Why Should I Buy Papaya Nights?

Published January 25, 2021
Why Should I Buy Papaya Nights? - Secret Nature

At Secret Nature, we’re renowned for our tireless commitment to quality. While the competition still grinds up trim from outdoor-grown hemp to make pre-rolls, we roll organic joints with premium indoor CBD flower.

Papaya Nights is a natural result of our philosophy of quality first. Everyone from cannabis connoisseurs to hemp newbies can tell that Papaya Nights is a cut above the rest from a single glance or whiff.

What, exactly, makes Papaya Nights so special? Let’s explore the flavors, aromas, and experiences that have made Papaya Nights one of our best-selling strains at Secret Nature

What makes Papaya Nights unique?

Secret Nature Papaya Nights is the product of pedigreed genetics and advanced indoor hemp cultivation techniques. Let’s begin our exploration of this remarkable strain with some important Papaya Nights facts:

  • Sativa-dominant strain
  • 19%+ CBD
  • 100% organic
  • Cold-cured
  • Hand-trimmed

Papaya Nights is one of our most potent strains, and its fruity, hazy bouquet leaves a lasting impression. Studded with trichomes along every surface of every bud, Papaya Nights is as potent as it is fragrant and delicious.

What does Papaya Nights look like?

Like most sativa-dominant strains, Papaya Nights produces lanky buds that take on unique, stretched-out shapes. Papaya Nights stands apart from most sativa strains, however, with its impressive bud density.

Despite being long, Papaya Nights nugs are thick and juicy. They feature abundant orange hairs, and it’s almost impossible to determine the color of the buds this strain produces since each Papaya Nights nug is absolutely plastered with glistening, cannabinoid-rich trichomes.

What does Papaya Nights smell like?

Papaya Nights has an almost-overwhelming fruity aroma. Unlike some sativas, Papaya Nights doesn’t smell particularly citrusy. Instead, easily identifiable notes of freshly cut papaya fruit rise to the surface accompanied by strong undertones of gas and diesel.

If you think that Papaya Night smells great while it’s still sitting in its package, just wait until you break up a nug and grind it. The attractive, fruity aroma of this strain will instantly fill your entire house and instill a peaceful yet energetic aura.

What does Papaya Nights taste like?

Papaya Nights has a clean, smooth taste that’s just as light and fruity as its aroma. In most cases, Papaya Nights doesn’t make you cough, and as this strain burns, it leaves only pure-white ash behind.

The flavor of Papaya Nights is even more impressive when vaporized. Grab a dry herb vape pen or invest in a tabletop vaporizer to experience the full flavor profile of this cold-cured, indoor-grown strain.

Is Papaya Nights lab-tested?

We send every batch of Papaya Nights CBD flower in for rigorous testing at a third-party lab. Lab tests for Papaya Nights are easily accessible on this strain’s product pages. 

Papaya Nights is tested for common contaminants like heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, and chemical residue. We also test the cannabinoid content of Papaya Nights to ensure that this strain contains tons of CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

How is Papaya Nights packaged?

We’re proud of the packaging we’ve devised for our indoor-grown CBD nugs. Like all of our flower products, Papaya Nights buds are shipped in hermetically sealed, smell-proof tins that you’d need an industrial compactor to properly crush.

Our Papaya Nights pre-roll two-packs are shipped in carefully padded glass cylinders that are corked to prevent aroma leakage. The seven-packs of our Papaya Nights pre-rolls are shipped in airtight bags nestled inside resealable luxury boxes.

Aside from our return address, there’s nothing on the outside of your Secret Nature box or mailer that gives away the dankness concealed inside. The moment you unseal your Papaya Nights packaging, however, your nostrils will be assaulted with the incredibly potent fragrance for which this strain is so renowned.

How many reviews does Papaya Nights have?

Papaya Nights is offered in three different product options. Combined, our Papaya Night nug and pre-roll products have received more than 600 reviews. Even more impressive is that this strain has a five-star rating average.

What do Secret Nature customers have to say about Secret Nature Papaya Nights? Jason U. shares that this strain “breaks "[his] funk" and brings [him] some smiles.” Lorenzo M. says that our Papaya Nights buds are “smooth without any harshness, or cough.”

Commenting on our Papaya Nights pre-rolls, Emilia F. tells us that these CBD smokes “definitely provided [her] with the uplifting sensation that it spoke about in the description.” Wendy L., who has tried a variety of CBD pre-rolls during quarantine, reports that Papaya Nights pre-rolls are ”by far one of [her] favorites.”

When should I smoke Papaya Nights?

Sativa-dominant strains like Papaya Nights contain terpenes that usually provide energizing effects. As a result, you might want to smoke Papaya Nights first thing in the morning in combination with (or as an alternative to) your cup of wake-up coffee.

The inherently relaxing effects of CBD, however, will prevent Papaya Nights from keeping you up at night even if you smoke this strain right before bed. As one of our most fragrant and delicious strains, take Papaya Nights CBD pre-rolls with you wherever you go to share the joys of smoking premium CBD flower with friends.

What is it like to smoke Papaya Nights?

There are lots of different ways to smoke Papaya Nights. Let’s make things simple, however, by describing the experience of smoking a Papaya Nights CBD pre-roll.

Every Papaya Nights pre-roll features a little nub of leftover paper at the end to make lighting your CBD joint easier. Simply apply a flame to the end of your pre-roll and inhale to get your Papaya Nights pre-roll going.

From your first puff onward, Papaya Nights will go down smooth and taste delicious. The pure-white ash this strain leaves behind is proof of its impeccable quality.

Each Papaya Nights pre-roll contains more than 102mg of CBD, which is plenty to get the job done. Smoke an entire joint, or save the rest for later by only smoking half.

Smoke Secret Nature Papaya Nights today

Papaya Nights is truly unlike any other CBD flower strain. Enjoy the unique, delicious, and potent effects this strain offers by choosing one of the product options below:

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