What Is the Best CBD Flower for Anxiety?

Published October 28, 2021
What Is the Best CBD Flower for Anxiety? - Secret Nature

When you ask why people use CBD hemp flower, they usually say it’s pain, sleep, or anxiety. Anyone who has suffered from even the slightest bit of anxiety knows this psychological condition can feel difficult to escape, which is where the fast, relieving effects of CBD hemp flower come into the picture.

Is CBD flower useful for anxiety, and if so, why? Furthermore, which strains of CBD hemp flower are the most useful for anxiety, and how do you pick the best anti-anxiety CBD product? Find out as we continue.

Does CBD flower help with anxiety?

Yes, many CBD hemp flower users gush over the relief from anxiety they’ve felt after smoking or vaping CBD. Even more customers report that smoking CBD provides instant relief from anxiety that lasts an hour or longer.

What makes CBD flower useful for anxiety?

As a condition that often involves a sudden onset of overwhelming symptoms, the fast-acting effects of CBD hemp flower are naturally suited for the first few moments when anxiety is coming on. Simply keep a CBD hemp vape pen or pre-roll on-hand for when you need it, and then light up to experience relief in moments.

CBD has been researched widely for its potential impact on anxiety. Scientists are keenly interested in the usefulness of CBD for anxiety in all its forms, and it’s widely recognized that inhaling a substance offers faster and more intense effects than orally ingesting it.

In addition to its individual benefits, CBD appears to be strengthened by the presence of terpenes in hemp flower, some of which have notable anti-anxiety properties. Cannabinoids and terpenes combine in cannabis and hemp to provide the entourage effect, a phenomenon that seemingly increases the potency of each hemp compound.

Which terpenes help with anxiety?

Many terpenes found in cannabis appear to have anti-anxiety properties. The most notable among them are limonene, linalool, and myrcene, which are most commonly found combined in “floral” and “dank” sativa strains. Let’s explore the individual benefits of each anxiolytic terpene:

#1) Limonene

Out of all the terpenes that have been researched for anxiety, limonene is among the most promising. Demonstrated to exert anxiolytic properties in both aromatherapy and oral ingestion applications, it’s widely believed that this terpene, also found in citrus fruits, is the primary substance that makes certain cannabis strains more anti-anxiety than others.

#2) Linalool

The effects of linalool, also found in lavender, are more sedative than they are uplifting, but sometimes relaxation can be just as helpful for anxiety as a surge of good vibes. Believed to be one of the most relaxing terpenes, linalool pairs well with limonene to approach anxiety from multiple angles.

#3) Myrcene

Within the cannabis terpene family, myrcene is something of a jack-of-all-trades. It’s one of the most anti-inflammatory terpenes, which some researchers believe explains most of myrcene’s other qualities as well. Good news for hemp users wanting to take advantage of the potential anxiolytic properties of myrcene: this terpene is present in practically every cannabis strain.

Is sativa CBD hemp flower good for anxiety?

In most cases, a sativa CBD strain will provide better results for anxiety than an indica option, but it all depends on the context. No matter how bad your anxiety is, you might not want to feel unreasonably sleepy during the day, in which case indicas are off the table.

Indica cannabis and hemp strains are also less likely to contain high concentrations of the fruity citrus terpene limonene, which is probably the best terpene you can use for anxiety. Your best bet is a strain that’s described as “floral,” but check lab reports to find out exactly which terpenes a cannabis or hemp strain contains.

Which strain of CBD is best for anxiety?

Hemp users generally report that strong sativas are best when you’re trying to combat anxiety without succumbing to sleepiness right afterward. The fruitier the sativa, the better since that generally means it contains higher concentrations of the ultra-citrusy terpene limonene.

Sativa CBD vape cartridges are easy to keep on hand whenever an anxiety attack hits. They offer quick, discreet effects that don’t require a lighter: just make sure to keep your vape’s battery charged.

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How do you use CBD hemp flower for anxiety?

The best way to use CBD hemp flower if you’re suffering from anxiety is to smoke or vape it. Inhalation delivers CBD quicker and more potently than any other method, and when you’re feeling like the walls are closing in, you don’t have a moment to lose.

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How to choose the best CBD for anxiety

Sativa CBD hemp flower products vary significantly in terms of quality, and some may even be safer than others. To make the best choice, start by checking out the information the CBD brand provides on its products. This includes product descriptions and marketing material.

Then, look for a lab report issued by an independent testing facility. This will provide you unbiased information on the exact concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids present in the product.

Last but not least, use customer reviews as the ultimate arbiter of a CBD hemp product’s quality, safety, and usefulness for anxiety. Customers tell it how it is, and there’s more to learn from hands-on testimony than any other type of product information.

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