Why Live Resin CBD Gummies Are Better

Published September 27, 2022
Why Live Resin CBD Gummies Are Better - Secret Nature

Live resin takes everything that’s great about cannabis and takes it to the next level. As a result, it’s reasonable to expect live resin CBD gummies to be better and more effective than any other CBD gummies you’ve tried before.

As long as you choose the right product, you won’t be wrong. In this guide, learn what live resin CBD gummies are, and find out why putting live resin in CBD gummies makes them so much better.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are sugary, often fruity, chewable jellies that contain high concentrations of CBD-rich hemp flower extract. Coming in all shapes and sizes, CBD gummies can contain a wide variety of different ingredients, and the quality of the CBD extract used in gummies varies from product to product as well.

An effective CBD gummy will, however, deliver this cannabinoid’s pleasantly relaxing effects potently and free of any potentially unwanted hemp extract flavor. CBD gummies won’t get you high, but they might just make your day a whole lot better. 

What is live resin?

Live resin is a type of extract that is removed from cannabis or hemp flower immediately after harvest without allowing any time for oxidation. While cannabinoids often don’t even fully activate until after they’ve oxidized, the opposite is true for the delicate terpenes in hemp and cannabis flower, which lose their aroma, flavor, and potency as they degrade.

By securing terpenes and flavonoids before they have a chance to oxidize, live resin extract preserves their full potency and ensures that any products they’re added to will taste and smell delicious. Technologically, live resin represents the apex of what the cannabis industry is currently capable of, and it’s quickly becoming the gold standard throughout the global cannabis market.

Research into live resin

So far, we aren’t aware of any research that has been conducted specifically into the effects live resin might impart when cannabinoids are offered in this extract type. The terpenes that are present in greater purity and higher concentrations in live resin, however, have been widely researched since they’re available in cannabis as well as a wide variety of other plants.

Research has shown, for instance, that terpenes can act like cannabinoids and often offer benefits like relief from pain and anxiety. In addition to these impressive potential benefits, it’s also an indisputable fact that terpenes smell and taste great, making live resin the type of cannabis extract that’s most pleasing to the palate.

How are live resin edibles different?

In edibles, live resin both offers improved flavor and makes the cannabinoids they contain more potent. It’s well understood these days that terpenes combine with cannabinoids to heighten the benefits offered by the entourage effect, but it’s lesser known that terpene quality makes a big difference in the entourage effect’s potency.

Beyond just making cannabinoids stronger, live resin terpenes are in and of themselves more potent. Terpenes don’t just exist to help cannabinoids: They’re powerful healing tools in their own right, and including live resin terpenes in edibles allows the benefits of these therapeutic plant oils to shine their brightest.

Are live resin edibles more potent?

Yes, most users who have tried both options would consider live resin edibles to be more potent, and there are two simple reasons why: Live resin improves the effectiveness of cannabinoids better than oxidized terpenes, and live resin terpenes are inherently stronger than their oxidized counterparts.

Not all live resin edibles will be more potent than the standard equivalent, however, because there’s enormous variation between the live resin edible products that are available on the market. If you are able to find a high-quality brand that also uses live resin in their edibles, you’ve found the live resin edible promised land.

Can CBD gummies contain live resin?

Yes, CBD gummies are just as inherently capable of containing live resin as gummies with THC or any other cannabinoid. In fact, live resin is becoming popular in CBD gummies just as quickly as it is becoming popular in the THC edible market, and live resin is just as beneficial in CBD gummies as it is in edibles containing THC.

Why are live resin CBD gummies better?

Live resin CBD gummies are better because they taste better and are more effective. When you add live resin terpenes to a CBD gummy formula, it’s often possible to remove all other flavoring ingredients, keeping your formula simple while also keeping cannabis-superfans happy.  Plus, un-oxidized live resin terpenes are undeniably more potent than terpenes derived from dried-and-cured plants, making CBD gummies stronger without adding any additional CBD.

Can you buy live resin CBD gummies online?

Yes, it’s now easy to buy CBD gummies with live resin online. Secret Nature live resin CBD gummies contain 100% natural and simple ingredients like cane sugar and tapioca syrup, and they feature strain-specific terpenes from fan-favorite strains like Mimosa, Strawberry Cough, and Cherry Kush. Experience the future of CBD gummies by trying Secret Nature Live Resin CBD Gummies today.

How do I choose the best live resin CBD gummies?

As with other types of CBD products, it’s ultimately up to the consumer to determine the relative value and safety of different live resin CBD gummy products. The first place you should start is the brand’s overall reputation: Are the gummies made by a well-respected company with lots of positive reviews?

Next, check the ingredients. Sugary-sweet gummies are never expected to be exactly “good” for you, but there’s no reason for them to be any unhealthier than they need to be. Keep an eye out for animal products, corn syrup, and artificial colorings or flavorings as ingredients to avoid.

The bottom line: Are live resin CBD gummies better?

Yes, live resin CBD gummies only offer advantages over CBD gummies flavored with other ingredients and do not have any disadvantages. Terpenes are the ideal ingredients to use as flavorings in hemp and cannabis gummies, and live resin terpenes are the best types of terpenes money can buy.

Just the fact that they contain live resin, however, isn’t a guarantee that CBD gummies will be high-quality. Before you choose a product, check the ingredients list carefully, search for lab reports, and contact customer service if you still have any questions regarding the quality or safety of a live resin CBD gummy product you might buy.

Live resin CBD gummy FAQ

There’s still plenty to learn about live resin CBD gummies. Explore the subject further below:

1. What is the point of live resin?

At first glance, it’s natural to doubt the importance of live resin. It’s simply an unoxidized form of cannabis terpenes that tastes better, right? But the truth, as we’ve discovered, is that live resin is an entirely different category of substance that’s far and away an overall improvement on conventional terpenes.

Live resin is simply what terpenes would naturally be if drying and curing didn’t get in the way. It’s what makes you sigh with blissful contentedness upon walking into a room of hemp flowers in full bloom. It’s that utmost essence of cannabis that live resin captures in all its glory and allows you to experience once again in the form of a gummy or another infused product.

2. Why does live resin get you so high?

If you’ve tried live resin products accompanied by THC, you may have noticed an increase in psychoactive effects compared to what you’re used to with conventional THC products. Understand that your experience is not at all unusual and that it makes sense within the context of the biochemistry of cannabis.

Scientists still aren’t exactly sure why, but the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in cannabis appear to work in synchrony to provide an overall gestalt of effects that no one substance can offer on its own. Live resin makes cannabis products so much more effective because it provides the additional substances that accompany cannabinoids in cannabis in their full, unaltered forms. Live resin is cannabis at its prime, so it of course provides a prime-tier high.

3. Do live resin CBD gummies contain THC?

Live resin CBD gummies do not contain enough THC to get you high, but like all industrial hemp products, they may contain up to 0.3% THC under the federal 2018 Farm Bill. If the presence of trace concentrations of THC in your system is an issue for drug testing or other reasons, seek out broad-spectrum live resin CBD gummies instead of full-spectrum products.

4. Does CBD live resin get you high?

No, using a live resin product that contains high concentrations of CBD and low-to-nonexistent levels of THC will not get you high. Live resin makes the effects of terpenes stronger, but since terpenes don’t get you high in the first place, adding live resin terpenes to CBD products will not cause intoxication.

It’s natural to wonder if live resin in CBD products will get you high, though, since live resin terpenes are usually extracted from high-THC cannabis instead of hemp. All of the THC is left behind in the extraction process, however, leaving only the purified, distilled terpenes behind.

5. Are live resin CBD gummies legal?

Yes, live resin CBD gummies are just as legal as gummies that don’t contain live resin terpenes. Even if they are derived from cannabis and not hemp, live resin terpenes do not contain any THC, so they are considered industrial hemp products.

6. Where can I find CBD live resin for sale?

Like most things, it’s easiest to buy CBD live resin gummies or any other type of live resin CBD product you might want online. Secret Nature recently released a line of five effective and delicious CBD gummy flavors that each contain live resin terpenes from an iconic cannabis strain. That’s a great place to start if you’re looking for the best live resin CBD gummies you can buy online.

7. Are live resin gummies stronger?

Yes, the effects of live resin gummies are often considered to be stronger than the effects of gummies that are not made with live resin extract — even when the cannabinoid concentrations of the compared products are roughly equal. That’s due to the undamaged terpenes present in live resin extract, which provide the entourage effect with greater intensity than even the best full-spectrum extracts produced using conventional methods.

8. Why does live resin get you higher?

Live resin gets you higher because it contains higher concentrations of undamaged terpenes. Unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are highly volatile and can easily be damaged during the normal course of extraction and product formulation.

By making sure the extraction process does not damage the terpenes present in cannabis, the user is provided with an experience that’s just as if they smoked fresh buds right off the vine — but without the chlorophyll and all the other contaminants. Prevented from being damaged by oxidative stress, terpenes are freed to boost the effects of cannabinoids to the fullest extent allowable by natural law.

9. Are live resin edibles worth it?

Yes, live resin edibles are usually worth it. At the same time, though, just the fact that edibles contain live resin is no guarantee that they are high-quality and worth your time.

Live resin edibles are especially worth it since they usually don’t cost more than normal edibles. In reality, producing live resin doesn't have to cost any more than producing conventional cannabis extract. Producers simply need to invest in the right tools and follow the correct procedures, and then it’s possible to offer high-quality live resin edibles for the same price as conventional alternatives.

10. How long does live resin last in your system?

Just like any other type of cannabis product, live resin products cause cannabinoids to remain in your system for up to 30 days. Live resin does not stay detectable in your body for any longer than any other type of cannabis extract. There is nothing about the live resin extraction process that could cause such an effect.

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