Delta 8 Cigarettes vs. CBD Cigarettes

Published July 15, 2021
Delta 8 Cigarettes vs. CBD Cigarettes - Secret Nature

No, we won’t be talking about anything having to do with tobacco in this guide — except how it’s bad and you should avoid it. We’re using the term “cigarette” more loosely here to refer to hemp joints that have been pre-rolled by a manufacturer.

It used to be the case that only one cannabinoid was available in pre-rolls — CBD. Things have changed, though, and delta 8 cigarettes are also now widely available across the internet.

To pick the right product, you’ll need to know the difference between CBD cigarettes and delta 8 cigarettes. Allow us to shed an abundance of clarity on the matter.

What are CBD cigarettes?

The term “CBD cigarette” is usually used to refer to pre-rolled CBD hemp flower joints. In some cases, this term might be used more specifically to refer to pre-rolls that have been designed to look or behave like tobacco cigarettes.

Unlike THC joints or nicotine cigarettes, CBD cigarettes don’t get you high, and they don’t cause any type of intoxication whatsoever. Scientists also haven’t been able to uncover any habit-forming properties of CBD, and this cannabinoid hasn’t been unveiled as secretly harboring any nasty side effects.

Always be careful what you let into your lungs — remember that vaping is an option too. If you’re going to smoke anything, though, you’re probably better off smoking something that won’t get you addicted or high and that’s relaxing and tastes good to boot.

What are delta 8 cigarettes?

Delta 8 cigarettes are hemp pre-rolls that contain delta 8 THC. Just as is the case with CBD cigarettes, delta 8 cigarettes are sometimes shaped like true cigarettes (cylindrical, white paper, filter), but the term “delta 8 cigarette” might just as easily refer to something that looks like a joint depending on the circumstances.

Delta 8 cigarettes vs. CBD cigarettes — 3 differences

We think these three simple differences will prove our point:

1. CBD cigarettes don’t get you high

There’s still some debate regarding exactly how delta 8 THC affects the body. Everyone has agreed, though, that this cannabinoid does not behave like CBD. In fact, it acts a lot more like the normal kind of THC — the illegal kind.

If you’d rather avoid intoxication, there’s nothing about a CBD cigarette that will get you high. CBD is not intoxicating on its own, and to be sold online or in ordinary stores, CBD products must contain far less THC than the threshold necessary to get you high.

2. There isn’t much variety with delta 8 cigarettes

Since the delta 8 industry is new in general, you won’t find a lot of variety among the delta 8 cigarettes sold online. Most products will simply be listed as “delta 8” with no information about the strains or terpenes involved.

CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, have proliferated like wildfire across the internet over the last few years, meaning there are now tons of different types of products to try. Raw hemp flower also opens up a lot more possibilities than isolated cannabinoids, but it’s pretty much impossible to get delta 8 in anything aside from isolate form right now.

3. Delta 8 is usually in isolate form

Breeders are desperately racing to catch up, but right now, even the most advanced strains only contain around 1% delta 8 THC. As a result, it’s necessary to convert this highly desirable compound from other cannabinoids — a harmless process that nonetheless results in a lab-grade, isolated end product.

Are CBD or delta 8 cigarettes better?

Each type of hemp pre-roll has its strengths and weaknesses. While CBD pre-rolls offer considerably more variety and might taste better, not everybody is after the soporific, non-intoxicating effects this cannabinoid has to offer.

Delta 8 cigarettes provide a new way to experience the benefits of this THC variant that’s discreet, elegant, and customizable to your taste. Eventually, the delta 8 pre-roll industry will catch up to the maturity of the CBD cigarette market, which currently has the advantage of experience.

Hemp cigarettes (CBD & delta 8) vs. tobacco cigarettes

Before we wrap up, it’s important to touch on another related point: How do hemp cigarettes — both CBD and delta 8 — compare to tobacco cigarettes in terms of effects and safety?

First of all, hemp will never be anything like tobacco no matter what you do to it. The two plants are just too different to ever see eye-to-eye — the nicotine in tobacco is inherently poisonous, for instance, while nothing in cannabis appears to be remarkably harmful when used responsibly.

One way in which hemp and tobacco cigarettes might be becoming more similar, though, is that they’re often highly processed. Appealing to people who already smoke tobacco cigarettes, many CBD and delta 8 cigarettes are rolled in bleached rice paper and capped with fiberglass filters, defeating the purpose of the all-natural hemp experience.

Are CBD cigarettes bad for you?

In other articles, we have extensively examined the history of smoking and the ways in which our modern mindset might be biased against this ancient medicinal practice. Just to be safe, we’ll leave it up to government regulators to inform you regarding the relative safety or danger of CBD cigarettes, but we would encourage you to keep an open mind about the practice of smoking in general even though tobacco cigarettes are undeniably harmful.

How many hemp cigarettes can I smoke per day?

That’s a question that should be kept between you and your doctor. What we can say is that the average Secret Nature customer appears to smoke somewhere between 1 to 3 hemp pre-rolls per day.

As you explore everything that smoking hemp has to offer, stay in close contact with your body, and examine your lungs and airways for any signs of irritation. Consider encouraging habits that improve your lung health overall like nasal breathing, and treat smoking hemp more like a sacrament to unlock its hidden healing benefits.

Delta 8 pre-rolls vs. CBD pre-rolls — the bottom line

In general, we might caution you away from pre-rolled hemp flower products that have been labeled as “cigarettes.” There’s no reason to hide that you’re using hemp, and many aspects of the cigarette’s design are as dated as the practice of smoking tobacco itself.

As far as cigarettes go, though, CBD and delta 8 cigarettes are sure to be the best of the bunch. It’s hard to make hemp less natural, and humans have happily smoked hemp for thousands of years.

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