Can You Smoke CBD While Working?

Published October 27, 2021
Can You Smoke CBD While Working? - Secret Nature

Many people would recommend laying off the THC when you’re trying to focus simply because being high might make you feel quite strongly like not doing anything else. What’s the story with CBD, though? Could this non-intoxicating cannabinoid be a viable alternative for THC users who prefer to leave their cannabis intoxication for the twilight hours?

In this guide, we’ll unpack all the relevant angles of this question and give you some CBD hemp flower reviews to consider while you make a decision. Let’s begin:

Does smoking CBD get you high?

No, smoking CBD hemp flower will not make you high. The concentrations of THC in CBD hemp flower are too low to cause a feeling of intoxication, and the available research seems to indicate that CBD acts against the effects of THC anyway.

What are the effects of smoking CBD?

Instead of getting you high, smoking CBD hemp flower will make you feel pleasantly relaxed while still preserving something similar to your usual mental state. You won’t feel paranoid or particularly euphoric, and these potent, relaxing effects will last for around an hour before gradually dissipating with no crash or unpleasant feelings.

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Will smoking CBD make me distracted?

Many THC users report that their ability to focus diminishes when they get high. This isn’t a commonly reported concern with CBD, however, which doesn’t profoundly affect your mental state. The only issue you might need to worry about with smoking CBD in the daylight hours is getting too sleepy since this cannabinoid has a noted soporific side effect.

Will smoking CBD interfere with work?

Aside from making you pleasantly relaxed, smoking CBD shouldn’t particularly interfere with your ability to get things done in the way that THC has a tendency to do. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, understand you might feel more relaxed than usual for a little while, and then light up while working to see how you react.

Does smoking CBD hemp flower make you feel creative?

Some CBD hemp flower users report that sativa CBD strains provide the same uplifting, creativity-inducing effects usually associated with sativa THC strains. You won’t be transported into a euphoric daydream in the same way as if you had just smoked THC, but you may feel the familiar tingle of sativa terpenes acting on your brain's creativity centers.

Smoking CBD on the job

While it might seem like a semantic quibble at first, smoking CBD while working and smoking CBD at work are two very different things. If you work in a retail environment, for instance, your employers may not take particularly kindly to you lighting up a hemp doobie in the middle of your shift. It probably won’t matter how thoroughly you try to explain the difference between CBD and THC at that point.

So, is it okay to smoke CBD hemp flower at your place of employment? You should really be asking your employer that question, but we’ll provide some of the answers you’ll need along the way:

Is CBD a controlled substance?

No, the hemp cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) is not considered a controlled substance by the United States federal government. Along with other natural hemp cannabinoids aside from delta 9 THC, CBD is instead generally categorized as an industrial hemp derivative.

As a result, employment conditions prohibiting the use of controlled substances should not apply to CBD. Using full-spectrum CBD products like CBD hemp flower, though, exposes your system to small amounts of THC, potentially leading to a false positive for this federally prohibited drug in a urinalysis drug test.

Can I smoke CBD at work?

Do not assume it is okay to smoke CBD hemp flower at your place of employment just because it contains federally compliant amounts of THC. The fact that CBD is, for all intents and purposes, legal does not mandate your employer to allow you to smoke hemp on their property. Ask your employer if it’s alright to smoke CBD hemp flower at your place of work before you light up a hemp joint around the break table — not after.

Is it legal to work on CBD?

The United States federal government has not issued any mandates requiring employees to avoid having CBD in their systems while working. In fact, United States drug laws do not work that way in the first place.

Drugs are not banned from being in your system; rather, you are banned from purchasing, possessing or, in some cases, using them. To dictate which substances should or should not be inside of people's bodies while they are engaged in certain activities is the mark of pure totalitarianism.

Can employers prohibit CBD?

Yes, your employer is free to ask you to avoid using CBD while working, and it would be a mistake to assume that your employer allows CBD use without asking first. Individual employers in the United States of America are free to impose any requests upon their employees that the employees consent to and are not in violation of applicable state or federal laws. Not using CBD or any other cannabinoid could be one of the conditions a business requires for employment.

Can I smoke delta 8 at work?

It is generally not a good idea to smoke delta 8 THC if you are drug-tested at your place of employment. Urinalysis drug tests do not distinguish between the delta 8 and delta 9 forms of THC, so if you smoke delta 8 and then take a drug test, it will look like you used delta 9.

Some employers may make exceptions and allow the use of THC as long as it’s in delta 8 form. Despite being regulated differently, though, delta 8 THC is almost identical to delta nine THC in every way — meaning it has just as much propensity to get you high and distracted while working.

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