Cannabis-Derived Terpenes vs. Botanical Terpenes in CBD Vapes

Published January 13, 2021
Cannabis-Derived Terpenes vs. Botanical Terpenes in CBD Vapes - Secret Nature

Hemp flower contains a lot more than just cannabinoids. Mature hemp buds also contain aromatic, flavorful substances called flavonoids and terpenes, and terpenes specifically are uniquely desirable and beneficial.

Not all terpenes are made equal, however, and there are a few different ways to include terpenes in vape products. Learn why Secret Nature was the first CBD brand to include genuine cannabis-derived terpenes in its vape products.

What are terpenes in vapes?

Terpenes are aromatic substances naturally found in Cannabis sativa flower. Hundreds of other plants also contain terpenes, but each strain of cannabis contains a unique terpene blend.

CBD vape products that taste and smell like specific cannabis strains have been infused with terpenes. In addition, terpenes may also be present in CBD vape cartridges that don’t mimic the attributes of particular strains.

What is the purpose of terpenes in vapes?

There are a few primary reasons that CBD manufacturers include terpenes in their vape products:

  1. Terpenes are natural flavoring ingredients that have often been established as safe.
  2. It’s possible to replicate the flavor and aroma of specific cannabis strains using terpenes.
  3. Terpenes have unique benefits. Some offer anti-inflammatory properties while others are antimicrobial or analgesic.

Terpenes make CBD vapes more effective, and they also make CBD-rich vape extracts taste and smell better. CBD vape products can’t reach their full potential without terpenes.

What are plant-derived terpenes?

Technically, any natural terpene derived from a plant can be considered a plant-derived terpene. In the industry, however, this term usually refers to terpenes that are derived from plants other than cannabis.

Practically every plant that has a discernible taste or aroma contains terpenes. Scientists have discovered more than 20,000 terpenes, and each of these non-intoxicating plant compounds offers unique benefits.

It’s cheaper and easier to derive terpenes from non-cannabis plants than it is to extract these compounds from hemp or cannabis. Non-cannabis, terpene-bearing plant material is almost always cheaper than cannabis plant material.

In addition, plant-derived terpenes can be extracted using simple, straightforward isolation processes. Purists argue, however, that plant-derived terpenes don’t offer the same benefits as cannabis-derived terpenes.

What are botanical terpenes?

Botanical terpenes are terpenes extracted from non-cannabis plant sources. The term “botanical terpenes” is usually used interchangeably with the term “plant-derived terpenes.” 

What are cannabis-derived terpenes?

Cannabis-derived terpenes are terpenes that are extracted from Cannabis sativa. Terpenes can be derived from any cannabis plant regardless of its dominant cannabinoid.

As a result, it’s possible to extract terpenes from THC-rich cannabis, CBD-rich hemp, or hemp flower containing any other cannabinoid. In most cases, terpenes derived from THC-rich cannabis do not contain any detectable concentrations of THC.

It’s more expensive to extract terpenes from cannabis. Experts contend, however, that only cannabis-derived terpenes provide the genuine experiences that connoisseur hemp and cannabis consumers desire.

Cannabis-derived terpenes vs botanical terpenes

Let’s examine the most important differences between cannabis-derived terpenes and terpenes derived from other plant sources.


A variety of processes are used to remove terpenes from non-cannabis plants. Steam distillation is the most common method, but some botanical terpene producers might use processes that leave residual solvents behind.

To recreate the terpene profile of a specific cannabis strain using botanical terpenes, it’s necessary to blend a variety of isolated terpenes together. As a result, any contaminants present in individual terpenes become magnified in the finished mixture.

A cannabis strain’s entire terpene profile can, however, can be extracted using CO2 or other clean, solventless extraction methods. No mixing is necessary, resulting in an overall simplified process and reducing the likelihood of contamination.


Using complex blending techniques that must remain pinpoint accurate to be successful, terpene producers can use botanical terpenes to mimic the exact terpene profiles of specific strains. Anyone who has tried cannabis-derived and plant-derived terpenes side by side, however, knows there’s an immutable difference.

Even if a botanical terpene blender uses detailed lab tests to replicate the exact terpene ratios present in a particular strain, something tastes off. The final product simply doesn’t taste like cannabis.

It’s unclear why this is the case. Some experts point to the trace concentrations of flavonoids and cannabinoids that are usually present in cannabis-derived terpenes.

Regardless, there’s simply something about cannabis-derived terpenes that screams authenticity. It’s something that botanical terpenes could never hope to fully replace.


Recreating strain-specific terpene profiles using botanical terpenes requires expert blending. Making a mistake at any point during the blending process results in an end product that doesn’t genuinely replicate the properties of a specific strain.

With cannabis-derived terpenes, however, it’s possible to simply “lift” the terpenes from a strain of cannabis and “drop” them into a product formulation. No blending is necessary, and accurate strain-specific properties are guaranteed.

Why cannabis-derived terpenes are better for CBD vapes

The primary purpose of adding terpenes to CBD vape products is to make your vapes smell and taste exactly like iconic cannabis strains. Botanical terpenes might be able to get you part of the way there.

They’ll never, however, fully replicate the exact sensation of puffing on one of your favorite cannabis strains. There’s simply no way around the fact that botanical terpenes are knock-offs and not the genuine article.

Including cannabis terpenes in CBD vapes is the simplest, purest, and most authentic way to add the genuine flavors and aromas of cannabis to your vaping experience. Botanical terpenes might be a good second-best, but from our perspective, second is the same as last.

Secret Nature was the first brand to offer CBD vapes with genuine cannabis terpenes

Plenty of CBD vape producers claim to include genuine cannabis terpenes in their vape products. We know for a fact, however, that hardly any of them actually walk the walk.

In some cases, we can tell just by the way that a CBD vape tastes. In other cases, our insider investigations have delivered incontrovertible proof that the terpenes in a CBD vape product aren’t actually from cannabis.

Secret Nature, on the other hand, holds the distinction of being the first CBD vape brand to ever use genuine cannabis terpenes. We beat the competition to the punch.

Some CBD producers have gotten on the bandwagon and now include genuine cannabis terpenes in their products as well. Secret Nature will, however, always have been the first, and we’ll never stop boosting our vapes with genuine terpenes derived from your favorite cannabis strains.

Secret Nature vapes feature live resin terpenes

The terpenes present in Secret Nature vapes aren’t just genuinely derived from cannabis. They’re also derived using an extraction process that fully preserves their unique aromas and flavors.

Live resin terpene extraction is a type of cryogenic extraction process that involves freezing buds at the peak of their budding cycle. Then, CO2 extraction is used to remove the full terpene profile from a cannabis plant while leaving the cannabinoids behind.

Anyone who has tried live resin can attest to the fact that this type of extract tastes orders of magnitude better than any other type of cannabis concentrate. By using live resin terpene extraction, we take the deliciousness of our vapes to an entirely different level.

Cannabis vs. botanical terpenes: The bottom line

When it comes to terpenes for CBD vapes, there’s no valid reason not to keep things in the cannabis family. Cannabis-derived terpenes simply offer the best quality, authenticity, and reliability. Trust Secret Nature to continue delivering the aromas and tastes of your favorite strains with our line of high-potency CBD vapes boosted with cannabis terpenes.

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