True Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges For Sale, Real Cannabis Terpenes

True Full-spectrum CBD vape pens & cartridges. Premium, small-batch, containing numerous beneficial cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC THCV, CBD, etc. For our vape products, we introduce real cannabis terpenes (zero THC) into our final distilled hemp oil.  We source our terpenes from some of the best boutique cannabis cultivators, giving our users a product that remains true to the original plant.  This method increases the aroma, taste, and effectiveness of our extracts while giving a similar taste and experience to authentic, top-shelf cannabis strains like OG Kush, Durban Poison, Gelato, etc.

What is a CBD Vape Cartridge?

A cartridge is a device that connects to a 510 battery and vaporizes substances for the purpose of inhalation. Many people use it to consume plant products like THC and CBD cannabis oils. Another name for this kind of device is a vaporizer. Usually, it is one of the starter kits for people who use CBD oil for medicinal purposes. CBD vape cartridges are a specific part of a vape device. It holds the substance meant for consumption. In most cases, it is part of an electronic battery unit to use for vaping. Different types exist and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing them wisely is important so that you can experience the beauty of vaping CBD oil. You can find them at Secret Nature Artisan CBD.

What are the types of Pre-Filled Cartridges?

A CBD vape pen cartridge that is pre-filled is highly convenient. You just screw it on your vape device and then you start inhaling. Most disposable vape pens have a pre-filled cartridge attached to them. You can throw it away with the vape as soon as it is empty. However, you have to examine different types of pre-filled cartridges if it is not a disposable vape. For example, you can go for a distillate, CO2 oil, live resin, isolate, or terpene infused. Distillates are solvent-free giving a clean and smooth hit. Live Resin has a pungent flavor and aroma true to the original plant/strain. 

How to Choose the Best Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges

Our True Full-Spectrum vape pen is a unique offering because it contains a pure, uncut cannabis (hemp) extract, rich in CBD and natural plant compounds. It has no cutting agents, fillers, or artificial ingredients. It is a pure CBD oil producing pure CBD vapor. The name full spectrum arises from the fact that it has the entire spectrum of bioavailable cannabinoids/molecules that you would find in a particular strain of cannabis, including traces of THC.  Because of the infancy of our industry, many companies fail to deliver an honest and pure product even though they market their products as such, always make sure your products are lab tested and from a reputable producer. 

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Are the CBD cartridge and battery sold together?
All Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges have the option of coming with batteries, and they are all offered in either 700mg or 1200mg cartridge sizes. Our specialty cartridges, CBN Distillate and THCV Distillate, also come with optional batteries. For any of our vape cartridge options, you don’t need anything besides what comes in the box to start blowing clouds.
Are the CBD cartridges lab-tested?
Yes, absolutely. Every Secret Nature product is thoroughly lab-tested by a respected third-party lab, and we order new tests for each batch of Secret Nature CBD vape juice that we produce. The results of these lab reports are easy to access from any Secret Nature CBD product page.
Will the cartridge burn my throat?

Rest assured that there is no inherent reason Secret Nature vape cartridges should hurt your throat. Why do some CBD vapers report a burning sensation? That all depends on a few factors:

  • Concentration: Higher concentrations of CBD can sometimes cause a mild burning sensation.
  • Size of hit: The longer you draw on your vape pen and hold the vapor in your lungs, the more likely it is that your huge hit may harm your throat.
  • Personal factors: If you have a history of smoking or you’re getting over a cold, a hit of vapor is more likely to be uncomfortable.

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges only contain 100%-pure cannabis extract, which does not appear to be harmful to your throat. Vaping injuries almost always occur when additives are introduced to cartridges⁠—as long as you’re only vaping pure plant extract, you know that you’re inhaling the substances in the plant and nothing more.

How many draws do I get?
Every CBD vape cartridge sold at contains either 700mg or 1200mg of cannabidiol. An average hit of a 700mg cartridge consumes around 5-10mg of CBD, so they last for 70-140 hits. The same goes for our 1200mg Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges⁠—they just contain about 40% more CBD per hit. In a nutshell? Expect to get around 100 hits from your pen.