7 Reasons You’ll Love the Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack

Published April 25, 2021
7 Reasons You’ll Love the Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack - Secret Nature

Delta 8 THC is trending, but this new cannabinoid contender won’t dethrone CBD. On the contrary, it appears the cannabinoid family tree is finally coming into balance. Individual compounds are joining together into a symphony of all-encompassing effects.

Secret Nature Super Spectrum is the first step toward this idealized cannabinoid future. Without adding any delta 8 by artificial means, Secret Nature maximizes concentrations of this new, exciting hemp constituent with nothing more than selective breeding and artisanal blending.

I recently smoked a 2-pack of Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Rolls for myself, so I can say with certainty that the results are nothing like ordinary CBD. Learn the top 7 reasons you’ll enjoy expanding your cannabinoid horizons with these smooth, organic hemp smokes.

1. It arrives fast and discreet

Super Spectrum is a new blend Secret Nature mixed specifically to be high in delta 8 THC and THCV. Something tells me that Super Spectrum is a work in progress and that higher rare cannabinoid concentrations are on the horizon.

Whatever the future may hold, all I know for sure is that it hardly takes any time at all for Secret Nature packages to arrive in the mail. It seemed that no sooner did I learn I would be writing more delta 8 reviews that my products appeared in my mailbox.

As someone who does a lot of online shopping, I am extremely conscious of shipping times. For better or worse, Amazon remains the gold standard by this metric with other eCommerce platforms and brands coming in somewhere between acceptable and awful.

Secret Nature attains to Amazon-like excellence by consistently delivering my packages in 2-3 days. Missing, however, is the interconnected network of nationwide fulfilment centers, so Secret Nature packages might take longer to arrive if you live far away from the West Coast.

  • Impressively fast shipping times
  • Basic padded black mailer
  • No aroma coming from the package

2. It tells you everything you need to know

All the information I needed was on a small sticker on the bottom of my Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack box. This sticker read:

  • CBD — DELTA 8 — THCV
  • 4.2mg delta 8 per joint
  • 92mg CBD per joint

From that, I was able to tell that my pre-rolls had remarkably high ∆8 concentrations for flower that hadn’t been sprayed with isolate. Also, I could tell that my ∆8 pre-rolls were unlikely to get me high — which ended up proving true.

  • Sleek black & gold packaging
  • Hermetically sealed glass joint tubes
  • Informative batch-specific sticker
  • Features QR code for lab reports

3. It’s a smooth, organic hemp smoke

Yesterday, I smoked a Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll. Today, I thought I’d try this joint’s decidedly less ∆8-heavy cousin, Super Spectrum.

Prior to smoking Secret Nature Delta 8, it had been a few days since I’d last smoked a joint. Smoking both pre-rolls back-to-back, however, gave me a clear impression of:

  • How amazingly smooth Secret Nature’s pre-rolls usually are
  • How much the added cannabinoid content of my Delta 8 pre-rolls dented texture

It’s not like I’ll go back and change my other review in retrospect — I still believe both joints are flawless. If you prefer the smoothest draws possible, however, Super Spectrum is the innovative Secret Nature ∆8 THC product to try.

  • The type of smooth texture I’m used to with Secret Nature
  • Decidedly smoother than the cannabinoid-boosted Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll

4. Its flavor is a mix of Frosted Kush and Secret OG

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Secret Nature has been surreptitiously coaxing certain of its strains to bear higher concentrations of rare cannabinoids like THCV and delta 8.

Secret Nature Super Spectrum was born of a hemp trifecta of mad-scientist tinkering. It features roughly equal concentrations of Frosted Kush, Secret OG, and Secret Nature’s CBG Rich buds, which have taken on distinctly frankenstein-y aspects.

The resulting flavor is delicious if somewhat indistinct. Alone, each of Secret Nature’s strains has a unique flavor. Super Spectrum, on the other hand, tastes kind of like mixing the meltings from different scoops of ice cream.

  • Delicious “hybrid” flavor — but not in the usual sense
  • Fusion of Frosted Kush and Secret OG is tasty if slightly vague
  • As always, the top-tier flavor of Secret Nature’s organic, indoor-grown nugs takes center stage

5. It has strong super-spectrum effects

Smoking a Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll was what I’d call mind-blowing. Smoking a Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll, on the other hand, was not.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This pre-roll is nothing like CBD as you know it. Still, it contains 4mg delta 8 — not 80mg.

I almost always feel that tiny niggle of THC at the back of my mind when I smoke CBD. It might only be there in concentrations under 0.3%, but it’s still there.

Smoking my Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack was like observing that little niggle blossom into a full-blown massage. It’s still nothing compared to Super Spectrum’s tsunami of CBD, but the experience remains distinct compared to Secret Nature’s other products thanks to delta 8 and THCV.

  • Subtly unique effects compared to other Secret Nature products
  • Slightly intoxicating, but hardly noticeable
  • My curiosity is certainly piqued

6. Smoking delivers instant results

Let’s keep this section short and sweet. Smoking anything gets it into your system lickety-split, and the delicious flavor and texture of my Secret Nature Delta 8 Pre Roll only helped me gulp down delicious breathfuls of organic cannabinoids even faster.

  • Effects kicked in immediately
  • I was still basked in a most unusual glow more than an hour later

7. I give it an overall score of 5 out of 5

There’s just nothing wrong with the Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack that I could find. Combining Secret OG and Frosted Kush makes this strain smell and taste like an average Secret Nature indica-leaning hybrid, and its smoke is just as smooth and rich as I’ve grown used to with my favorite hemp brand.

If there was one thing I’d quibble about, it’s the low concentrations of THCV and ∆8. Now, don’t call me ungrateful — I’m just telling it straight. I’m duly amazed we even have flower that naturally expresses ∆8 now, but is it so wrong to want more?

  • Packaging and labeling: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Effects: 5/5
  • Duration of effects: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5

Who is it good for?

Secret Nature Super Spectrum is very similar to Secret Nature’s new Delta 8 flower. It would be a mistake, however, to think these two products are the same.

The main difference is that Super Spectrum is 100% natural. That’s not to say there’s anything particularly artificial about Secret Nature Delta 8, however — let me explain.

Right now, high concentrations of ∆8 THC are hard to come by. In most cases, this new cannabinoid is converted from CBD.

This process is tricky, however, and there’s only one way to do it right. The end product is a ∆8-tetrahydrocannabinol isolate, which is then added to hemp flower.

Secret Nature’s perfectionist streak couldn’t help but result in a definitive entry into the ∆8 isolate market. Their connoisseur sensibilities, however, wouldn’t let them settle for anything less than breeding hemp with the highest natural delta 8 concentrations ever recorded.

That’s what Super Spectrum is. If you’re interested in delta 8 but you won’t touch isolate even if it’s made by Secret Nature, this is currently the only way to experience the world’s new favorite cannabinoid au natural

Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre Roll 2-Pack FAQ

Anything else you’d like to know about Secret Nature’s Super Spectrum pre-rolls?

1. What is CBD flower, and how is it different from delta 8 flower?

Good questions. Legally, CBD flower is defined as hemp flower that contains less than 0.3% ∆9 THC when dried and weighed.

Secret Nature Super Spectrum is also made from hemp. Even though it contains around 0.7% ∆8 THC, it still only contains around 0.2% ∆9 THC, making it industrial hemp as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

2. Where do I learn how to tell CBD flower from weed?

The only way to tell hemp from weed (other than smoking it, of course), is with lab testing. In aroma, flavor, and appearance, hemp is essentially indistinguishable from cannabis.

Hemp, however, only contains very low concentrations delta 9 THC. Regardless of the other cannabinoids it contains, this singular fact ensures the effects of hemp will never be identical to those of ∆9-rich cannabis.

3. How much THC is in CBD flower?

To be considered CBD flower, hemp buds must contain less than 0.3% ∆9 THC on a dry weight basis. As we’re learning, however, there are different kinds of THC, and some types of CBD flower might contain high concentrations of delta 8 THC.

With almost 1% delta 8, Secret Nature Super Spectrum offers the highest concentrations of natural ∆8 available anywhere. Try an affordable 2-pack of this strain today to experience its effects for yourself.

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