Delta Diamonds Strain Guide

Published August 18, 2023
Delta Diamonds Strain Guide - Secret Nature

Altogether, it’s understandable if you’re confused after looking up Delta Diamonds online. Apparently, this strain was bred by the owners of an Isleton, CA, dispensary called Delta Boyz — not to be confused with The Delta Boyz, a “newfangled old-timey” gospel group from Greenwood, Mississippi.

Then, there’s the fact that “delta diamonds” could be construed as referring to THC diamonds, a type of extract that has recently gained immense popularity. To put it all straight, here’s a detailed guide to the cannabis strain called Delta Diamonds — what it is, where it comes from, and whether it’s worth trying.

Delta Diamonds strain overview

  1. Other names: Delta Diamond
  2. Average THC percentage: ~20%
  3. Sativa/indica: Balanced hybrid
  4. Aroma & flavor: Sour, citrusy, earthy
  5. Genetics: Hylife and Gorilla Breath Trix #6
  6. Effects: Strong head and body high

What is the strain Delta Diamonds?

Delta Diamonds is a strain bred by California cannabis entrepreneurs Delta Boyz, who own a dispensary in Isleton and breed their own strains. Though it originally began as an obscure Sacramento-area pheno with little traction outside the legacy medical community, it’s now becoming common to find even large manufacturers like Curaleaf picking up Delta Diamonds.

Even so, the origins of Delta Diamonds remain relatively unknown, and the misinformation has been laid thick. One of the most popular articles about Delta Diamonds on Google, for instance, repeatedly misnames the strain as “Delia Diamonds” and references the “celebrity” breeders who brought it into being.

Whatever they may be, Delta Boyz are not celebrities. Also, it’s worth pointing out again that they aren’t a gospel group. At least, we think there is no connection.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Delta Diamonds?

Delta Diamonds is usually reported as coming in at around 19% THC potency, but some samples test as low as 16%. So, you shouldn’t consider Delta Diamonds to be a particularly potent strain. It won’t overwhelm new or infrequent users.

Does the strain Delta Diamonds have any other names?

Other than sometimes being called just “Delta Diamond” without the “s,” Delta Diamonds is not known to go by any alternative names.

Is Delta Diamonds indica or sativa?

Delta Diamonds is usually described as offering balanced indica-sativa hybrid effects. So, it won’t particularly stimulate or soothe you — instead, it will offer a mix of both effect types.

What is the best time of day to smoke Delta Diamonds?

As a balanced hybrid strain, there isn’t any particularly bad time of day to smoke Delta Diamonds. This strain is just as well-suited for early morning use as it is for smoking late at night or in the middle of the day.

What are Delta Diamonds’s genetics?

Curious customers have reached out, and Delta Boyz have confirmed that Delta Diamonds is a cross of Hylife and a strain with a name so complicated it’s usually just abbreviated as GB6TRIX. Written out longhand, that’s Gorilla Breath 6 Trix, a hybrid so crossed and re-crossed its family tree must have dozens of branches.

The result of this cross is a hybrid that supposedly helps with energy and mental focus. To us, though, this strain seems a bit overbred, especially since it’s so low-potency after such a large number of crosses.

What is the terpene profile in Delta Diamonds?

Detailed lab reports for the strain Delta Diamond are scant, so we can only guess at the terpene profile based on the aromas and flavors detected. Citrusy limonene is definitely present, as is minty eucalyptol. Otherwise, we’d simply hazard that concentrations of myrcene are higher than concentrations of caryophyllene.

How does the strain Delta Diamonds make you feel?

Delta Diamonds is reported as providing a balanced mix of uplifting sativa head high and relaxing indica body high. Neither of these effects will be particularly prominent due to the overall low THC level, but this is a great strain if you don’t want to experience either extreme of the cannabis effect spectrum.

What is the strain Delta Diamonds good for?

Delta Diamonds is generally good as a daily strain for light users who enjoy finessed genetics and are fans of Delta Boyz. This strain is still usually only available at the Delta Boyz dispensary, but those serious about seeking it out may be able to find Delta Diamonds in Illinois or even further East.

Is the strain Delta Diamonds good for anxiety?

While Delta Diamonds is unlikely to make your anxiety any worse, it isn’t particularly great at making you feel relaxed and composed. Some strains make you feel so energetic you couldn’t possibly worry, and others take you to cloud nine and make you forget all your woes. Delta Diamonds isn’t potent enough to do either. 

Is the strain Delta Diamonds good for depression?

Any strain with more than 15% THC is bound to make even high-tolerance users perk up a little bit. There’s nothing about Delta Diamonds that makes it particularly good for depression, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be entirely useless against the blues either.

Is the strain Delta Diamonds good for stress?

Delta Diamonds is a pretty average strain when it comes to busting stress. Smoking Delta Diamonds is very unlikely to make you feel more stressed out than you did before, but it’s just as unlikely to completely blow away your stress like a solid indica strain might.

Is the strain Delta Diamonds good for pain?

Delta Diamonds is a pretty good strain for chronic pain sufferers who have relatively low tolerances to THC. It won’t knock out pain for heavy smokers due to its low THC percentage, but it’s just right for those who just smoke weed occasionally to take the edge off.

Does the strain Delta Diamonds have any negative effects?

No, Delta Diamonds is not known to have any negative effects specific to the strain. Like all THC cannabis strains, though, Delta Diamonds can cause dry mouth, paranoia, and increased heart rate.

What does the strain Delta Diamonds smell like?

Delta Diamonds mainly smells minty and citrusy with dank and hazy undertones. This strain tastes and smells something like phenos in the Gorilla Glue family. Clearly, though, a lot of breeding has taken place in the meantime.

What does the strain Delta Diamonds taste like?

When you start smoking Delta Diamonds and inhale your first hit, you’ll notice the strain’s minty attributes rising to the surface more than anything else. Delta Diamonds also tastes considerably earthy, though — more so than its aroma lets on.

Are there different Delta Diamonds strains?

No, we aren’t aware of any variations of Delta Diamonds. It’s an extremely rare strain on its own, so the likelihood that any crosses have caught on yet is very low.

Who is the strain Delta Diamonds best for?

We’d say that Delta Diamonds is ideal for fans of Delta Boyz who are in search of a new strain to enjoy throughout the day. Delta Diamonds is nothing spectacular, but that might be exactly what some smokers need. As long as you can find it for a good price, you may find Delta Diamonds to be worth a try.

What strains are similar to Delta Diamonds?

As far as familiar, popular strains go, Delta Diamonds shares the most similarities with Gorilla Glue. It’s definitely more toward the sativa end of the spectrum, but it shares many flavors and effects with this iconic indica. These days, there are also quite a few CBD, CBG, and THCA strains that are considerably better than Delta Diamonds — and that you can buy online.

Top 3 alternatives to Delta Diamonds

As far as cannabis strains go, Delta Diamonds is both rare and relatively undesirable. There are plenty of awesome hybrids to choose from online, however, and some of them get you just as high as THC weed. Let’s take a look at three strains similar to Delta Diamonds that you should try if you’re on the hunt for an alternative:

1. Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA

How is Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA like Delta Diamonds?

Blood Diamond has long been known as one of the most potent Secret Nature hybrids, and now, it’s available in THCA form. Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA will fully satisfy your need for cannabinoids even if Delta Diamonds doesn’t.

Why Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA is better

The similarities between the two strains run deeper than a shared name, but Blood Diamond is the diamond in the rough that Delta Diamonds could only hope to be. For one thing, Blood Diamond THCA is more potent, and it benefits from better genetics while receiving the pampered treatment that only Secret Nature buds experience.

2. Secret Nature Dough Boy 

How is Secret Nature Dough Boy like Delta Diamonds?

Secret Nature Dough Boy is another alternative to Delta Diamonds you should consider — this time if you like your strains a bit on the creamier and nuttier side. Both Dough Boy and Delta Diamonds are hybrids, but some smokers may prefer Dough Boy’s more-succulent flavor profile.

Why Secret Nature Dough Boy is better

Customers often remark that Dough Boy is one of the frostiest strains in the Secret Nature catalog. It’s beautiful, light-green buds look like they just got hit by an avalanche, and the effects you experience are just as potent. Only keep in mind that this is a CBD strain and contains less than 0.3% THC, so it won’t get you high.

3. Secret Nature Secret OG 

How is Secret Nature Secret OG like Delta Diamonds?

Secret OG and Delta Diamonds are both hybrid strains with balanced effects. Where Delta Diamonds might leave you hanging, however, Secret OG goes the extra mile with pedigreed genetics and flavor that only organic, indoor cultivation can accomplish.

Why Secret Nature Secret OG is better

It can sometimes seem like Delta Diamonds is a strain that doesn’t quite know what it is, but Secret OG is comfortable in its identity as a dense, berry-flavored purple strain with plenty of indica dankness. Secret OG is a hybrid at heart, though, so it won’t make you feel too sleepy.

Delta Diamonds Strain FAQ

1. What are “delta diamonds?”

In the cannabis industry, the terms “delta” and “diamond” are usually separated by a number between 8 and 11 and refer to a certain type of highly refined cannabis extract. Somewhat confusingly, the dispensary Delta Boyz provides many of its strains with monikers that have “delta” in the name even though it’s just ordinary weed.

2. Is the strain Delta Diamonds the same thing as delta 8 diamonds?

No, the strain Delta Diamonds is a delta 9 THC strain that’s usually only available in California. Delta 8 diamonds are highly refined D8 dabs that you can buy on the internet.

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