23 Ways We Are Different from Plain Jane

Published July 01, 2021
23 Ways We Are Different from Plain Jane - Secret Nature

We don’t like to throw shade, and that’s not what we’re here to do. You deserve to know the difference, though, between the various products available to you as a consumer.

It then becomes our duty to educate you as objectively and thoroughly as possible. Plain Jane has been making waves recently, but Secret Nature will always be the true OG. Here are 23 reasons why.

1. We have more reviews

Last time we counted, we were just a few hundred verified customer reviews short of 10,000. Plain Jane, by contrast, only has around 7,000, and keep in mind that PJ sells quite a few more total products than we do.

We’ve managed to maintain an untarnished 5.0 rating across all our reviews. Let that sink in — we don’t manipulate our reviews, and we certainly get a few one and two-star reviews here and there. The negative voices are simply swallowed up in a seemingly endless sea of praise.

This is not the case with Plain Jane. Their average rating is almost down to 4.5 stars, and one-star reviews with titles like “Customer service is the worst” from Plain Jane customer Ky are featured front and center on the review page.

We challenge anyone to find a single Secret Nature review that speaks negatively upon our customer service. At Secret Nature, we never let a customer stay unsatisfied and go much further than “regret that we've missed the mark” and brag about our “exceptional attention to detail” like the Plain Jane customer service representative who fielded the response to Ky’s review.

2. Our website works better

We simply wanted to filter by product category on Plain Jane’s main product page, but the button wouldn’t work. Overall, the site is clunky and unresponsive — quite the opposite of the sleek, modern online CBD flower marketplace you enjoy with Secret Nature.

3. Our buds look frosty and delicious

A quick look at product pictures side by side is enough to tell that Secret Nature buds are a lot higher-quality than anything Plain Jane has to offer. There are specific reasons for this discrepancy that we’ll cover as we continue.

4. Plain Jane buds look scraggly

Not all of Plain Jane’s buds look bad. All the same, there’s a huge variation in bud quality from strain to strain. Secret Nature buds, on the other hand, all look alike and all look beautiful.

5. We don’t mess around with glass jars

Most Plain Jane buds come in glass jars. While the packaging PJ uses is usually enough to protect these jars from breaking, there are certainly more than a few customer reviews on Plain Jane’s site griping about packages with broken jars inside.

6. We use crush-proof tins instead

We use glass sparingly with some of our smaller products since it just makes sense. For our larger products, though, we only use cardboard or crush-proof metal packaging. It’s simply a reality you have to face as a national brand that packages get jostled in transit, and at Secret Nature, we’ve taken a realistic approach to the problem.

7. We focus intently on the flower

Plain Jane’s website is a mess in more ways than one. There are products all over the place, and it’s hard for a new user to compare and contrast the various options. CBD flower isn’t all you’ll find at, but it’s our central focus, and our online product catalog is easy to navigate.

8. Our additional products make sense

Does anyone really want to buy Plain Jane merch? Who is “Blac Chyna” and what do(es) he/she/they have to do with CBD flower? Lots of questions arise upon even a cursory inspection of the Plain Jane website, but everything offered by Secret Nature makes sense.

Our flower is accompanied by convenient pre-rolls, and you have an alternative in high-potency, smoke-free vapes. We have a tincture for those who roll that way, and we just recently released two new types of rare cannabinoid capsules. It all fits into one cohesive Secret Nature product family.

9. Our flower is indoor-grown

Now, let’s get into the real reasons Secret Nature is different from Plain Jane. It all comes down to cultivation: We grow our own flower inside, Plain Jane has other people grow its flower outside.

10. Plain Jane flower is outdoor-grown

All the smokable hemp flower Plain Jane offers is from “family farms,” which is a euphemistic way of saying it’s outdoor-grown. There’s simply no question that outdoor-grown hemp flower is inferior in every conceivable way.

11. It comes from a random medley of farms

It’s with an odd mixture of pride and embarrassment that Plain Jane announces on its homepage the fact that its flower comes from a selection of 15 different farms. To us, this just screams quality control issues, but Plain Jane is banking on the fact that most CBD flower customers don’t have the experience to know the difference between single-source and multi-source operations.

11. Our flower comes from a single source

Sure, we’ve collaborated with Dr. Endo and other third parties for specific products, but all our flower comes from our own labs. Some of our processed products, like our tincture, are made using sun-grown hemp from third-party farms, but every nug of smokeable flower sold at was grown indoors by us personally.

12. We have total control from seed to sale

This unique business model ensures total quality control from seed to sale. Starting with connoisseur genetics, we cultivate our buds in ideal indoor conditions, process them with exquisite care, and package them expertly for ideal preservation. At Secret Nature, we accept the simple fact that you can’t exert real quality control unless you control the entire product development process yourself from start to finish.

13. We deliver a full connoisseur experience

You might have qualms about the way we do things at Secret Nature, and that’s your right. What’s undeniable, though, is that we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver the highest-grade CBD flower experience currently imaginable.

14. Plain Jane offers mid-grade acceptability

Plain Jane, on the other hand, is just as its name suggests: plain, ordinary, boring, and mediocre. You might save a buck or two here and there, but you’ll sacrifice your dignity if you choose Plain Jane over Secret Nature.

15. We bred our own delta 8 strain

Delta 8 is pretty cool, but the industry can’t stay the same forever. We have taken the proactive approach of breeding a CBG strain to be naturally high in delta 8, paving the way toward a fully legitimized delta 8 industry.

16. Plain Jane only offers delta 8 isolate

Like every other pretender on the market, Plain Jane contents itself with using questionable delta 8 isolate from third-party manufacturers. To be fair, we offer some products with delta 8 isolate too, and we recognize that not everyone has the innovative spirit necessary to actually shape an industry — not just blindly follow trends.

17. We offer CBN and CBC capsules

You won’t find any cannabinoids on the Plain Jane website aside from CBD and delta 8. At Secret Nature, we’ve already taken the next step by adding CBC and CBN products to our lineup.

18. Plain Jane only has CBD capsules

If you want non-intoxicating capsules from Plain Jane, your only cannabinoid choice is CBD. Secret Nature capsules feature either CBN or CBC, and they also include plenty of CBD for a true full-spectrum experience.

19. Our packages ship within 24 hours

We run a very tight ship at Secret Nature. Occasional outlier events aside, we almost always ship orders out within 24 hours — rain or shine. Plus, we use USPS Express shipping, so packages usually arrive 2-3 days after they’re shipped.

20. Plain Jane ships out whenever

It’s hard to tell exactly when Plain Jane ships orders, but it appears that around three days is considered to be a great time for fulfillment. The good news is that, like us, Plain Jane uses USPS Express, but you’ll still wait a lot longer.

21. Our flower is more potent

On average, Secret Nature flower strains are more potent than buds offered by Plain Jane. This discrepancy links back to our insistence on indoor hemp cultivation — when grown indoors, Cannabis sativa expresses higher concentrations of cannabinoids.

22. It tastes better

Because it’s grown organically indoors and cryogenically cured, our flower contains higher concentrations of terpenes. As a result, it tastes better and may even be more effective.

23. Secret Nature flower is superior in every way

And that’s the foundation of all our products. Organic, indoor-grown hemp flower derived from a single source, cultivated with total control from seed to sale, and sometimes processed into other products.

We don’t mess around with other farms. We like to keep things quality.

If you want a true connoisseur experience for the same price you’d pay at Plain Jane anyway, come on in — the water’s fine over here on the Secret Nature side of things.

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