Why Do 8,000 People Buy Secret OG Every Month?

Published January 26, 2021
Why Do 8,000 People Buy Secret OG Every Month? - Secret Nature

It isn’t confidential that Secret Nature is the nation’s most popular CBD flower brand. Even among our stellar lineup of indoor-grown, organic hemp flower products, however, some strains stand out.

Secret OG isn’t only one of the best-selling Secret Nature strains. Out Secret OG nugs and pre-rolls are also among the most-reviewed products on our website. Learn why Secret OG is so popular, and discover the unique benefits this strain has to offer.

What makes Secret OG unique?

Secret OG brings the world of kush to CBD. Our pampered, indoor-grown Secret OG flower comes from a reputable lineage of kush and CBD-dominant Cannabis sativa strains, and nobody does CBD kush like Secret Nature. Here are some of the highlights of this delicious and potent strain:

  • Indica-dominant
  • 17%+ CBD
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Cold-cured for maximum terpene retention
  • Indoor-grown & organic

In Secret OG, you can enjoy everything that makes kush strains great while skipping the THC. Dense, frosty, and purplish nugs give off strong aromas of lemon and gas, and the terpenes present in Secret OG deliver a classic kush taste from the very first puff.

What does Secret OG look like?

At a glance, Secret OG looks just like the type of kush you’ll find on the top shelf of your local recreational or medical cannabis dispensary. It takes a lab test to confirm that our kush contains less than 0.3% THC.

In an industry dominated by low-quality, outdoor-grown hemp flower, the good looks of Secret OG are like a breath of fresh air. Silvery-green buds are regularly interspersed with patches of deep purple, and both the peaks and valleys in the folds of Secret OG buds are loaded with a thick dusting of trichomes.

Like most indica strains, Secret OG produces thick, dense, and stocky buds. Secret OG is, however, anything but “stalk”y—it consists of juicy, sticky buds all the way down to the core.

Whether you pick up some loose Secret OG nugs or opt for Secret OG pre-rolls instead, you’ll get the same high-quality, indoor-grown buds either way. We never include trim, shake, or biomass in our pre-rolls, and our buds are always lovingly manicured until they become true works of art.

What does Secret OG smell like?

The first thing you’ll notice when you crack open your container of Secret OG is a heavy, earthy aroma that makes your nostrils tingle. Then, you might notice this strain’s underlying notes of lemon, or its gassy undertones may make themselves apparent first.

Upon further sniffing, a discerning nose will also note hints of mint and haze. All in all, Secret OG has a diverse bouquet that makes this strain similar to some of the most renowned and pedigreed THC-rich kush strains. Remember, however, that Secret Nature CBD nugs will never contain more than 0.3% THC.

What does Secret OG taste like?

Even if this strain’s gassy notes aren’t expressed that strongly in its aroma, powerful notes of diesel are immediately noticeable upon inhaling a single puff of Secret OG smoke or vapor. Secret OG smokers describe this strain’s flavor as “heavy,” but they also report that smoking Secret OG is smooth and doesn’t hurt your throat.

As you savor the flavor of Secret OG, you might notice that the smoke this strain produces has an almost creamy texture. Roll your Secret OG smoke around in your mouth before inhaling to experience every nuance of this cultivar’s robust flavor profile.

Is Secret OG lab-tested?

Like all Secret Nature products, Secret OG is independently tested by a third-party lab. Instead of settling for the bare minimum, we like to give our customers as much information as possible by testing for the presence of common contaminants like heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, and agrochemical residue.

Perhaps most importantly, we also test the terpene profile of each strain we produce. Terpenes make a huge difference in how hemp flower affects you, and by disclosing the terpenes present in Secret OG, we help you better understand how this strain will make you feel.

Here are the five most abundant terpenes in Secret OG:

  1. Caryophyllene
  2. Bisabolol
  3. Humulene
  4. Linalool
  5. Ocimene

How is Secret OG packaged?

The packaging Secret OG arrives in will differ depending on the type of product you order:

  • Secret OG buds are packaged in hermetically sealed, smell-proof, and crush-proof tins
  • 2-packs of Secret OG pre-rolls are packaged in airtight glass tubes that are corked at the top and protected by stiff cardboard boxes
  • 7-packs of Secret OG pre-rolls are sealed in airtight bags and nestled into durable cardboard “packs”

How many reviews does Secret OG have?

We offer three different Secret OG products. Together, these products have over 650 reviews. Secret OG has a 5.0 rating average.

What do Secret Nature customers have to say about Secret OG? Adrian D., who tried our Secret OG buds, says that the “[q]uality was great” and that this strain is “very relaxing & mellow.”

Toni D. tried the 7-pack of our Secret OG pre-rolls, and she “love[s] the packaging” this product came in while describing the effects of this strain as “Max Chill.” Tim H., who bought our Secret OG pre-roll 2-pack, says that this strain is the best he has “ever had” and tells us its effects made it so he “could be calm and sleep.”

When should I smoke Secret OG?

Even if you aren’t particularly tired, Secret OG will make you feel like falling asleep. That’s why we recommend you wait to smoke this strain until your tasks are cleared for the day and you’re ready to relax.

Many of our customers smoke Secret OG right before sleep. Whether you choose to use this strain as a sleep aid or simply smoke it to wind down in the evening, rely on Secret OG to supply the relaxing vibes you’ve come to expect from an indica-dominant cultivar.

What is it like to smoke Secret OG?

Whether you smoke this strain in bud or pre-roll form, be prepared for a uniquely relaxing experience. Secret OG has a heaviness to it that will immediately make you at peace, but the smoke this strain produces is so mild and creamy that you won’t experience any throat pain whatsoever.

Smoke Secret Nature Secret OG today

The only way to truly understand the amazing effects Secret OG provides is to try this strain for yourself. Discover the secret behind CBD kush with one of these three product options:

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