What Is the Cannabinoid CBT?

Published October 28, 2021
What Is the Cannabinoid CBT? - Secret Nature

So far, scientists have discovered hundreds of cannabinoids in cannabis, and while some of these beneficial hemp compounds are widely used, many, including CBT, remain shrouded in mystery.

These days, you’re starting to see CBT in select hemp products available online, including the Secret Nature THCV Cartridge. What does CBT add to the equation, is this cannabinoid psychoactive, and what benefits does CBT have?

What is CBT?

The cannabinoid cannabitriol (CBT) is a natural phytocannabinoid found in cannabis. Not enough research has been conducted to make firm determinations, but CBT does not appear to have significant psychoactive effects, and one form of CBT, CBT-C, has been shown to mitigate the negative effects of THC.

A plant-derived cannabinoid, CBT was first discovered in 1966, and since then, research into CBT has led to the gradual realization that the cannabinoid cannabichromene (CBC) is just as important to cannabinoid production in cannabis as cannabigerol (CBG), which was once thought to the the lone “stem cell” cannabinoid.

CBT is a CBC derivative, and so far, nine distinct forms of CBT have been discovered. One of these forms, cannabicitran (CBT-C) has received significant attention partially due to the fact that it’s one of the only cannabinoids that has also been found outside cannabis.

Also isolatable from a type of rhododendron used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), CBT-C proves that genuine, bonafide cannabinoids can be found in other plants. The fact that rhododendron extracts containing CBT-C are widely used in TCM to this day indirectly lends evidence to the potential medicinal uses of cannabis-derived forms of CBT.

CBT overview

  • Natural phytocannabinoid found in cannabis
  • Also found in a TCM herb used for bronchitis
  • Usually derived from another cannabinoid
  • 9 forms of CBT have been discovered
  • CBT comes from CBC, not CBG
  • CBT does not appear to have psychoactive properties
  • At least one form of CBT has been shown to diminish the side effects of THC
  • CBT is naturally available in some online hemp products

How is CBT different?

CBT is primarily differentiated from other cannabinoids by the fact that, in reality, it's not a single cannabinoid at all: It’s a family of cannabinoids derived from a very unexpected source. During the early days of cannabis research, scientists were convinced that cannabigerol (CBG) was the origin point of all other cannabinoids.

What became apparent through researching CBT, though, is that cannabichromene (CBC) is just as important to the process of cannabinoid development as CBG. So far, the best applications of CBT have yet to be firmly determined, but the impact this cannabinoid had on the history of cannabis science is already legendary.

What is the difference between CBD and CBT?

Based on customer testimony, CBD and CBT appear to have very similar effects. CBT is more structurally similar to THC than it is to CBD, but a few important alterations in CBT’s structure appear to result in significantly different effects.

In hemp products, CBT should theoretically strengthen CBD or other cannabinoids via the entourage effect, a theorized form of synergy between cannabinoids and other hemp compounds. It is advisable to use CBT with other cannabinoids for the greatest effects.

What is the difference between CBT and CBT-C?

Some sources refer to CBT and CBT-C by the same name since CBT-C is the most well known and widely used form of this cannabinoid. The correct technical name for CBT is cannabitriol, however, and “cannabicitran” technically refers to CBT-C.

Is CBT psychoactive?

Scientific evidence does not indicate that CBT has any notable psychoactive properties, and people who have used CBT generally do not report getting “high” or experiencing any form of psychoactive effects.

Is CBT synthetic?

As a phytocannabinoid, CBT is naturally found in cannabis and other plants. Therefore, it is not inherently a synthetic cannabinoid, but due to the very low concentrations of CBT in cannabis, it is usually converted from another cannabinoid such as CBD or CBG. This conversion process does not add or subtract any substances, but the resulting CBT cannabinoid molecules cannot strictly be considered “all-natural.” 

What is CBT used for?

Due to a persistent lack of research into the potential benefits of CBT, hemp users generally use this cannabinoid for the same purposes as CBD. It is very rare to find straight-CBT products, anyway: Most CBT products on the market are mixed with CBD, CBG, or another hemp cannabinoid.

What does CBT help with?

We don’t know enough about CBT at this point to make any firm statements regarding the conditions for which this non-psychoactive cannabinoid may or may not be of use. People who use products that contain CBT generally report wanting help sleeping or relief from pain.

Is CBT legal?

CBT generally falls under the definition of “industrial hemp” as per the 2018 Farm Bill. At present, the CBT industry is too small to be much of a target for federal regulators, who have still failed to make any moves regarding the future of CBD or cannabis in general. Don’t expect the legal status of CBT to change considerably in the near future.

Can I buy CBT online?

Yes, while rare, products containing CBT can sometimes be found online. One example is the Secret Nature THCV Hemp Vape Cartridge, which contains some of the highest concentrations of THCV ever recorded in a hemp product at more than 5mg per gram.

Other ultra-rare cannabinoids like CBL and CBNA are also represented in this revolutionary vape in unprecedentedly high quantities. Here’s what one Secret Nature customer thought of their synergistic THCV Hemp Vape Cartridge experience:

  • Secret Nature THCV & CBT Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Lisa B. ★★★★★ “Excellent quality, customer service, feeling of a calm focus is very effective. I like the THCV and all the CBD vape cartridges the Secret Nature has. I trust them for purity, etc.

Where to buy CBT for sale

Secret Nature is one of the world’s only producers of CBT products, and as far as we know, we’re the only brand that offers natural, not converted, CBT. Try the Secret Nature THCV Vape Cartridge for yourself to discover the unique benefits of CBT.

Secret Nature THCV & CBT Hemp Vape Cartridge review - Nancy D. “THCv is fire!” ★★★★★ “The super quality of this oil is beautiful. It tastes great n the effects are very space age, almost trippy. The website was very informative but when I actually tried the THCv from Secret Nature it was amazing. I feel that THCv is very psychedelic actually especially when used n conjunction with Delta 9 or D8”
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