Blood Diamond - Secret Nature

Blood Diamond

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Diesel Puff - Secret Nature

Diesel Puff

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Frosted Kush - Secret Nature

Frosted Kush

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Fuji - Secret Nature


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Sweet Cake - 18.6% CBD, 21.1% Total Cannabinoids, Cake, Sweet, Earth, Indica, Rest, Indoor Grown - SECRET NATURE CO

Sweet Cake

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Dough Boy - Secret Nature

Dough Boy

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Cobbler #5 - Secret Nature


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Banana Whip - Secret Nature
NewSold out

Banana Whip

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Orange Royale - Secret Nature

Orange Royale

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Sidewinder - Secret Nature


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Papaya Nights - 19.7% CBD 21.5% Total Cannabinoids, Ripe Fruit, Juice, Haze, Earth, Sativa-Uplift, Indoor Grown - SECRET NATURE CO

Papaya Nights

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Cherry Cough - Secret Nature
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Cherry Cough

Starting at $30
Secret OG - Secret Nature

Secret OG

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Sour Space Candy - Secret Nature

Sour Space Candy

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Mr. Rainbow - Secret Nature

Mr. Rainbow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terpenes are just as, if not more important than the actual percentage of cannabinoids (CBD, THC) found in any cannabis product. Terpenes alone have an array of potent effects and benefits, and when consumed together with cannabinoids, people experience a synergy of these compounds known as the entourage effect, giving them the strongest relief and effects. New research also suggests terpenes play a major role in determining how a cannabis product effects your mood and energy, resulting in the common classifications of indica, sativa, or hybrid.

People smoke CBD flower because it provides many of the same benefits as regular THC-rich cannabis flower but without the overwhelming psycho-activity, aka it doesn't get you high. Many users report that CBD flower gives them all the same positive effects of THC but without any of the common negative side effects like paranoia, increased heart rate, grogginess etc. CBD flower also allows people to engage and simply enjoy the ritual of smoking, whether by themselves or in social setting. Check out our user reviews page and read how CBD flower helps thousands of people with a wide array of different conditions and symptoms.

CBD flower, or CBD-rich weed, is just another way of stating that cannabis flower has a higher percentage of CBD compared to THC or other minor cannabinoids, and is most likely federally legal and classified as hemp under the 2018 US Farm Bill. The term CBD flower has become synonymous with the legal hemp flower market since the explosion of this niche product category. The only actual difference between CBD flower and regular THC-rich flower (marijuana) is the level of the cannabinoids, most notably that CBD flower has less then 0.3% THC and is considered non-psychoactive, which means it wont get you high like typical marijuana.

The only real way to tell if cannabis flower is CBD flower or THC flower is to get a potency test from a trusted cannabis testing lab. There are some minor differences in smell and appearances that may be noticeable to those with experience in the cannabis world, but due to new genetics and indoor growing practices, it is becoming virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two. Some clues to look for...THC flower will usually have a more pronounced gassy smell, is usually stickier to the touch, and may be more visually covered in trichrome crystals when compared to average CBD-hemp flowers.

In order to be legal, CBD flower must contain 0.3% Delta 9-THC or less, which is the psychoactive form of THC that gives users the classic high associated with cannabis. However, It is possible and technically legal for CBD flower to have a total THC content that is greater than 0.3% when taking into account THCA. Many cannabis labs will use a special mathematic formula that combines D9-THC and THCA to calculate total THC, which usually falls anywhere from 0.2% - 0.8%

Growing indoors allows for 100% control of all environmental factors, most importantly controlling light spectrum and strength. By controlling the output of our lights we can make sure the flower buds maintain optimal moisture and resin production. Due to the suns power, the terpenes and cannabinoids of outdoor grown flowers usually become damaged while moisture escapes the buds, resulting in a dry, flavorless, harsh end product.

Yes! although most CBD brands only do potency testing to ensure legal compliance, we have always tested our products to the same standards required by the licensed California cannabis market, aka a full panel compliance test. These are the highest cannabis testing standards in the USA and they ensure we provide the safest and cleanest product possible. We test with a DEA certified laboratory.

Our flowers are whole plant hung for two weeks at 60 degrees with 60% relative humidity. This ensures a slow, cold curing, which allows the plants to express their full terpene and flavor potential, while reaching optimal moisture levels for consumption.

The reason our flower is pricer than other brands is because the cost of production is much higher to grow true indoor, quality cannabis. We invest a large amount of money, time, and care into all of our cultivation equipment and operations including the initial build outs, and each consecutive harvest. 100% organic, indoor cultivation also means high electric bills, higher priced soil, nutrients, and more hours of labor, the cost difference to produce hand trimmed indoor flower vs greenhouse or outdoor is quite dramatic. We continue to focus on ways we can lower our cost and pass those savings on to the customer.