CBD Coffee — What Is It, & Is It Good?

Published July 04, 2021
CBD Coffee — What Is It, & Is It Good? - Secret Nature

If there’s one thing coffee makes you want, it’s more coffee. Why not take that urge and make it into something creative by infusing your coffee with CBD?

Learn what CBD coffee is, if it’s expensive, if it tastes good, and, perhaps most importantly, if there’s any conflict between caffeine and CBD.

Is there a CBD coffee?

Absolutely. There are hundreds of different CBD coffee products at this point, and they run the gamut from Folgers-style instant to true premium hemp roasts. You can even make your own CBD coffee at home with the right tools and techniques.

Is CBD coffee popular?

It certainly seems that way. There are new CBD coffee products appearing all the time, and plenty of coffee shops around the nation now offer CBD-infused beverages. Hemp, in general, is skyrocketing in popularity as we approach the midpoint of the 2020s, all-but guaranteeing the enduring popularity of CBD coffee for the foreseeable future.

How do you make CBD coffee?

There are a few different ways to make CBD coffee. The simplest method would be to add a CBD tincture directly to your coffee or to your cream. Oil-based substances don’t do well in watery drinks, but the heat of the coffee will disperse the CBD oil effectively enough, and pairing a fatty substance like cream will help with absorption.

You can also buy CBD-infused coffee beans or try to infuse coffee beans with CBD at home. This type of process generally requires commercial equipment, though, so you’d probably be better off sticking with ready-made CBD beans or infusing your coffee drinks with CBD oil.

How do you make CBD coffee with hemp flower?

If you’re the type of person who likes to hand-grind their own imported connoisseur beans every morning, you might be pleased to learn there’s even a way you can make your CBD coffee entirely from scratch. Instead of starting with premade CBD oil, make your own using CBD flower.

In another guide, we provide detailed instructions on how to make CBD-infused coconut oil using Secret Nature hemp flower. Simply add your hemp coconut oil to your coffee to unleash the benefits of CBD in your own unique way.

How do you drink CBD coffee?

The same way you drink any other type of coffee — carefully to avoid tongue scalding, and with your pinkie out for maximum fanciness. CBD coffee won’t get you high, so there aren’t any special precautions you should take before you start drinking. Just be prepared for an uncharacteristic sense of relaxation that will accompany your usual caffeine jitters.

How does CBD coffee make you feel?

People who drink CBD coffee generally report that the calming effects of CBD offset the energizing effects of caffeine for an overall mellow experience. Personally, we can’t speak to the specific medicinal effects of CBD, but the general consensus among consumers seems to indicate that CBD coffee is an entirely unique experience.

Why should I try CBD coffee?

If you usually have trouble with jitters or crashes when drinking coffee, consider trying CBD coffee just to see if it helps. Or if you’re already a CBD user, try CBD coffee as a new way to ingest your favorite cannabinoid.

Does CBD coffee help with anxiety?

CBD has been researched for its potential impact on anxiety, and the international medical community seems quite keen to know more about this subject. Taking CBD with coffee, though, probably is not the best way to maximize any potential anxiolytic properties of this cannabinoid.

That’s because caffeine is a stimulant, and stimulants have a tendency to disrupt mood and increase anxiety. If you want to use CBD to help with your anxiety, try cutting the coffee first.

Can you buy CBD coffee online?

Yes, there are quite a few different types of CBD coffee available online. From a regulatory perspective, there’s nothing different about CBD coffee compared to other types of CBD products, leading to a thriving online CBD coffee marketplace.

You might even be able to buy CBD coffee in your local community. While bags of CBD-infused coffee beans are certainly available on the internet, plenty of coffee shops throughout the country have adapted to the CBD craze as well by offering the option of adding CBD oil to certain drinks.

Whenever you don’t feel like brewing your own CBD coffee, head down to a local shop where they can do it for you.

What are the best CBD coffee brands?

We aren’t aware of any CBD coffee brands that we would directly recommend. Based on our knowledge, The majority of CBD-infused coffee beans available online are low-quality and gimmicky, so in our opinion, you should stick to making your own CBD coffee using CBD oil.

For the ultimate connoisseur experience, we would most directly recommend making your own CBD oil with Secret Nature flower, but we also have a tincture available you can use. Just remember that the flavor of any CBD tincture you add to coffee will spread throughout the entire drink.

Is there a CBD coffee creamer?

Not to our knowledge. Creamer is a perishable product, so it would be hard to make into a CBD product sold online. It might be possible to find CBD or THC-infused cream or other dairy products in certain medical or recreational cannabis states.

Does CBD coffee have any side effects?

So far, scientists have not discovered any major side effects of CBD — and not for lack of trying. When paired with coffee, however, the situation changes.

Caffeine is widely considered to be a relatively benign substance, but it isn’t without its downsides. Research has revealed that caffeine is highly addictive and can damage your heart or even cause sudden, unexplained deaths in otherwise healthy young people.

CBD does not erase or eliminate these inherent side effects of caffeine, and we don’t know at this point whether any degree of mitigation at all takes place. Consider using CBD as a method for moving away from your caffeine habit, not as an enabler.

CBD coffee — wrapping things up

CBD-infused coffee isn’t going anywhere, and for many drinkers, this new form of joe might solve a lot of problems that afflict the habitual caffeine user. We’ll caution, however, that no matter how well CBD may cloak the negative effects of caffeine, it doesn’t counteract them. That’s to say CBD doesn’t make coffee any healthier, so if your doctor has told you to lay off the caffeine, there are better loopholes than CBD coffee.

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