CBD Bath Salts — What Are They, & Are They Good?

Published July 07, 2021
CBD Bath Salts — What Are They, & Are They Good? - Secret Nature

Adding CBD to your bath might allow you to experience this cannabinoid in a new way while taking your aquatic relaxation routine to the next level. Learn what CBD bath salts are, what they do, and how to make your own CBD bath salts from home using hemp flower.

How do you use CBD in a bath?

There are lots of ways to enhance your bath with CBD. One way we wouldn’t recommend is putting raw CBD flower nugs in your bath. Pouring out a tincture in with your bubble bath probably won’t deliver the results you’re looking for either.

The two products people usually use to add CBD to their baths are:

  1. CBD bath bombs
  2. CBD bath salts

Essentially, CBD bath salts are just CBD bath bombs but without the baking soda to clump them together. But, we’ll get more into that as we go on.

What do CBD bath salts do?

CBD bath salts are designed to quickly and easily disperse CBD throughout bathwater. Unlike CBD bath bombs, which take a while to disperse, bath salts disperse rapidly, and it’s easier to choose the amount you want to use.

People who use CBD bath salts usually say they’re looking for help with relaxation or pain relief. In some cases, people simply use hemp bath salts as a novelty since it’s a CBD product type they haven’t tried before.

How to use CBD bath salts

Using CBD bath salts is generally just as easy or even easier than using a CBD bath bomb. Most CBD bath salts come in a bag or a canister, and you simply measure out the amount you want to use before pouring it in the bath.

You may want to wait for the bath salts to fully dissolve and disperse CBD throughout your soaking water, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in right away. The CBD in your bath salts should stay active throughout your bath, gradually making its way through your pores and into your bloodstream.

Are CBD bath salts effective?

We’ll put it this way — CBD bath salts have the potential to be even more effective than CBD bath bombs when used the right way. We’ve already mentioned that CBD bath salts disperse faster than bath bombs, but it’s also easier to use higher doses of CBD when you choose bath salts instead of bombs.

Say you want your bath to be ultra-infused with CBD. By the time you have 2-3 bath bombs going, your water will be a swirling torrent of fizzing confusion.

With bath salts, on the other hand, you could theoretically coat the entire bottom of your tub without incurring any issues. By the time you get in, your bath will already be ultra-dosed with CBD since bath salts dissolve so quickly.

CBD bath salts vs. CBD bath bombs

We’ve touched on this subject slightly already, but now it’s time for the ultimate showdown. Which are better: CBD bath bombs or CBD bath salts?

CBD bath bomb pros:

  • Fun, fizzy, and colorful
  • Disperses slowly
  • One simple dose

CBD bath salt pros:

  • Easier to choose an ideal dose
  • Less frills
  • Disperses faster

CBD bath bomb cons:

  • Can be almost overwhelmingly gimmicky
  • Take too long to disperse

CBD bath salt cons:

  • Messier and harder to store
  • Can clump together if stored in wet conditions

The verdict:

We think CBD bath salts are better for hemp users who want a more straightforward experience while CBD bath bombs are for the more indulgent among us who want to luxuriate rather than medicate. Consider combining CBD bath salts and CBD bath bombs for an all-inclusive experience that’s fully fun while simultaneously offering customizable dosing.

How long should you soak with a CBD bath bomb?

We don’t know enough about the effects of CBD bath bombs or salts yet to provide specific medical recommendations. In general, you shouldn’t ever stay in the bath for more than an hour, and nothing about adding CBD changes the validity of this basic guideline.

Consider soaking with your CBD bomb or CBD bath salts for around 30 minutes for optimal effects. Take a shorter soak if you’d prefer not to absorb quite so much CBD through your skin.

Best CBD bath salts

There are quite a few different CBD bath salts on the market, and we think they’re all flawed for one simple reason — none use Secret Nature hemp flower as their hemp source. For this reason, there isn’t a “best CBD bath salt” we would directly recommend. If you’re shopping the market, though, look for CBD bath salts that fit the following criteria.

  • Organic
  • Simple ingredients
  • Natural coloring & flavoring
  • Handmade if possible
  • Consider DIY

How do you make CBD infused bath salts?

So, you’ve decided to take the DIY route — an excellent choice. Making your own CBD bath salts at home provides the best quality control, and this route also allows the most entertaining experimentation.

Start by choosing your ingredients. You can technically use any type of CBD to make CBD bath salts, but some forms are better than others. You’ll find that the ingredients strictly needed to make bath salts are very simple, but opportunities for experimentation are everywhere.

That medicine cabinet full of essential oils will finally be put to some use. Prepare your ingredients, and get ready.

DIY CBD bath salts recipe

Are you ready to start making your own CBD bath salts at home using Secret Nature CBD flower? Let’s start by covering the ingredients you’ll need:


  • 6 cups epsom salt
  • 3 cups coarse sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 30 drops of essential oils (we like orange, rose, and lavender)
  • ½ cup CBD flower coconut oil


  • Make around a cup of oil using our CBD flower coconut oil recipe
  • Combine the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl
  • Add the essential oils and CBD oil
  • The oils should be absorbed by the salt and baking soda
  • Add more baking soda if necessary to achieve the ideal consistency

With all the ingredients combined, the baking soda, salt, and epsom salt will carry and disperse the CBD effectively throughout your bathwater. The aromas of your essential oils will be accompanied by the soothing scent of organic hemp — make sure not to scald your CBD oil during production to deliver the fullest, most robust aromas.

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