When to Stop Smoking Weed While Pregnant

You’ve just learned you’re pregnant, and you don’t know what to do about your THC use. You generally shouldn’t use THC at all while pregnant since we don’t know enough about how this cannabinoid can affect developing fetuses. Find out why, and determine the best time to stop smoking weed while pregnant in this guide.

Can you smoke weed while you’re pregnant?

No, you should not smoke weed or ingest the cannabinoid delta 9 THC in any way while you have a baby inside your body. Over the last few years, using cannabis while pregnant has become normalized by social media culture, but using THC while pregnant could be harmful to your baby in ways that we simply have not yet been able to identify.

All we know for certain is that psychoactive substances in general tend to have detrimental effects on fetal development. If you’re serious about bringing your child to term as healthy as possible, you should be very discriminating regarding the substances you allow into your body.

Quitting while pregnant: Week by week

You’re pregnant now. Is it too late to stop smoking weed? The simple answer is “never,” but we should take a close look at how cannabis affects embryonic development at each stage:

1.) Is smoking weed in the first four weeks of pregnancy dangerous?

Catching your pregnancy in the first four weeks and quitting weed accordingly is certainly the best way to proceed. The first four weeks of pregnancy are just as critical to your child’s development as any others, but the baby in your belly is a little bit more forgiving while it stays small. 

1.) What will happen if I stopped smoking weed at 15 weeks pregnant?

At 15 weeks or around four months pregnant, your baby has already developed a significantly complex nervous system and is beginning to resemble a human being. Some of the most fundamental aspects of embryonic development occur before the 15 week mark, but quitting weed at four months pregnant is still better than quitting weed later on in your pregnancy.

2.) Will my baby be okay if I quit smoking weed at 20 weeks pregnant?

By the time you are around five months or 20 weeks pregnant, your baby is around halfway formed. A full 50% of his or her development has already taken place, and quitting weed now can’t turn back the clock. Still, if you just discovered that you’re pregnant at 20 weeks, it’s never too late to protect your child from further danger.

3.) What if I quit smoking weed at 25 weeks pregnant?

If you’re already 25 weeks pregnant, there’s no chance you haven’t noticed the baby growing inside you, meaning there’s no excuse if you’re still smoking weed. You shouldn’t just hope that your habit doesn’t harm your baby: Take proactive steps to stop now.

4.) Is it too late to quit smoking weed at 30 weeks pregnant?

It’s never too late to protect your baby by quitting weed. We don’t know how harmful THC is to fetal development, and it might not be as bad as people think. Growing a child in your womb, however, is the most delicate endeavor your body will ever undertake, so it’s best to control as many variables as possible.

Is it okay to smoke hemp while pregnant?

You should quit smoking weed if you’re pregnant, but what about hemp? It’s been said that CBD is safer than THC, and it is certainly less psychoactive. Until we know more about CBD, CBG, and the other cannabinoids naturally present in hemp, though, it’s a good idea to avoid using cannabinoids of any kind while you’re pregnant.

Is it safe to use CBD while pregnant?

No, we don't know enough about CBD yet to determine if it is safe to use this substance while you are pregnant. As a result, you should stop using CBD for the entirety of the time you’re carrying a baby inside your belly. 

Is it safe to use CBG while pregnant?

No, you should not use the hemp cannabinoid CBG while you are pregnant. If very little research has been done into the effects of CBD on pregnancy, then it’s safe to say that we know next to nothing about the effects fellow hemp cannabinoid CBG exerts on developing fetuses.

Is it safe to use delta 8 while pregnant?

No, you should not use the hemp cannabinoid delta 8 THC while you are pregnant. While there are slight differences between the two, delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC are essentially the same thing. So, if you shouldn’t use delta 9 while you’re pregnant, you also shouldn’t use delta 8.

How long does it take to get weed out of a pregnant person?

Whether you’re pregnant or not, it can take up to 30 days for cannabinoids you ingested to fully leave your system. In cases of light cannabis use, THC should fully clear your system within a few days. 

Beware of detox products designed to flush THC out of your system if you’re pregnant. These products are so powerful they might accidentally flush out your precious cargo along with your stored cannabinoids.

Baby inside? Put the cannabis aside

Choosing to carry a baby to term can be one of the most frightening things a woman faces in life. Even more intimidating is the prospect of caring for and loving your child for the rest of your life regardless of who they may turn out to be.

Do your best to ensure your baby will be happy and healthy forever by making your womb as perfect an environment as it can be. Your child has no need for THC during development, and any cannabinoids that reach his or her brain may cause skewed development that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re having trouble putting down the bong even though you know what’s best for your baby, there are resources you can turn to for help. Quit weed for now, and remember that after breastfeeding is over, your choices will be yours to make once again.

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