Lemon Diesel


An energizing sativa strain with a slower onset, Lemon Diesel has a balanced flavor profile consisting of lemon, gas and sours.  A Perfect CBD substitute for anyone who loves classic THC strains like Jack Herer or Lemon OG, users report it is a great option for daytime or nighttime, depending on the desired mental state.

  • Sativa - Uplifting
  • True Full Spectrum
  • Real Cannabis Terpenes
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      Organic Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen Cartridge - This oil is made with hemp derived CBD flower nectar and real cannabis derived terpenes, from fresh frozen cannabis flowers, for a true cannabis experience. This is a 100% pure plant extract containing beneficial oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, ultra smooth.

      Strain Type: Uplifitng Satiba

      Terpene Profile: Sweet Lemon, Citrus, Gas, Sours

      Cannabinoid Totals Per 700mg Cartridge (200 Doses Per Cartridge)
      436mg CBD - 3.2mg CBDV - 2.1mg CBC - 0.56mg CBG
      Cannabinoid Totals Per 1200mg Cartridge (375 Doses Per Cartridge)
      747mg CBD - 5.4mg CBDV - 3.5mg CBC - .95 mg CBG
      • 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents 
      • Battery and Charger not included, option to add
      • No artificial flavors, ingredients, or cutting agents
      • Medical grade stainless steel, glass, and ceramic elements
      • No plastics, No GMOs, Vegan, LESS THEN 0.3% THC

      What Is The Percentage Of CBD In The Flower?

      • 55.4% CBD, 56.4% Total Cannabinoids, Less Than 0.3% THC

      What Is The Terpene Profile Of The Flower?

      • Sativa/Energy, Lemon, Sour, Gas

      Are Secret Nature CBD Flowers Organic?

      • Yes, our indoor grown flowers are lab tested for purity and compliance, and we use 100% organic nutrients.

      Lemon Diesel