Why I Love D8 Dabs

Published March 08, 2022
Why I Love D8 Dabs - Secret Nature

To some, dabbing is the ultimate way to use any form of cannabis. As a result, it’s only natural that significant interest in D8 dabs has emerged as this alternative form of THC has become wildly popular online. In this guide, learn why I’ve come to love dabbing delta 8, and find out everything I’d like to pass on about the art of dabbing D8 as Secret Nature’s resident blog writer.

What are delta 8 dabs?

The term “delta 8 dabs” refers to cannabis concentrate that contains high levels of the hemp cannabinoid delta 8 THC. Just like any other kind of dabs, you can smoke delta 8 dabs with a dab rig, a dab pen, or any other type of device that’s designed to turn cannabis concentrate into inhalable vapor.

Most delta 8 dabs contain delta 8 THC that was converted from a different cannabinoid, and they can contain varying filler and flavoring ingredients. As a result, the quality of delta 8 dabs differs considerably from product to product, making it incumbent upon consumers to learn how to distinguish good D8 dabs from bad.

What types of delta 8 concentrates are there?

Just as is the case with other types of cannabinoid concentrates, there are quite a few different kinds of delta 8 dabs. From live resin to wax to shatter, you can get your ultra-concentrated delta 8 in many different forms, but most forms of delta 8 concentrate only vary from each other in terms of appearance and consistency. Regardless of what they’re called, D8 dabs contain around 60-85% total cannabinoids—of which about half is often delta 8.

What is delta 8 wax?

The term “delta 8 wax” specifically refers to a sub-type of delta 8 concentrate that has a waxy as opposed to a syrupy consistency. In practice, however, people who aren’t so educated on the finer points of cannabis terminology commonly refer to all types of D8 dabs as “delta 8 wax.”

For some dabbers, wax is preferable since it’s easier to handle and usually generates less waste. Wax usually contains lower cannabinoid concentrations, however, than types of ultra-purified concentrate like shatter.

Is D8 shatter good?

In many cases, shatter is one of the better types of cannabis concentrate since it’s often more purified. Being shatter isn’t a guarantee that a gram of cannabis concentrate is high-quality, though. Even shatter can be contaminated and made dangerous by inferior manufacturing processes.

Is budder better than shatter?

As is the case with any type of cannabis concentrate, the quality of a dab is dependent on the producer that made it, not the type of concentrate it is. As a general rule, though, budder is the more temperamental type of cannabis concentrate to produce, so brands that choose to make budder are commonly more interested in making a high-quality, clean product even if it takes a little longer.

Does Secret Nature make delta 8 dabs?

Yes, Secret Nature has teamed up with Dr. Endo to produce a new line of D8:CBD live resin dabs. Featuring fresh-frozen live-resin CBD extract combined with genuine cannabis terpenes and naturally converted delta 8, this great-tasting and super-clean concentrate is one of the classiest ways to inhale delta 8 available online. The addition of CBD makes Secret Nature D8 Live Resin into a multi-cannabinoid experience of epic proportions.

Does delta 8 look different?

No, delta 8 products should not look different from their delta 9 equivalents. Delta 8 flower should look similar to delta 9 flower, delta 8 dabs should look similar to delta 9 dabs, and so on. Any marked visual differences between delta 8 products and their delta 9 equivalents could be indicative of reduced product quality, not inherent differences between the cannabinoids.

Is delta 8 wax strong?

Yes, delta 8 wax generally contains more than 60% total cannabinoids, making it one of the highest-potency types of delta 8 THC products available. The potency of delta 8 wax varies depending on the manufacturer, however, so make sure to check the independent lab reports for a product you’re considering buying to verify its exact delta 8 THC concentrations.

Is delta 8 wax clear?

No, delta 8 wax is generally not entirely clear—the same as wax containing any other cannabinoid. In most cases, cannabis or hemp extract classified as “wax” is a yellowish or honey-like color.

Delta 8 wax should not be very dark-colored, though. Wax that is dark-orange or blackish is low-quality and may contain dangerous contaminants.

What is the cleanest delta 8 concentrate to smoke?

The cleanest delta 8 concentrate has been extracted from flash-frozen plants using CO2. It has been derived from organic, indoor-grown cannabis plants that do not contain any contaminants.

If you’re concerned about a delta 8 product containing contaminants, consult its lab reports. You can contact the company producing the delta 8 product if you can’t find any contaminant information in publicly listed reports.

What do delta 8 dabs do?

Delta 8 dabs deliver the benefits of delta 8 THC with greater intensity and immediacy than practically any other type of D8 product. Most dab rigs give the user nearly total control over the size of their hits, and some delta 8 dabs can contain more than 80% total cannabinoids. The result is a sometimes-overpowering experience that can easily be modulated by taking smaller hits at lower temperatures.

Taking an average delta 8 dab will make you feel high for around 60-90 minutes. Typical users take 5-6 dabs per day to provide a continuous, relaxing buzz.

What do delta 8 dabs feel like?

Dabbing delta 8 will provide the distinct-yet-familiar benefits of this cannabinoid in a much more potent way than you might be used to. Taking a dab of delta 8 feels a lot like taking a dab of delta 9: Expect to experience a powerful wave of intoxication that comes on quickly and lasts for 60-90 minutes.

Does delta 8 get you high?

Yes, taking delta 8 in any way will result in a feeling of intoxication, and dabbing is one of the most potent ways to use any cannabinoid. The high delta 8 provides is not identical to the delta 9 high, but the two experiences are similar enough to be comparable. Whether you want to feel intoxicated or you don’t, it’s important to know about this central effect of delta 8 ahead of time.

Are there different strains of D8?

Yes, delta 8 can be paired with hemp flower and terpene profiles from many different strains. At this point, delta 8 is available in nearly as many strains as delta 9 THC, and each strain of delta 8 has unique effects.

Is D8 an indica or sativa?

The cannabinoid delta 8 THC (D8) is neither indica nor sativa in and of itself, but it can be paired with either indica or sativa terpenes. When derived from indica-dominant strains, terpenes usually have a relaxing effect, but sativa terpenes offer more upbeat benefits.

Which delta 8 is best for anxiety?

People use both indica and sativa forms of delta 8 products to combat anxiety. When you’re attempting to stave off an imminent anxiety attack, an inhalable form of delta 8 like a vape cartridge or pre-roll might be ideal. To deal with low-grade anxiety throughout the day, take a hit of delta 8 vape every two hours or so, or ingest this THC analog orally for long-lasting but milder effects.

What are the strongest delta 8 dabs?

The physical constraints of cannabis distillate set an upper limit of cannabinoid potency at around 90%. Most cannabinoid extracts come in between 70% and 80% potency, and it’s possible to boost the experienced effects of delta 8 with terpenes. For practical purposes, the strongest delta 8 dabs are dabs that push the upper limits of potency (85%+) while also cutting down on harshness by leaving enough room for terpenes.

Is dabbing delta 8 good for you?

Scientists are starting to believe that delta 8 and other forms of THC may have a variety of benefits that could still be largely undiscovered. Regardless of what future research might find, people are using delta 8 right now to relax, unwind, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Does dabbing delta 8 have side effects?

We don’t know enough about delta 8 yet to make any determinations regarding its potential side effects. Keep in mind that the side effects of delta 8 products may be largely dependent on the type of extract and other ingredients they contain, not the safety of D8 itself.

Why I love D8 dabs: The bottom line

Dabbing will always be considered one of the ultimate ways to consume cannabis. It might be too hardcore for some casual users, but if you want to get well and truly stoned, a bonafide dab rig is the only way to go.

D8 dabs bring the beauty and bliss of dabbing THC to the wider world of the internet. Now, you can order dabs online that are just as tasty and high-quality as anything you can find at a medical or recreational shop. Trust Secret Nature as the nation’s preferred online dispensary.

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