What Is THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is regarded as a compound and it is normally present in cannabis Sativa strain. THCV in the early stages of its budding stage is called cannabigerovarin acid (CNGVA). Gradually, enzymes begin to split the formation of new seeds and the split seeds are what we refer to as Tetrahydrocannabivarin acid (THCVA). A new division happens when exposure to ultraviolet light and heat emanating from the sun happens to THCVA. This is what births Tetrahydrocannabivarin.

Many people tout the consumption of THCV as the new gateway to happiness. Just like the similar Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), THCV might wield considerable influence on the brain receptor. If someone consumes a high dosage, it is likely for the person to get ‘high’ in such a fashion where the person is in a psychoactive state and is hallucinating. However, the person will make thoughtful speeches and provide answers to questions.

On a further look, THCV and THC look like a match made in heaven. It is because it is an established fact that THCV increases the effects of THC which includes the feelings of excitement in a human body. Also, it acts as a corrective measure for some adverse feelings caused by THC. These effects might include anxiety and paranoia.

It is worthy of note that a low dosage of THCV creates little or no form of euphoria. However, if the dose increases, it is common for the individual to experience an instantaneous excitement that is accompanied by an unusual clearness and a sharp sense of awareness. As much as the highness is almost immediately, it does not last for long.

Similarities and Differences between THCV and THC

There is certainly a scientific clarification for THCV and it is tied to its opposing relationship with THC. In fact, THCV shares striking similarities with THC’s propyl cannabinoid. For example, the arrangements of their atoms are almost identical to each other. It means that their chemical structures are similar. Their creation is their striking difference though.

Their similarities mean that THCV is capable of imitating THC’s hallucinatory effects albeit, in large doses. As much as they are almost identical, there exists a striking difference too. THC’s side-chain is made up of a pentyl group while THCV’s side-chain is made of a propyl group. Enlightened users will find this detail useful because most of the prominent cannabinoids belong to pentyl groups. On the other hand, some of them spring up from THCV’s propyl group.

Cannabis Strains with High THCV

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First of all, you need to understand that there is no particular strain named THCV. It doesn’t mean there is no strain called TCHV though. It’s just that there are different strains that have a high dose of THCV ingrained in them. Every cannabis seed and seedlings contain a certain amount of THCV. The highest level of THCV trace in a cannabis plant is 53.7%.

THCV strains are mostly found in African and Asian countries. For you to have an idea of the different cannabis species that produce this peculiar compound, we provide an exclusive list of marijuana strains that are ingrained with high levels of THCV.

Durban Poison

From the stable of South Africa is this landrace strain that boasts of a high level of THCV production. Its glands secrete the finest pine scent and flavor. Also, it is a great boost for the intellectual experience.


It is a cross-breed of Sativa borne from a skunk phenotype and California Orange. It is unique for the refreshing and inspiring experience users are guaranteed to get from it. Its definite scent and sweet tangerines and oranges flavor make Tangie easily distinguished among other ‘citrus’ strains. Also, it is never short of THCV production.

Dutch Treat

You’re certainly in for a treat with Dutch treat. It’s sweet and has pine, eucalyptus and fruit flavors as its recipe. It is famed for its stress-relieving prowess and the feeling of excitement it offers its consumers.

Doug's Varin

This is an uncommon Sativa strain that was produced specially to turn out high levels of THC. Doug’s Varin is very sweet and it retains the unique earthly smell of citrus and pine. Also, it offers an insightful, power-laden experience for users as well as a feasible solution to anxiety, quivers and other bodily effects.

Girl Scout Cookies

All hail the famed Girl Scout Cookies. If you’ve never had one, you’ve been missing out on one of the earth’s finest goodies. It’s a mixed breed that is quite sugary. Girl Scout Cookies has lots of incentives to offer but the most prominent ones are its soothing effects on the body and mind. Also, it helps to restore appetite as well as fend off anxiety.

Pineapple Purps

The cultivation of Pineapple Purps had a sole aim: to produce a high THCV strain. It is unique and its unique scent and flavor of sweet pineapple really sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Is THCV legal in the USA?

It is a dicey question to ask because there are a lot of things to infer from. Nevertheless, here is what we think. THC is not part of the list of psychotropic substances. In the United States, FDA does not list THCV as a Schedule 1 drug (which of course are prosecutable) but ‘Marijuana extract’ belongs to this list. With the similarities THCV and THC shares, it could fall under the same umbrella.

This means that the sale or possession of THCV could lead to a prosecution under the Federal Analog Act. However, the fact still remains that THCV is not listed at the United States’ federal level.


You must have learnt a great deal from this. We hope it is enough to influence your purchasing decision. Whatever you do, remember to stay safe.