At Work Bundle: Balance, Light Uplift, Convenient

$85 $100

Keep focused, but stay relaxed as you get things done throughout the day to get the most accomplished. These three Secret Nature products are easy to take with you on the go, and they each add something new to keep your work atmosphere fresh and invigorating:

Lemon Diesel 

CBD Vape Pen Cartridge, True Full Spectrum, Sweet, Lemons, Gas, Sativa, Uplifting

436mg CBD - 3.2mg CBDV - 2.1mg CBC - 0.56mg CBG - 442mg TOTAL CANNABINOIDS

Secret Dream 

20.4% CBD 24.1% Total Cannabinoids, CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Joints, Sativa, Uplift, 100% Trimmed Flower Buds, Ultra Premium


15.4% CBG - 15.9% Total Cannabinoids, Sativa, Focus, 100% Trimmed Flower Buds, Ultra Premium

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