Best 5 Exotic Weed Strains

Published January 23, 2022
Best 5 Exotic Weed Strains - Secret Nature

Modern cannabis consumers have an endless array of strains to choose from, but many types of weed end up seeming the same. Breeders tend to cater to the opinions of the public after all, leading to an endless array of “kushes” and “skunks” that you only know are different from each other due to the labels on their containers.

If you’re tired of the same-old, same-old buds, we have a change of pace for you. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to five of the most unique, stunning—and yes—exotic strains of cannabis that have yet been bred. Cannabis doesn’t have to come from another country to be exotic, but any exotic strain of weed should come with a feeling of adventure. Let’s take a look at some examples of just how surprising and exotic weed can be:

#1 Malawi Gold (Sativa)

Home to the massive Lake Malawi, the Southeast African state of Malawi is a rare tourist destination where rainforests and elephants coexist. As you take your first toke of Malawi Gold, imagine yourself sinking into the sandy beaches bordering Lake Malawi or watching gazelle grazing on the hilly Nyika Plateau.

As one of Africa’s most legendary landrace strains, Malawi Gold was coveted throughout the latter decades of the 20th century as an American stoner’s rare delight. Native to Malawi, this ancient strain of cannabis is thoroughly steeped in the region’s unique natural environment.

What are the effects of Malawi Gold?

Those lucky enough to sample genuine Malawi Gold universally report that this full-blooded sativa delivers some of the most energy-inducing, creativity-enhancing effects of any cannabis they’ve ever smoked. As a landrace strain, Malawi Gold has never known any “contamination” by indica genetics, which remained exclusive to the Eurasian continent until quite recently.

What does Malawi Gold taste like?

Herby and earthy, Malawi Gold doesn’t taste much like your average sativa. Then again, it also doesn’t look a lot like the light-green sativas that line the shelves of every single dispensary in the United States. Named for the remarkably gold-tinged hue of its buds, Malawi Gold is a beauty both to taste and behold.

#2 Frisian Dew (Hybrid)

If you’ve ever made the pilgrimage to Amsterdam, marijuana’s mecca, then you’ve been to Frisia whether you knew it or not. Home to its own languages and cultural history, Frisia is a coastal region in Northern Europe that spans from Amsterdam to Hamburg and all the way up into Denmark.

Consider vaping your Frisian Dew to get a full taste of why this strain’s breeders named it for the delicate dew that settles onto every outdoor surface in the early morning throughout coastal Frisia. Then, float away with the seagulls on this strain’s balanced hybrid effects.

What are the effects of Frisian Dew?

A cross of Purple Star and Super Skunk, Frisian Dew has remarkably balanced effects that deliver euphoria and relaxation in equal measure. After a session of Frissian Dew, expect to feel calm, collected, and ready to face whatever life throws at you.

What does Frisian Dew taste like?

Like many strains with “purple” ancestry, Frisian Dew tastes more spicy than everything else. As you take in the fullness of this strain’s flavor, however, you’ll also note recollections of Frisia’s abundant pine forests as well as a tangily exotic hint of citrus.

#3 Banana Kush (Hybrid)

There’s no fruit more iconic of the tropics than the banana. Whether it’s capering monkeys or Harry Belafonte’s iconic Banana Boat Song, bunches of ripe bananas are just what you expect to see hanging from the bottom of a palm tree.

Somehow, Banana Kush manages to capture all the tropical ambiance of the banana just as delicately as the fruit itself. The main discernable difference between Banana Kush and an actual banana, of course, is that a banana won’t get you high.

What are the effects of Banana Kush?

Like almost every strain that bears the name “kush,” Banana Kush is a strongly indica-dominant cultivar that provides intense feelings of relaxation or even sleepiness. Since it counts both OG Kush and Skunk Haze as its parents, though, expect to feel at least some sativa peppiness after you’re done puffing on a bowl of Banana Kush.

What does Banana Kush taste like?

You won’t get any surprises in this category: Banana Kush tastes like bananas. However, they’d have to be some pretty spicy, skunky bananas to taste anything like a hit of Banana Kush.

#4 Hawaiian (Sativa)

Waterfalls, helicopter rides, and Mai Tais in the sunset. Whatever Hawaii means to you, Hawaiian is the cannabis strain to turn to you when you’re longing for the freedom and relaxation of “island time.” The originator of a whole brood of Hawaii-themed strains, Hawaiian is a deliciously tropical sativa that will make you feel like you just flew away to paradise.

What are the effects of Hawaiian?

Hawaiian is a strongly sativa-dominant strain, and its uplifting effects are best for daytime use. This strain’s relaxing properties may be slight, but they perfectly accentuate what would otherwise become runaway sativa mania. Hawaiian is a great strain for decompressing after a day at the office—pull up a Hanalei beach webcam to zone into throughout your session.

What does Hawaiian taste like?

Light, sweet, and fruity, Hawaiian excellently evokes the fresh breezes and tropical humidity of its namesake state. Expect to note undertones of pine, but this strain tastes fruity above all else.

#5 Snowcap (Hybrid)

We’ll end our weed tour in the European Alps—or whichever alpine region is closest to you. A cross of Snow White and Haze, Snowcap is a balanced hybrid that will induce feelings of relaxation and happiness while also spurring an endless line of creative thoughts, taking your mental state up into the stratosphere.

What are the effects of Snowcap?

Usually coming in at a little higher than 20% THC, Snowcap is a potent hybrid that produces equally powerful sensations of bodily relaxation and mental euphoria. Stash your Snowcap away for that moment when you most need to feel above it all.

What does Snowcap taste like?

Dominated by powerful notes of lemon, hints of mint and pine are also notable in Snowcap’s richly varied terpene profile. The final result is an overall sensation of exultation that’s usually reserved for those who have just summited a high, craggy peak.

Exotic weed FAQ

To close out, let’s answer any questions regarding exotic weed that might be lingering:

What makes a weed strain exotic?

There’s no single factor that makes one cannabis strain “exotic” while another isn’t. Malawi Gold, as an example, may be reasonably exotic to American cannabis smokers, but it’s a bonafide agricultural weed in Malawi.

If a strain of cannabis you smoke tastes and smells unique while reminding you of some far-off locale, it’s exotic enough to fit our standards. Throw into the mix that the strain is relatively hard to come by, and you’ve found a winner when it comes to the most exotic cannabis strains you can smoke.

What are some examples of high-yielding exotic strains?

Out of the five exotic strains we examined in this guide, Frisian Dew or Banana Kush will most likely deliver the best yields. As contemporary hybrid strains with complex genetics, these two strains are optimized to grow well in the widest range of environments, preventing user error from accidentally reducing yields.

What are some of the most popular fruity exotic strains?

You’re not alone if you associate “fruity” with “exotic” when you’re thinking about cannabis strains. In our list, we covered two exotic strains that taste and smell distinctively fruity: Banana Kush and Hawaiian.

If you’re looking for a strain that recreates the vibe of a specific fruit, Banana Kush is the exotic strain to choose. Hawaiian doesn’t taste much like any particular fruit, but its primary flavor is definitely fruity.

What is the strongest exotic strain?

Out of the five exotic strains we listed, either Frisian Dew or Snowcap will most likely deliver the strongest effects. Both strains usually come in at considerably over 20% THC, which is common with hybrids that are the result of endless crossings and re-crossings for potency. Malawi Gold, on the other hand, isn’t particularly potent because it’s an authentic landrace strain, meaning it hasn’t been augmented by selective breeding.

Are there any exotic weed brands?

We aren’t aware of any cannabis producers that have specifically made names for themselves by specifically offering exotic strains of weed. Plenty of brands go out of their way, though, to offer at least some products that cater to that sudden craving for something tropical.

Is Gorilla Glue exotic?

Some cannabis consumers might consider Gorilla Glue to be an exotic strain—perhaps because wild gorillas are only found in Africa. For a supposedly exotic strain, though, Gorilla Glue is awfully common. Gorilla Glue doesn’t need to be exotic to be dependably potent and delicious.

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