What Is Grassdoor?

Published April 25, 2023
What Is Grassdoor? - Secret Nature

In these days of instant, online cannabis purchases, we can’t help but laugh when we look back at the days of furtive transactions and law-enforcement paranoia. Just because weed is prevalent and accepted now, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the modern methods for acquiring cannabis are equally rewarding.

Recently, we’ve started hearing a lot about a cannabis delivery service called Grassdoor, so we did a deep dive into what this company does and their reputation among customers. In this guide, learn what Grassdoor is, what they do, and — most importantly — whether you should trust them with your cannabis delivery business. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Grassdoor overview

First, what is Grassdoor? What do they do? What does it have to do with me? Find out below:

Is Grassdoor a weed delivery service?

Yes, Grassdoor is an online cannabis delivery service along the lines of WeedMaps and Amuse. Available only in select cities in California, Grassdoor services the state’s blossoming adult-use cannabis market by delivering products to homes, sparing cannabis consumers a trip to the dispensary.

How does Grassdoor work?

Like most cannabis delivery services, the Grassdoor process begins by making an account and involves choosing products, providing your address, and proving your age and identity. The full steps are listed below:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Identification will be required to make an account
  3. Choose from the products in Grassdoor’s online catalog
  4. Check out once your cart is full
  5. Provide any necessary information that may not have been collected in the account signup process
  6. Receive a notification that your order has been received along with delivery and driver tracking information
  7. If cash payment was selected, bring cash along with your ID when your driver arrives
  8. Tips are appreciated but not expected
  9. Always check the bag to make sure your full order was delivered before the driver leaves

Where does Grassdoor deliver?

Grassdoor only delivers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and select other cities in California. A full list of the cities, suburbs, and towns serviced by Grassdoor can be found on their website.

Is Grassdoor medical or adult-use?

Grassdoor services both medical and adult-use cannabis consumers in California. The only situation in which your medical cannabis status may be relevant is if you are trying to purchase cannabis under the age of 21. In this case, you will need to provide Grassdoor with both your state-issued identification and a copy of your current medical cannabis authorization.

Part 2: Is Grassdoor / Does Grassdoor…

Now, let’s dive deeper into the Grassdoor experience with some more qualitative questions:

Is Grassdoor expensive?

According to user reviews online, Grassdoor is not generally considered to be more expensive than competing cannabis delivery services. Depending on where you live, however, any form of cannabis delivery can be very expensive — especially in cities like San Francisco in which fees, duties, and taxes often amount to more than your order total. Make sure you determine how much is Grassdoor’s fault and how much is the fault of local regulators when comparing pricing between cannabis delivery services.

Is Grassdoor discreet?

Yes, users do not indicate that Grassdoor drivers have any issues with discretion training. What’s more, Redditors confirm that charges from Grassdoor show up on debit card statements as a general “Delivery Service,” which one user described as “discreet, but not shady.” Overall, it doesn’t look like you need to worry much about discretion when using Grassdoor.

Does Grassdoor check ID?

Yes, Grassdoor will check ID — once when making your account, and also every time a new order is delivered to your door. Grassdoor must perform this action to remain in compliance with state laws. It also helps make sure that your order gets to you and not your neighbor by mistake.

Does Grassdoor include tax?

Yes, when you shop on Grassdoor’s online portal, the prices you see already reflect any state taxes added. Local jurisdictions, however, may apply additional fees, which usually only appear once you are ready to check out.

Part 3: Grassdoor FAQ

Now, we’ll start wrapping things up with answers to common Grassdoor questions:

Does Grassdoor accept debit cards?

Yes, Grassdoor accepts debit cards — but not credit cards. Some users also report that debit cards from out-of-state banks and credit unions are not accepted. If your debit card can be used on Grassdoor, you will be able to provide it during the checkout process.

The primary benefit of using your debit card with Grassdoor is the ability to have a completely cashless and contactless transaction. When your driver arrives, all you need to do is show them (not hand them) your ID, and they’ll set the bag down on the floor of your home if you desire.

You don’t need a debit card to shop on Grassdoor, however. If you select “cash” as your payment option, simply pay the driver when they arrive. Exact change is greatly appreciated since Grassdoor drivers do not generally carry change. If you do not have exact change, consider offering the driver any leftover change as a tip.

Does Grassdoor have an app?

Yes, Grassdoor has an app on the Apple App Store, so Apple iOS device users will be able to enjoy a streamlined experience whenever they use Grassdoor. Or, perhaps not so streamlined — the app only has a 3.4-star average rating.

Most users, though, complain about Grassdoor’s service, not the app itself. According to some users, getting service through the app has been problematic. Other, more recent reviews from 2023, however, indicate that Grassdoor provides both excellent service and iOS app support. Those on the fence about downloading the Grassdoor app should give it a shot and see if it’s better than the web interface.

Who owns Grassdoor?

Grassdoor is owned by Zack Ein, who was also the company’s sole founder in 2017. Manning the ship of Grassdoor as well as the CEO, Ein certainly has his work cut out for him as cannabis delivery in California continues to gain popularity.

Is Grassdoor a good company to work for?

If you’re considering working for Grassdoor as a driver, you’ll somewhat ironically want to look at Glassdoor, the most popular site for workplace reviews for the last decade. On Glassdoor, Grassdoor only has a 3.0 out of 5 rating, indicating that, overall, it probably isn’t a great company to work for.

Every current or former employee identified as Latino and commonly complained about having to pay for their own gas and repairs to their cars. Some drivers indicated that they drove routes that spanned more than 1,000 miles in a single week, which will certainly do a number on your vehicle.

On the positive side, some drivers said working for Grassdoor is great if you aren’t a people person and like spending time in your car. On the whole, though, it seems that Grassdoor could do a better job taking care of its people.

The bottom line: Is Grassdoor worth trying?

With so many cannabis delivery services to choose from these days, it can be hard to identify any unique value that Grassdoor has to offer. Starting off with a confusing pun name that makes you think it’s a site for employee reviews of dispensaries where they’ve worked, Grassdoor continues to get off on the wrong foot with a highly limited list of serviced cities and a somewhat checkered past among employees.

To be perfectly honest, quite a few cannabis delivery services have recently emerged in California while, most likely, only one or two would do just fine. As one of the only states to allow the delivery of cannabis products, California has created a brand-new industry for itself — but a relatively unregulated industry that is rife with less-than-savory activity.

If you want to get California cannabis delivered to your door, there are bigger and more trustworthy delivery services to choose. The main issue with Grassdoor, however, is that it only services a tiny fraction of Americans, leaving the rest of the country in the lurch.

That’s where the online hemp industry comes into the picture. With cannabinoids like delta 8 that almost perfectly recapture the benefits of THC without the regulatory headache, you can often get the same — or even better — quality of cannabis products when you buy from online hemp sellers that service the entire nation.

The only genuine advantage that adult-use cannabis delivery has over the online hemp industry is fulfillment speed. As long as you don’t need your weed within the next few hours, though, it often makes more sense to select from among products that compete within a nationwide landscape — not just the limited pond of California’s economy.

Give delta 8 a shot today if you’re still on the fence. Also, never forget that selection of CBD products is highly limited in adult-use (and even medical) cannabis markets, so your best bet for CBD will always be buying online.

Let us know how Glassdoor weed compares to Secret Nature cannabis in your product reviews. Do your part to share the good news with California cannabis lovers who think that in-state delivery is their only option.

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