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The best CBD pre-rolls

Rolled to perfection with organic, indoor-grown flowers, our CBD pre-rolls provide the most enjoyable, flavorful, and practical experience possible. We take the same fresh harvests of flowers found in our tins and use the smaller buds to create these terpene-rich, potent joints. An indoor-grown flower will always provide a superior smoking experience versus an outdoor-grown flower due to its ideal moisture levels and preserved cannabinoids and terpenes. Our joints are rolled in organic hemp paper and finished with a twisted, sealed tip.

Discreet and preserved

Our CBD pre-rolls are packaged in a hermetically sealed, smell-proof bag to prevent oxygen exposure and retain moisture levels. We then place them inside or custom rigid case to protect the joints from any potential physical damage. Packing the pre-rolls this way prevents degradation and keeps them farm fresh. Most companies do not correctly seal their pre-rolls, resulting in rapid degradation of terpenes and moisture, resulting in a dry, flavorless smoke. We take pride in fast, discreet shipping, ensuring your products arrive unseen and unharmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use or smoke a CBD pre-roll?

When you want to smoke a CBD pre-roll, start by making sure you have a lighter ready and you’re in a suitable environment, such as outdoors away from people or discreetly in your own home. Then, simply put the filter tip of the pre-roll in your mouth, and light the end by drawing in gently and applying the lighter flame to the end of the pre-roll. Once the joint is good and lit, feel free to take full draws, inhaling and exhaling deeply while savoring the true artisan experience only Secret Nature can provide.

How much CBD is in a pre-roll?

An average CBD pre-roll contains between 50mg and 200mg CBD for approximately 20% total potency. The beauty of CBD pre-rolls, though, is that they’re composed of natural CBD flower, which also contains plenty of terpenes and minor cannabinoids, enhancing the smoking experience with increased flavor and potency.

What percentage of terpenes are in a CBD pre-roll?

An average CBD pre-roll contains around 1-5% terpenes, which can be enhanced with organic, indoor cultivation practices. The more terpenes CBD flower contains, the better it tastes, and the more effective it becomes — due to the entourage effect, terpenes appear to enhance the potency of cannabinoids, even more so when smoked.

How are your pre-rolls made?

Secret Nature pre-rolls are composed of all-hemp construction consisting of: - Fresh-ground, all-bud CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower - Organic hemp paper - Organic hemp filter tip That’s it. Secret Nature pre-rolls do not contain any additives, preservatives, or contaminants of any kind. You can check for yourself by looking at batch-specific, third-party lab reports for any particular product you’re curious about.

What kind of paper do you use for your pre-rolls?

We use RAW Organic Hemp Papers with our pre-rolls, the best of the best and the gold standard of the industry. Not only are these papers made from 100% hemp leaves and other fibers, but they are unbleached, raw, and do not contain any additives whatsoever. Discerning connoisseurs of cannabis know that the paper makes a big difference in a joint. As the internet’s most respected cannabis artisans, so do we.

How do you ship your CBD pre-rolls?

Our pre-roll packaging system is entirely unique and perfectly preserves the joints inside while also providing plenty of impact resistance. We wrap a hermetically-sealed glass tube, which contains two joints, inside bubble wrap and then gently nestle it in a mailer. For our seven-packs, a glass tube just wouldn’t work, but we offer the next best thing with a similarly sealed plastic pouch contained within an elegant embossed-cardboard case. Discretion and durability are our top priorities when designing the packaging for our pre-rolls.

Are CBD pre-rolls better than flower?

For some people, CBD pre-rolls might be more convenient or easier to share than CBD flower. It’s also a fact that attempting to grind and roll CBD buds on the go can be a serious hassle. Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls, though, contain the exact same buds that you can see on our Flower product pages, so there’s no inherent quality difference.

Are CBD pre-rolls lab tested?

CBD pre-rolls certainly should be lab-tested, a requirement we take very seriously at Secret Nature. We provide lab reports for each batch of pre-rolls we produce, easily accessible on a centralized page. If CBD pre-rolls are not accompanied by third-party lab reports, there is no way to verify that they offer the stated potency and are free of contaminants.

Do CBD pre-rolls contain tobacco?

No, CBD pre-rolls should never contain tobacco for a variety of reasons. First, tobacco is a substance that you cannot sell over the internet. Also, tobacco is inherently dangerous whereas no evidence has been provided that hemp poses similar dangers. Overall, people look to hemp pre-rolls as a welcome alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and they certainly don’t want any tobacco mixed in with their hemp.

Are CBD joints & pre-rolls legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Cannabis sativa containing 0.3% THC or less is considered industrial hemp, a legal category entirely separate from the Schedule I drug marijuana. As a result, most experts consider CBD to be “legal” even though the regulatory complexities remain to be settled. Some closure should be upcoming with the 2023 Farm Bill, which seeks to update the current policy on hemp to be more lenient on THC along with other measures.

What are the benefits of CBD pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are often more convenient and shareable than CBD buds while still offering a similar or even exactly comparable experience. In the case of Secret Nature hemp pre-rolls, it isn’t a downgrade to switch to a joint. Our pre-rolls contain the same amazing buds you can see showcased on our Flower category page — they just wrap that flower up in a convenient format you can smoke on the go or whenever you want.

Which CBD joint strain should I choose?

With so many amazing Secret Nature strains to choose from, it can be hard to pick a single product as you select an ideal CBD joint for your purposes. If you’re an indica fan, you should start things off right with our unofficial flagship strain, Frosted Kush. On the sativa side of things, Papaya Nights is just as famous, and these two pre-roll options only represent the tip of the indica-sativa iceberg. Those in search of balanced pre-rolls should start with Dough Boy or Sour Gummi, and don’t forget that the Secret Nature store features at least a dozen CBD, CBG, or even THCA pre-rolls to choose from at any given time.

What is a CBD hemp pre-roll?

A hemp pre-roll is a pre-rolled joint that contains Cannabis sativa flower. The types of pre-rolls sold online commonly contain cannabidiol (CBD), but they can also contain cannabigerol (CBG) or even THCA, the chemical precursor of THC. Pre-rolls spare users the necessity of rolling their own joints. They also ensure a level of quality that the average joint-roller cannot achieve on their own. Even with this massively improved convenience, pre-rolls often don’t cost much more per gram than hemp flower.

How do you inhale a pre-roll?

Inhaling a pre-roll is easy. Just: Remove the pre-roll from its packaging, Place the filter tip in your mouth, Light the other end, And inhale. It can take a few puffs to get a pre-roll going properly. If you want to put your pre-roll out and save it for later, crush the tip in an ashtray or on the ground. You can then replace the partially used pre-roll in its original packaging.

How long do pre-rolls take to kick in?

As inhaled cannabinoid products, pre-rolls usually kick in within 1-3 minutes. The activation time of hemp flower depends on the strain, the quality of the flower, and a variety of other factors, though. Every strain of hemp should kick in after 5 minutes — if you still don’t feel anything after that point, you might need to smoke a little more.

How long do pre-rolls keep you high?

Once they kick in, pre-rolls should continue providing their main effects for at least 45 minutes. Even the best pre-roll will start to peter out at the 90-minute mark — that’s why daily users often take a few puffs every few hours throughout the day.

What are the effects of pre-rolls?

The effects a pre-roll provides depend on the cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. A THC or THCA pre-roll, for instance, will definitely get you high. A CBD pre-roll, on the other hand, definitely will not. To get a better idea of how a particular pre-roll product will affect you, read its labeling carefully. From there, you can consult lab reports to determine the specific concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes a particular pre-roll product contains.

Are pre-rolls indica or sativa?

Pre-rolls come in both indica and sativa options. If you aren’t a fan of either, hybrid pre-rolls are available that offer the best of both worlds. To determine whether your pre-rolls have indica, sativa, or hybrid effects, check the labeling. You might find a strain name there you can look up to learn more.

How much of a pre-roll should I smoke?

Most users smoke somewhere between half and a whole pre-roll per sitting. It’s probably the most common for individual users to smoke only half a pre-roll at a time, saving the rest for later. If you sit down to smoke a pre-roll between two or three people, expect to easily finish the entire thing.

How long should a pre-roll last?

After it is lit, a typical 0.5g pre-roll should last around 10-20 puffs — depending on the design of the pre-roll and the size of the puffs. So, if you want to make sure you save about half of your pre-roll, stick to around 3-5 puffs per session. Properly stored, a hemp or cannabis pre-roll should remain smokeable for at least 90 days. If you store your pre-roll in completely airtight conditions, it might stay good for as long as six months.

Is it cheaper to roll or buy pre-rolls?

For some people, rolling joints might be cheaper than buying pre-rolls. What you aren’t taking into account, though, is the waste that occurs during the grinding and rolling process. Plus, the quality of the finished product will inevitably be lower than what professionals can achieve. With these factors in mind, it may be easier to save money buying pre-rolls instead. Anyway, you won’t be spending considerably more regardless of the choice you make.

How much should I spend on pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls should cost no more than $10 per unit for joints under 1 gram in weight. The cost per pre-roll should also go down when you purchase bulk packs. An average pre-roll 2-pack costs between $15 and $20 for instance, while a 7-pack only costs between $40 and $50. In regards to how much you should spend on pre-rolls overall, you’ll need to consult your personal finances for a meaningful answer.

Can I buy Secret Nature pre-roll packs wholesale?

Yes, Secret Nature pre-roll packs are available for wholesale purchase with display boxes and other supporting materials available. Visit the Secret Nature wholesale page or contact mike@secretnaturecbd.com for more information on hemp pre-roll vendor opportunities.

What is the CBD percentage in Secret Nature pre-rolls?

Secret Nature pre-rolls contain, on average, around 15% total cannabinoids, the majority of which consists of CBD. Each strain contains a different CBD percentage, though, so you’ll need to consult the lab reports for specific Secret Nature CBD pre-roll products to determine exactly how much CBD they contain.

Are Secret Nature pre-rolls organic?

Yes, every component of Secret Nature pre-rolls is 100% organic. Aside from our organic, indoor-grown hemp buds, the only other components are the RAW organic hemp paper and the RAW organic hemp filter tip. Every component of Secret Nature pre-rolls is organic and made from hemp.

Are Secret Nature pre-rolls smell-proof?

Yes, Secret Nature pre-rolls come in discreet, smell-proof containers. Every container ships out hermetically sealed and packaged in an unmarked container to ensure no extra attention is paid in transit. You can also reseal your Secret Nature pre-rolls in their original packaging to make sure no aroma leaks out.

What are the best pre-rolls?

According to thousands of 5-star reviewers, Secret Nature pre-rolls are a cut above any competitors — on the internet or anywhere else. When it comes to hemp pre-rolls, Secret Nature is the undisputed king. Our joints taste better, burn more evenly, and deliver better effects. Check out our review page, and try a Secret Nature pre-roll today to discover why we’re number one.

What are CBD pre-rolls good for?

CBD pre-rolls can be good for anxiety, relaxation, or just enhancing life — it all depends on the person and the pre-roll. Hemp smokers often rely on indica-leaning CBD pre-rolls for help relaxing at night and falling asleep, and they seek out sativa pre-rolls for daytime activities and outdoor adventures. Hybrid CBD pre-rolls bridge the gap between these extremes, making them the go-to for chronic pain sufferers seeking daytime relief.

Is smoking CBD flower effective?

Yes, smoking CBD flower — especially in the form of pre-rolls — is usually effective in the way the user expected or hoped. As long as you understand from the get-go that CBD flower will not get you high, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the potent and immediate effects this method of enjoying CBD has to offer. CBD flower and pre-rolls are often described as offering the fastest-acting and most-potent effects of any form of CBD product — come prepared for the genuine article!

How potent is CBD flower?

CBD flower can contain as much as 25% and as little as 10% CBD. On average, CBD flower contains around 15-20% CBD and 20-25% total cannabinoids — meaning around 5% of the remaining cannabinoid content is made up of “minor” cannabinoids like CBG, CBDA, and CBN. Since it is inhaled, the effects of CBD flower feel especially potent regardless of its cannabinoid content. However, higher-potency CBD flower usually offers a noticeable increase in experienced potency.

Do CBD pre-rolls contain nicotine?

No CBD pre-rolls generally do not contain any nicotine. It is illegal to sell nicotine products online, so including this controlled substance in CBD pre-rolls would not make much business sense. Plus, nicotine is a dangerous drug that has no place alongside CBD or other cannabinoids.

What are the best pre-rolls for anxiety?

If you are seeking to beat anxiety, you may want to choose pre-rolls that tend toward the sativa end of the spectrum. Users report that sativa strains treat anxiety the best, perhaps due to the energizing properties of their terpene profiles.