poison’s taste or scent feels like as it also comes with a pungent and sometimes earthly-balanced one.

History of Durban Poison

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As discovered by Ed Rosenthal, a renowned cannabis activist, Durban Poison originated in a silent, little known South African port city of Durban. The activist bumped into this unique landrace Sativa while on the lookout for cannabis genetics and was wowed by the fast flowering rate depicted by Durban Poison seeds. Unlike many other species, this one took a meager 60 days, faster than any other during the time. Similar to other African Sativas, this specific breed showed its adaptable traits especially when it comes to survival in varying environmental conditions. For instance, it can be grown in controlled conditions. However, its best performance, as dictated by the long history of its existence in the cool fertile lands of South Africa is where it can freely interact with Mother Nature while being grown outdoors.

Specifically, the adaptable growth nature associated with Durban poison strain has given it an edge over many others when it comes to being adopted by cultivators across the globe. For instance, historically, it has a far-higher favor in countries such as Holland because of its capability to complete its flowering outside rather than being limited to the enclosed environment. The case is even surprising considering the climatic differences between where it originates from, South Africa, and the colder northern ones in Holland, yet it performs comparatively better.

Since the early 14th Century, the African continent has been widely known for its notoriety in cultivating Cannabis, and Durban strain is one that has gained a lot of limelight. Being a pure landrace is perhaps one of the primary reasons that makes this strain stand out. It is an element associated with a variety of other Durban Poison’s traits including its ease of cultivation and attractive yields in both indoor and outdoor settings. The African affiliation and originality give it a notable resistance to a wide range of pests and molds, something common with traditional African plants. In fact, history shows that it has had minimal or no impactful cross-breeding giving its some sense of purity that many other strains miss in the contemporary era.

Durban Poison Qualities and Effects

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Durban poison weed is one of the few existing landrace strains that boast of retaining their original traits due to minimal human tampering over the years. Although it has recently attracted massive interest, taking over as the most sought-after crossbreeding Sativa strain for engineering new ones. At the molecular level, Durban Poison is well enriched with THC content with a value that ranges from 15% to 25%, which is pretty high for a strain that has suffered minimum genetic selection for this quality. The content explains why it has gained so much popularity in recent years. However, its CBD content remains comparatively low at < 0.02%.

The purity typical of Durban poison makes it such a unique strain that its effects leave the user headed high in a remarkably clean and energizing way.

The popularity associated with Durban Poison comes down to a variety of factors. Of the many cannabis Sativa strains, it has unique properties that have distinguished it from the rest, more so, as an African descent strain. The matchless aroma and flavor especially make it a desirable and most valued landrace Sativa with a rich historical trend of its origin and rise to popularity. Its high THC content is an admirable quality that has made Durban Poison special among the African Sativas because of the worthwhile effects linked to its use. The motivation that it brings, stresslessness and creativity far outshine the meager and obviously minor side effects. With such an attractive profile, Durban Poison is surely a strain that any user should go for to get the African experience of their lifetime.

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