Bellini Vape Guide

Published October 05, 2020
Bellini Vape Guide - Secret Nature

At Secret Nature, we’re known for our CO2-extracted, live-resin vape cartridges. Not even our most loyal customers, however, know everything there is to know about each of the high-quality CBD cartridges in the Secret Nature catalog.

That’s why we decided to take some time to thoroughly introduce you to our Bellini CBD vape cartridge. In this guide, we’ll provide you with detailed information on the origins of this delicious blend of full-spectrum CBD and natural cannabis terpenes, and we’ll leave you with some tips on how to get the most out of your Bellini experience.

What is a Secret Nature Bellini vape cartridge?

If you feel like you might have heard the name “Bellini” somewhere before, you’re right. We named this delectable vape cartridge after a popular peach-flavored wine cocktail you might have enjoyed served straight-up at a classy bar.

With two parts prosecco and one part fresh peach puree, this cocktail is so filled with fruit that it almost tastes like a smoothie. In our Secret Nature Bellini CBD vape cartridge, we captured the rich, fruity taste and texture of this distinctive cocktail using terpenes from Strawberry Cough and Peach Rings cannabis strains to provide a refreshing, high-class experience that we knew our customers would enjoy.

Unlike a Bellini cocktail, a Secret Nature Bellini CBD vape cartridge won’t make you feel intoxicated. Instead, this cartridge will deliver mild, relaxing effects with clouds of peach-flavored delight that will make you feel like you’re clinking glasses with the greats at one of the most sophisticated bars in Venice.

Bellini vape ingredients

We like to keep things simple at Secret Nature. It’s our philosophy that the Cannabis sativa plant provided everything that’s necessary to make high-quality vape cartridges, so we don’t include anything in our vape products that isn’t found in hemp. True full-spectrum CBD extract and added natural cannabis terpenes are the only two ingredients in our vape cartridges, and we’ll provide details on these ingredients below.

First, our CBD extract is true full-spectrum because it consists of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in mature hemp flower. Some vape manufacturers combine isolate CBD with minor cannabinoids and terpenes and call this concoction “full-spectrum,” but we’d prefer to offer CBD extract in the exact form that nature intended.

The terpenes in our Bellini vape cartridge are derived from fresh-frozen hemp plants using a process called live resin extraction. This advanced extraction process results in terpenes that haven’t oxidized, which provides enhanced flavor and aromas. Like our full-spectrum hemp extract, these terpenes are derived using CO2, which delivers excellent results without leaving behind any trace solvents or other contaminants.

That’s all that’s in our Bellini vape cartridge (or any of our other vape cartridges, for that matter). We don’t add any coconut oil, hemp seed oil, fillers, cutting agents, artificial flavors, or any other useless and potentially harmful ingredients. Secret Nature Bellini vape cartridges certainly don’t contain any vitamin E acetate, which is a harmful additive that’s distressingly common in low-quality vape cartridges.

Secret Nature Bellini vape reviews

Since we released this vape cartridge in April, Secret Nature Bellini has accumulated close to 100 five-star reviews. Early reviewers were impressed by the enormously delicious flavors that this vape cartridges manages to pack in such a small package, and as time has gone by, testimonials have trickled in that provide more details on the potent effects that Secret Nature Bellini provides. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews for this cartridge to give you an idea of why our customers love Bellini.

The first customer to review this cartridge was Ashley C., who said that Bellini was her “favorite flavor [that she had] tried so far.” Soon after, Valerie L. echoed this statement by saying that Bellini was her “new favorite” and that this cartridge was “sweet and full of flavor while providing the uplifting feels” she needed.

Kimberly B. said that she is new to CBD but that she had “tried a few” other brands. After trying Bellini, she said that this cartridge “was so different and the taste was natural” without the “fake or chemically” flavors she had noted in cartridges from other brands. Marjorie had been looking for a “good cart to replace [her] nicotine” and that the “feeling that [she] get[s] from the Bellini puts [her] in a good mindset and doesn’t make [her] crave nicotine.”

Let’s sum things up with one of our most recent reviews. Raj F. says that our Bellini vape cartridge has a “very smooth draw and leaves [him] feeling relaxed” but still productive. He reports that this cartridge’s “flavor is mild but sweet and hazy” and that the quality of Secret Nature products is “amazing every time.”

What are the effects of Secret Nature Bellini?

As a sativa cartridge, the effects of puffing a Secret Nature Bellini cart are largely uplifting. Some customers say, however, that this strain isn’t so energizing that it keeps them up at night, so it might even be a good choice for relaxing before sleep.

While our full-spectrum CBD cartridges contain up to 0.3% THC, that’s not nearly enough to get you high. Instead of being intoxicating, Secret Nature Bellini provides a mild feeling of relaxation that keeps your mental clarity intact.

As a result, you might find yourself reaching for this cartridge throughout the day as you fight stress or when work is over and it’s time to indulge in the delicious tastes and mild, non-intoxicating effects of Secret Nature CBD vapor. However you decide to use your Bellini vape cartridge, make sure to let us know by leaving a review or posting on social media using the hashtag #secretnature.

How to use a Secret Nature Bellini vape cartridge

Each Secret Nature vape cartridge comes with an optional vape battery. You can also buy this battery separately. If you already have a vape battery at home, chances are that it’s compatible with our cartridges.

To use your Secret Nature Bellini cartridge, simply connect it to a fully-charged battery, and inhale. It’s that simple—there aren’t any buttons to press or cartridges to fill. You should, however, remove the small protective cap at the end of your cartridge first. If your Bellini CBD vape cartridge stops producing vapor, it’s either time to charge your battery or order another cartridge from Secret Nature.

How much Secret Nature Bellini should I vape?

That’s up to you. CBD isn’t intoxicating, and it doesn’t have any significant side effects, so you can use as much of this cannabinoid as you find appropriate. There are approximately 100 puffs per 700mg cartridge and 150 puffs per 1200mg cartridge, and each puff contains around 7mg of CBD.

Indulge in the taste of luxury with Bellini

Peach Rings and Strawberry Cough are among our favorite cannabis strains at Secret Nature. That’s how we knew we had to combine the terpenes from these strains to make a vape cartridge unlike any other. Uplifting, relaxing, and light, a Secret Nature Bellini CBD vape cartridge is a welcome addition to any cannabis vape stash. Rely on your Bellini CBD cart when you want to indulge in the flavors of top-shelf cannabis and the vibes of a classy wine bar while avoiding contaminants of any kind and keeping a clear head.

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