Do Hemp Gummies Show Up on a Drug Test?

Published January 31, 2024
Do Hemp Gummies Show Up on a Drug Test? - Secret Nature

Depending on the product, some hemp gummies might contain enough THC to make you fail a drug test. Not all cannabis gummies have the potential to make you test positive for THC, though — learn all the details to make sure you know how to avoid any unwanted attention.

What are hemp gummies?

A hemp or cannabis gummy is an edible cannabinoid product containing Cannabis sativa extract. The two most common cannabinoids included in cannabis gummies are THC and CBD, but other options also include CBG, CBN, or even delta 8 gummies.

Do hemp gummies contain THC?

Most hemp gummies contain some THC even if their main cannabinoid is CBD. If your CBD gummies are labeled “full-spectrum,” for instance, they can contain up to 0.3% THC — the legal limit set in place by the 2018 Farm Bill. At this concentration, you have to eat a lot of CBD gummies to test positive for THC, but it has been known to happen.

Will cannabis gummies show up on a drug test?

Depending on the formula, cannabis gummies certainly have the potential to show up on a drug test. The type of cannabis extract matters as well as how much of each cannabinoid is present. Here are some factors to consider:

Full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum or isolate CBD gummies

Broad-spectrum and isolate CBD extract do not contain any THC whatsoever, so gummies containing these types of CBD are not drug testing concerns. Full-spectrum is the kind of CBD extract to look out for if you’re trying to avoid testing positive on a drug test. Of course, taking gummies containing delta 8 or any other kind of THC will also certainly raise red flags during drug testing — normally, drug tests can’t differentiate between different kinds of THC.

Dosing and duration considerations

The number of cannabis gummies you took and how long ago you took them both make a big difference in whether you have anything to be concerned about with drug testing. Infrequent cannabinoid users usually fully excrete cannabinoids within just 7 days, for instance, with 30 days being the maximum amount of time THC can be detected in urine no matter how much you use. The amount you take matters as well with larger doses of cannabinoids staying present in your system longer than smaller doses.

The type of testing

Saliva testing can only detect THC use within the last few hours, and not in the concentrations present in full-spectrum CBD gummies. Blood testing has a similarly limited window with urinalysis (urine testing) being able to detect THC use going back around a month. Hair follicle drug testing goes back even further — it can detect THC use that occurred up to three months ago.

Take hemp gummies recently? Here’s how to prepare for a drug test

If you’ve taken gummies containing cannabinoids recently and you have a drug test coming up, first of all, don’t panic. There are lots of ways out of this situation that don’t involve blasting your body with dangerous chemicals. Below, we’ll discuss three of the most important things you should do to properly prepare for a drug test if you think THC might be in your system:

Hydrate, eat well, and rest

Your body detoxifies itself naturally. You can accelerate this process by making your body healthier than ever: Make sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you have a week or so before your drug test, this simple protocol should clear your system without any further steps being necessary. 

Talk with the testing party

Sometimes, all it takes to avoid any uncomfortable situations when taking a drug test after eating cannabis gummies is a simple conversation with the person or organization requesting the test. You can start the conversation by saying that you used legal products and that you didn’t know their legal concentrations of THC were problematic. If you’re able to make it clear that THC levels in your system don’t constitute drug use, you might be able to avoid any misunderstandings before they even occur.

Avoid “detox products”

More often than not, packaged products explicitly designed to remove THC or other substances from your body will do more harm than good. Exceptions exist, such as detox teas, which usually consist solely of natural herbs that gently help the body excrete toxins. Any detox products labeled “420 Blaster” or “Weed-Go-Away,” on the other hand, are guaranteed to be chock-full of dangerous substances you’d rather not incorporate into your body.

The bottom line: Will I fail a drug test after taking cannabis gummies?

Yes, there is a significant chance that you will fail a drug test if you’ve taken cannabis gummies within the last 30 days. A variety of factors, such as dose and frequency of use, make a difference in how long cannabinoids can remain detectable in your system. THC can stay in your body for up to 30 days after use, however, something every user should be aware of if drug testing is a potential issue.

Hemp gummy drug testing FAQ

In the following FAQ section, learn more about drug testing in the context of hemp or cannabis gummies:

Do gummies count as edibles?

Yes, cannabis gummies can usually also be considered “edibles” since they are edible products containing cannabinoids, which is the traditional definition of cannabis or weed edibles. Many cannabis or hemp gummies do not contain considerable amounts of THC, however, making it possible to sell them online.

Will just CBD make me fail a drug test?

If you use a product that only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids, you will not fail a drug test. There are no drug tests that specifically screen for CBD, and if THC is not present in your CBD products, there is no way for this illicit cannabinoid to enter your system. Types of CBD products that do not contain any THC whatsoever include broad-spectrum and isolate CBD.

Will delta 8 gummies show up on a drug test?

Yes, delta 8 gummies will show up on a drug test for THC since drug tests cannot differentiate between the delta 9 and delta 8 forms of THC. On a drug test, any delta 8 in your system will simply show up as THC, something you should be aware of before making the decision to use delta 8 products.

Do edible gummies show up on an X-ray?

No, an X-ray machine is not capable of detecting gummies once you have eaten them. If you are holding gummies in your hand or pocket, they may be detected by an airport X-ray or a similar device. However, the types of X-ray machines that scan bags are no longer monitored for the presence of drugs, only weapons and other truly dangerous items. TSA employees are no longer instructed to search for cannabis gummies or any other drugs when screening baggage.

Will the TSA know if I bring edibles on a plane?

It is very unlikely that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will either notice or care if you take cannabis edibles, such as gummies, on a plane. Partially due to the fact that cannabis products like gummies are very difficult to positively identify as illicit, the TSA no longer focuses on detecting the presence of THC-containing substances in personal carry-on items. If you carry a large amount of cannabis flower in your checked bag, it may be flagged, but TSA refers you to local law enforcement in these cases instead of attempting federal prosecution.

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