Berry Blossom Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 23, 2022
Berry Blossom Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

With genetics that hearken back to the Himalayan roots of many indica strains, the CBD-rich cultivar Berry Blossom is a reasonably balanced hybrid that leans slightly toward the indica side of the spectrum. Learn what Berry Blossom is and what this strain does, and discover three alternatives you can try if you’re looking for delicious CBD strains with indica effects.

What is the strain Berry Blossom?

Berry Blossom is a CBD-rich hybrid cannabis strain with a berry flavor and reasonably high concentrations of CBD. This strain is a cross of Cherry Kandahar, a THC strain, and Chardonnay, a popular CBD strain that has served as the base of many hemp cultivars. As an indica-leaning hybrid, Berry Blossom offers a balanced mix of head and body effects while making you feel slightly more relaxed than energized.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Berry Blossom?

A reasonably high-CBD cultivar, Berry Blossom contains around 17% total cannabinoids. That’s nowhere near the 25% CBD threshold achieved in Blood Diamond and other strains, but Berry Blossom certainly offers a high potency level for a CBD strain.

Does the strain Berry Blossom have any other names?

No, Berry Blossom isn’t known by any other names. That makes this strain easy to find if you’re hunting for it specifically.

Is Berry Blossom indica or sativa?

Berry Blossom is mostly balanced on the indica-sativa scale but leans slightly toward the indica side of the spectrum. As a result, this strain is great to use any time of day even though it’s probably best-suited for evening use.

What is the best time of day to smoke Berry Blossom?

Like all balanced hybrids, there’s no particular time of day that’s best for smoking Berry Blossom. If you’re looking for a strain that you can use consistently without having to switch halfway through the day, hybrids like Berry Blossom are good places to start.

What are Berry Blossom’s genetics?

Berry Blossom is the result of a cross between the S1 phenotype of Cherry Kandahar and Chardonnay. Cherry Kandahar is itself a cross of Kandahar, a landrace hybrid cross of Afghani and Afghan Skunk, and Cherry Wine, a strain used in many CBD phenotypes. As a relevant example, Cherry Wine is also one of the parents of Chardonnay, with the other being Black Rose. Resulting from this eclectic genetic background, Berry Blossom is a reasonably complex hybrid that nonetheless has considerable landrace roots.

What is the terpene profile in Berry Blossom?

The primary terpenes in Berry Blossom are myrcene, limonene, carene, humulene, ocimene, and phellandrene. Together, these and other terpene notes combine to produce a remarkably floral aroma.

How does the strain Berry Blossom make you feel?

As an indica-leaning CBD cultivar, Berry Blossom will make you feel quite calm and relaxed without any sense of intoxication. Unlike full-blown indica CBD strains, Berry Blossom isn’t guaranteed to knock you out after a few hits. Still, you might want to be a bit more cautious when you use this strain due to its high CBD concentration.

What is the strain Berry Blossom good for?

Berry Blossom is a good strain for CBD users to smoke in the evening or throughout the day. You might prefer a slightly more sativa-leaning strain to get your morning started, but if you’re using CBD for daily maintenance of a medical condition, hybrids like Berry Blossom are usually excellent choices.

Is the strain Berry Blossom good for anxiety?

Most users would say that any CBD strain is good for anxiety, and when it comes to cannabis in general, sativa strains are usually considered the most anxiety-busting. As a result, hybrid CBD strains like Berry Blossom aren’t necessarily bad choices for anxiety, but fully sativa strains might offer improved benefits.

Is the strain Berry Blossom good for depression?

Slightly indica-leaning hybrids like Berry Blossom are alright for depression, but you’re better off with a full-blooded sativa if you’re trying to gather the motivation to get through the day. Once your daily concerns have been taken care of, however, Berry Blossom might be a good strain for puffing your cares away.

Is the strain Berry Blossom good for stress?

Berry Blossom is a pretty good strain to turn to for help with stress throughout the day. It won’t cut through stress like a buzzsaw, though, the way strains that are more strongly indica-leaning might.

Is the strain Berry Blossom good for pain?

As a reasonably high-potency hybrid CBD strain, Berry Blossom is a very good choice if you’re dealing with daily chronic pain. Like all CBD strains, Berry Blossom won’t get you high, but its slightly balanced hybrid effects will also keep CBD from making you too sleepy.

Does the strain Berry Blossom have any negative effects?

Berry Blossom isn’t known to have any significant strain-specific negative effects. This strain might make you feel somewhat sleepy or make your throat dry just like any indica-leaning cannabis cultivar.

What does the strain Berry Blossom smell like?

Berry Blossom has a floral aroma profile with sweet, fruity undertones. Some users say that this strain reminds them of the aroma of acai berries.

What does the strain Berry Blossom taste like?

There are definitely floral notes when you smoke Berry Blossom, but fruity and hoppy flavors are considerably more dominant. Connoisseurs might detect hints of raspberry or acai.

Are there different Berry Blossom strains?

No, there’s only one variant of Berry Blossom. This strain isn’t known to have any descendants, and there don’t appear to be considerable differences between Berry Blossom phenotypes.

Who is the strain Berry Blossom best for?

Berry Blossom is best-suited for daytime use if you suffer from chronic pain. It’s an excellent indica-leaning CBD cultivar that isn’t quite soporific enough to put you to sleep but definitely packs enough CBD to get the job done. All the same, there are even more potent CBD strains out there you might also want to try for chronic pain.

What strains are similar to Berry Blossom?

Strains with Cherry Wine or Kandahar lineage will naturally be quite similar to Berry Blossom — at least genetically. In terms of flavor, Berry Blossom is somewhat similar to Blueberry Afgoo and Sugar Cone, but both of those are THC strains.

Top 3 alternatives to Berry Blossom

If you’re looking for CBD-rich hybrid cannabis strains that might be even more flavorful and potent than Berry Blossom, three cultivars immediately come to mind.

1. Secret Nature Blood Diamond

How is Secret Nature Blood Diamond like Berry Blossom?

Berry Blossom is often touted as a high-potency CBD strain, but in terms of sheer cannabinoid percentage, it has nothing on Blood Diamond. Bred to be the highest-potency CBD strain ever, Secret Nature Blood Diamond commonly tests higher than 24% CBD, which is nearly 10% higher than Berry Blossom’s average of 17%. Blood Diamond is a hybrid like Berry Blossom, so it will offer similar effects.

Why Secret Nature Blood Diamond is better

If you’re looking for the most potent hybrid hemp strain you can buy online, Blood Diamond is the winner. This strain represents the absolute pinnacle of hemp breeding — no CBD strains have so far surpassed the 25% potency mark. Blood Diamond is the first wave of a future in which CBD strains contain up to 30% cannabinoids just like their THC counterparts.

2. Secret Nature Sweet Cake 

How is Secret Nature Sweet Cake like Berry Blossom?

Sweet Cake is most like Berry Blossom in the flavor department — this strain’s effects are decidedly more indica-leaning than those offered by Berry Blossom. Just like Berry Blossom, though, users say that the defining flavor note of Sweet Cake is raspberry, and this strain’s bright-green buds aren’t quite as indica-leaning as other strains.

Why Secret Nature Sweet Cake is better

Coming in at around 21% CBD, Sweet Cake is considerably more potent than Berry Blossom while satisfying similar culinary sensibilities and offering a reasonably comparable effect profile. Like all Secret Nature hemp buds, Sweet Cake nugs come in hermetically sealed metal tins, and they’re meticulously manicured to offer the best appearance and smoothest taste of any hemp buds you can buy online.

3. Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow 

How is Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow like Berry Blossom?

Mr. Rainbow is a unique hybrid that scores about the same as Berry Blossom in the potency department. Notable for its long, dense colas that end in bright-green, rounded tips, Mr. Rainbow has an aroma that’s reminiscent of baked goods and a flavor that’s quite a bit like the terpene profile of Berry Blossom. Mr. Rainbow is essentially a balanced hybrid, but where Berry Blossom leans slightly toward the indica side of the spectrum, Mr. Rainbow leans just as slightly toward the sativa side.

Why Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow is better

If you’re concerned about CBD making you feel too sleepy when you smoke it, a mildly sativa-leaning hybrid cultivar like Mr. Rainbow is a better choice than an indica-leaning hybrid like Berry Blossom. Neither strain will cause the distracting cognitive effects of true sativas, but Mr. Rainbow is just energizing enough to counteract CBD’s sometimes soporific qualities.

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