Why Should I Smoke CBD Flower?

Published February 14, 2020

Why Should I Smoke CBD Flower?

Are you sure you know the best way to use CBD? Did you know, for instance, that CBD tinctures have low bioavailability?

There’s nothing wrong with tinctures — we even offer our own high-quality organic tincture here at Secret Nature. If you want a CBD product with a serious kick, however, even the most potent tincture’s effects might be too mild.

CBD flower, on the other hand, unlocks the potency of this cannabinoid to the maximum extent possible. Learn all the reasons you should have started smoking CBD flower yesterday.

What are the benefits of smoking CBD flower?

Inhaling substances into your lungs, called pulmonary administration, provides impressive bioavailability. It’s common sense, therefore, that inhaling CBD would have a similarly enhanced effect compared to oral ingestion.

Plus, smoking or vaping hemp flower delivers the full entourage of terpenes and minor cannabinoids oils that accompany CBD. Without its friends, CBD becomes weaker, so as a full-spectrum product, hemp flower is inherently superior to isolates or even highly purified distillates.

What are the effects of smoking CBD flower?

  • The effects of smoking or vaping CBD flower kick in very quickly
  • Effects usually start within 3 minutes and last 60-90 minutes
  • While non-intoxicating, smoking or vaping CBD provides a gentle sense of relaxation
  • People who want to overcome anxiety or reduce pain often choose CBD flower
  • Try using multiple CBD administration methods at once for the best effects
  • Ingestion options include rolling papers, tabletop vaporizers, bongs, etc.

What is the entourage effect?

Apart from CBD and THC, cannabis also contains many other cannabinoids including CBG, CBC, and CBN. There’s still a lot we need to learn about every cannabinoid, but it’s clear that cannabinoids have potent medicinal properties, and these hemp substances appear to work together in a form of synergy called the  “entourage effect.”

There’s plenty of reason to suspect cannabinoids might modify each other’s effects. Initial evidence suggests, for instance, that CBD could impact the psychosis risk of THC, and the overall similarity between cannabinoids and terpenes lends credence to the idea that these plant oils might affect one another through a complex neurochemical web.

Based on the evidence that CBD might modify the effects of THC, it’s also possible to conclude that CBN, CBG, or THCV might, in turn, modify CBD. Adding small concentrations of other cannabinoids to your CBD intake could significantly change your experience.

What are the best CBD flowers to smoke?

There are a few top performers among the Secret Nature CBD flower lineup. With sizes as small as 3.6g and as large as a full zip, customers choose the following three strains time and again. Meet Mr. Rainbow, Papaya Nights, and Frosted Kush:

1. Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow

The first thing you’ll notice about Mr. Rainbow is its high CBD content. Strong overtones of haze melt into cookie-dough sweetness as the first puffs of Mr. Rainbow waft their way into your lungs. Enjoy in a blunt or grind a bowl into your tabletop vaporizer to experience what high-grade CBD feels like.

  • Hybrid
  • Haze, sweet, and cookie terpene profile
  • 3.5g, 14g, and 28g options
  • 100% organic, indoor-grown sustainable bud
  • Hermetically sealed containers
  • Artisan trimmed and manicured

“From the moment you open the package and see the super cool can this flower comes in, you know it's going to be good. Skunky with some slight floral notes on the nose. Tastes clean, smooth, and floral...no burn, which I LOVE. The effects are incredible.” - JoAnna

“I used to buy in store. But now i only purchase from secret nature. Quality stuff!!” - Joshua P.

2. Secret Nature Papaya Nights

A true sativa, Papaya Nights is light, fruity, and delightful to the nostrils from the moment you open your airtight hemp flower container. You’ll love the sense of non-intoxicating energy that the perfectly-balanced terpene blend in Papaya Nights delivers every time.

  • Sativa
  • Fruit, haze, and earthy terpene profile
  • 3.5g, 14g, and 28g options
  • 100% organic, indoor-grown sustainable bud
  • Hermetically sealed containers
  • Artisan trimmed and manicured

“This was my first time ordering from Secret Nature and i have to say that the Papaya Nights is pretty great. Smells great, tastes great, and makes me feel great. Looking forward to trying their Frosted Kush next!” - Tyler S.

“just the look of the tin that the flower is packaged in, instantly let me know I was dealing with a product of superior quality. When I peeled back the sealed metal lid... I was instantly hit with the bright fragrance of freshness and earthiness that is unmistakably really good “hemp flower”.” - Avin O.

3. Secret Nature Frosted Kush

Frosted Kush stands at the pinnacle of the Secret Nature lineup. It’s understandable that people want indica when it comes to relaxing CBD bud, and nothing truly says “indica” like kush. For those who want to experience the exact nostalgic feeling of OG Kush without the high, Secret Nature CBD Frosted Kush will knock your socks off.

  • Cupcake, berry, and gas terpene profile
  • Indica
  • 3.5g, 14g, and 28g options
  • 100% organic, indoor-grown sustainable bud
  • Hermetically sealed containers
  • Artisan trimmed and manicured

“This cbd bud is really smooth and has a great flavor. The terpenes really show up well and is very relaxing to the body.” - Michael M.

“I've tried many CBD flower distributors.. Secret Nature has by far the best product. It is what is says, frosty. Taste great and the effects are legit. The main difference I've experienced is the quality, you can tell this is indoor and not a false claim.” - Justin D.

Smoking CBD flower FAQ

Let’s wrap things up with answers to the most frequently asked smoking CBD flower questions:

1. What does smoking CBD flower feel like?

The first thing you’ll notice when you inhale a puff of CBD-rich hemp smoke is a rich, robust flavor since smoking CBD flower brings out a bud’s full taste profile. While the effects will be immediate, you won’t feel high, and your CBD flower should make you feel relaxed for about an hour.

If you want to become a serious cannabis connoisseur, try vaping your hemp buds. Doing so releases the terpene profile’s entire fullness and may add enhanced benefits.

2. Do you get high smoking CBD flower?

No. CBD does not cause the intoxicating “high” characteristic of THC. Instead, most users report that the effects of CBD are mild and non-intoxicating. The effects of CBD stay the same no matter how much you smoke — inhaling more CBD flower won’t make you high when just a little bit did not.

3. Can smoking CBD flower make you fail a drug test?

Drug tests do not test for CBD — just THC. However, CBD-rich hemp flower can contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you will be drug-tested at work or for another reason, make sure the party requesting the tests knows you’re using non-intoxicating CBD flower since there’s a small chance of a false positive result for THC. In concentrations below 0.3%, though, THC should not accumulate in your system to the extent necessary to cause a positive reading.

4. Does smoking CBD flower with regular weed help?

We’re aware that many of our customers combine Secret Nature CBD-rich cannabis with THC-rich cannabis they’ve acquired from other vendors. We neither condemn nor condone this practice and simply request that you preserve our dignity by only combining Secret Nature flower with buds of equal caliber.

With that said, the evidence certainly suggests that CBD and THC interact with each other in the human nervous system. The exact nature of this interaction remains to be determined, but it does not appear to be negative in any way.

5. How much of a CBD joint should I smoke?

You should smoke somewhere between 1/3 of the joint and the entire joint when you smoke a CBD pre-roll. Any less than a third of a joint is just hard to smoke, but an entire Secret Nature joint might be a little bit too much for some smokers.

It varies from strain to strain, but most Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls contain around 100mg CBD each. Compare that to the average hemp capsule or edible containing 20mg or so total CBD, and you’ll see why smoking a whole Secret Nature hemp pre-roll in one sitting might be overkill depending on the situation.

6. Should I try smoking CBD flower for anxiety?

Many people smoke or vape CBD to help with anxiety specifically because of the fast activation times this CBD ingestion method offers. As hundreds of Secret Nature reviewers have related in their firsthand accounts, it’s convenient to smoke CBD whenever you feel an anxiety attack coming on.

7. Is smoking CBD bad for you?

That remains to be seen. Smoking is always something best done in moderation, but it appears the act of smoking itself is far less harmful than the artificial additives present in tobacco cigarettes. Human beings have smoked cannabis for millennia without any reports of serious side effects, indicating the negative effects of smoking CBD-rich hemp flower might not be as pronounced as you’d expect.

8. Is smoking CBD flower good for you?

Smoking CBD flower seems to offer some significant benefits, and inhaling organic hemp smoke might not be as bad for your lungs as decades of anti-tobacco activism have made it seem. There’s still very little we know about the dangers and benefits of smoking hemp, but smoking CBD flower appears to be very good for you at least in some ways.

9. Why do people smoke CBD flower?

People usually smoke CBD flower for relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia. There are dozens of reasons to use CBD flower, though: it’s the most natural form of CBD as well as the most potent, and you have plenty of strains to choose from that each have unique effects.

Sometimes, people smoke CBD flower after becoming dissatisfied with other types of CBD products. Tinctures, balms, and capsules will all be less effective than smoking, and CBD only becomes more useful as it increases in effectiveness.

10. Does smoking CBD flower work?

Yes, customers usually report that CBD flower is effective. It all depends on the CBD flower you smoke, though — factors like terpene profiles and cannabinoid concentrations can have a big impact on the effectiveness of CBD flower.

Compared to other ways of using CBD, hemp flower is inherently more effective. When you inhale substances, they have higher bioavailability, and they activate faster. So, you might want to smoke CBD flower rather than use this cannabinoid in a tincture of capsule if enhanced effectiveness is what you’re after.

11. Is smoking hemp bad for your health?

Just like anything else, smoking hemp can be bad for your health when done too much or in unreasonable ways. We may end up having to unlearn, though, many of the things we learned about smoking from the example of tobacco.

Smoked in moderation, hemp appears to have the potential to be very beneficial. Organic hemp flower that doesn’t contain any preservatives or other contaminants is even less likely to harm your airways.

12. What are the side effects of smoking CBD flower?

The most common side effects of smoking CBD flower are sleepiness, dry mouth, and digestive discomfort. If you smoke a lot of CBD flower, your throat might hurt, and low-quality hemp flower will hurt your throat more.

The toxicity of CBD as a substance has been thoroughly researched. Study after study has been unable to find or replicate, however, any considerable side effects of CBD with the potential to hinder its continual growth in popularity.

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