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Cherry Cough THCA - Secret Nature

Greenhouse - THCA

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Blood Diamond THCA

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Kush Glue THCA

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Cherry Lemon THCA

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Mocha - THCA

Nightfire - High THCA - Secret Nature

Nightfire - THCA

Orange Royale - THCA - Secret Nature

Bruce Banger - THCA

Purple Rain THCA - Secret Nature

Purple Rain THCA

Bellini - THCA - Secret Nature

Bellini - THCA

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of THCA products are there?

The types of products that contain the cannabinoid THCA include vapes, flower, pre-rolls, gummies, and more. Generally speaking, every type of product that can contain another cannabinoid can also contain THCA. As the THCA market evolves, an ever-growing number of different product types are likely to emerge.

What is THCA flower?

High-THCA hemp flower is hemp flower that contains high concentrations of THCA. This type of hemp flower looks and smells just like THC marijuana, but it contains less than 0.3% THC and is rich in THCA instead. Chemically different from delta 9 THC, the precursor compound THCA is generally considered to be industrial hemp, allowing it to be sold online. Like other types of hemp flower, THCA flower is available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.

What are THCA pre-rolls?

THCA pre-rolls are pre-rolled hemp joints that contain high concentrations of the cannabinoid THCA. Convenient and easy to share, THCA pre-rolls save you the hassle of rolling your own joints. THCA pre-rolls vary in quality, so make sure to look out for organic options rolled in raw hemp paper.

What are THCA vapes?

THCA vapes are disposable vape cartridges containing extract that includes high concentrations of THCA. Usually containing 60-90% THCA, vapes are among the most potent types of THCA products you can buy online. The only acceptable ingredients in THCA vapes, however, are hemp flower extract and natural cannabis terpenes. If any other substances are present, your THCA vape may not be safe.

What are THCA gummies?

THCA gummies are edible gummy products that contain high concentrations of the precursor cannabinoid THCA. Like gummies containing CBD, delta 8, or any other cannabinoids that have recently become popular, THCA gummies come in a wide variety of different flavors, and they can contain many different ingredients. For the sake of your overall health, it’s important to choose THCA gummies that contain safe, natural ingredients.

Where can I buy THCA for sale?

It’s now possible to buy THCA online. Due to recent moves made by the DEA, it appears that THCA is considered to be industrial hemp at the federal level, emboldening producers to bring this cannabinoid to the online market for the first time. If you want to buy THCA, start searching the internet for reputable sellers that have been in operation for a while and have accumulated plenty of customer reviews.

Where can I find cheap THCA flower online?

If you’re on the market for THCA hemp for sale but you’re operating on a tight budget, you might be able to get a deal on THCA smalls or kief. This type of low-grade material, however, is generally best-suited for extraction and should not be sold as smokable flower or pre-rolls. Often, it’s more economical to vape THCA rather than smoke it.

Can I buy THCA flower wholesale?

Yes, many THCA shops online offer THCA flower in wholesale quantities. Just like CBD or CBG flower, you can often buy THCA flower online by the kilo or pound and have it shipped to your address in the United States. Pricing and quality vary significantly among wholesale THCA flower products, however, so make sure to do plenty of research before making a final decision.

How much does bulk THCA flower cost?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to buy THCA hemp flower in bulk, you’ll find that prices are usually comparable with other types of hemp flower since THCA hemp is very abundant. You should expect to pay a premium, though, for any high-quality THCA buds for sale you might come across online.

Is THCA hemp flower legal?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabinoids other than delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are generally considered to be industrial hemp. This product category does not contain the controlled substance THC, but it does contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and yes — THCA. See here for a detailed, professional analysis of the current legal status of THCA.

What is hemp-derived THCA?

The term “hemp-derived THCA” refers to THCA extracts and products that are derived from THCA-rich hemp, not THC-rich marijuana. Critically, this separation provides THCA manufacturers access to high-THCA plants, something that would otherwise be prohibited by federal law. For the average user, though, it doesn’t make much of a difference if their THCA is hemp-derived or not. Much more important is the quality of the THCA in question and the purity of its original plant material.

Is THCA hemp covered under the 2018 Farm Bill?

Yes, most experts believe that THCA is included under the US federal government’s definition of “industrial hemp” as specified by the 2018 Farm Bill. This interpretation is boosted by official signals from the DEA that it does not intend to consider THCA a marijuana product. Some analysts have looked to this development as an indication that the federal government is attempting to “shadow-legalize” certain forms of hemp or cannabis simply by not making enforcement a priority.

Where can I find legal THCA for sale?

With THCA sale online now widely considered to be legal, this cannabinoid is now available from a variety of manufacturers who post their products online. As you search for the right THCA shop for your needs, keep in mind the shop’s age, it’s reputation, and the quality of the THCA products offered. For additional peace of mind before purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service.

What are THCA smalls?

If you see THCA flower referred to as “THCA smalls,” the name is in reference to the grade of the flower, with “smalls” meaning the flower is composed of small buds, also known as “popcorn.” In general, smalls are around 3-5% less potent than top colas, but that isn’t an issue for most users.

What is the best THCA flower?

If you’re looking for the best THCA hemp for sale online, Secret Nature is the premier solution selected by thousands of hemp smokers from across the country. Offering the world’s best organic THCA buds, Secret Nature provides various sativa and indica THCA flower strains alongside convenient pre-rolls and high-potency vapes. With over 10,000 5-star reviews and a strict adherence to the highest organic artisanal standards, Secret Nature represents the unquestioned apex of the THCA flower market.