Frosted Kush


This relaxing indica strain has a pungent aroma of sweet cream and fresh berries. Its exotic bud structure displays colors of neon green and frosted white. Frosted Kush is the perfect strain to wind down your day and enter into a more grounded state.  Imagine breathing in your favorite dessert. 

  • Indica - Relaxing
  • 20.9% CBD (CBD+CBDA)
  • Top Shelf, Indoor Grown


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    Indica - Relaxing

    Terpene profile / Aroma: Cupcake Frosting, Fresh Berries, Gas

    20.9% CBD (CBD+CBDA)
    23% Total Cannabinoids

    • 3.5 Grams Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower
    • 100% Organic
    • 100% Hand Manicured Flower Buds
    • Cold Cured
    • Ships In 100% Smell Proof Tin, Hermetically Sealed and Crush Proof.
    • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity and Legal Compliance
    • No pesticides, No additives
    • Cultivated In Portland, Oregon.

    What Is The Percentage Of CBD In The Flower?

    • 19.5% CBD, 22.4% Total Cannabinoids, Less Than 0.3% THC

    What Is The Terpene Profile Of The Flower?

    • Indica/Relaxing, Gas, Frosting, Berries

    Are Secret Nature CBD Flowers Organic?

    • Yes, our indoor grown flowers are lab tested for purity and compliance, and we use 100% organic nutrients.

    Frosted Kush