Does CBD Make Men Last Longer?

Published August 18, 2023
Does CBD Make Men Last Longer? - Secret Nature

Over the centuries, cannabis has been known as many things. To the ancient Vedics and Saracens, it was a mystical herb believed to connect the user to the divine realm. Sex was often seen as a similar type of spiritual vehicle, so it’s only natural that cannabis and sexual intercourse would intertwine.

Part of the lore surrounding cannabis and sex is that it helps men (no pun intended) overcome premature ejaculation; e.g. it makes them “last longer.” If this rule applies to THC, the most prominent cannabinoid in cannabis, does it also apply to CBD? Learn the secrets surrounding CBD and sex in this guide, focusing on how the non-intoxicating cannabinoid might help with male performance.

We’re all adults here. What does “lasting longer” mean?

Before we take a look at how CBD might help men last longer, we need to be somewhat specific (though not visceral) regarding what “lasting longer” is and why it’s a desire for men. During sex, a certain sustained amount of interaction is usually required for both parties to become fully satisfied. Scientists like Dr. Wilhelm Reich have even suggested that full sexual expression might be vital to health on the whole.

For a variety of reasons that we’ll get to later, men can have a tendency to complete the sexual act by ejaculating far too early for either party to reach full satisfaction. This inability to supply or even reach sexual satisfaction can worsen underlying mental health issues, negatively affecting self-esteem and even leading to the end of romantic partnerships.

Apparently, some 75% of men worldwide may suffer from premature ejaculation. Due to a lack of earlier data, it is impossible to know whether the phenomenon is on the rise. What’s certain, though, is that testosterone counts are massively down and male anxiety and depression rates are skyrocketing. Circumstantially, therefore, it stands to reason that premature ejaculation may, indeed, be more prominent now than ever before.

Causes of premature ejaculation

According to modern medical science, the causes of premature ejaculation remain unknown. Connections to stress and anxiety are tentatively made, but oddly, there is next-to-no mention of the role decreased testosterone counts could be playing in the phenomenon.

Overall, it appears that masculinity is on the decline with average male physiology becoming less robust and calls to end “toxic masculinity” on the rise. Men no longer feel safe in the spaces they once dominated, and in some cases, they do not even feel safe to be men.

Feelings of lack of safety combined with reduced testosterone levels and pornography addiction could be the “killer cocktail” behind premature ejaculation. Depression and anxiety lead a man to doubt his performance in bed, and addiction to pornography makes sex something transactional with a clear and rapidly achievable endpoint.

And then, men simply aren’t “manly” enough to act like men anymore. The powerful, often arrogant drive exhibited by classic men like James Dean and Sean Connery has utterly disappeared from the world. For good or ill, this development must be taken into consideration when exploring the context surrounding the medical condition of premature ejaculation.

Evidence that CBD might help with premature ejaculation

To be clear right from the outset, no clinical research has been performed to determine the effects of CBD on sexual behavior in men. In fact, there does not even appear to be any clinical research available regarding the effects of THC on premature ejaculation.

The scientific literature that does exist consists of a review from 2020 and a study from 2023. In the review, CBD is only mentioned in a cursory context: It’s noted that a mouse study found CBD to decrease sexual function in males. That’s the extent of the research on that subject.

Then, the 2023 study focuses entirely on subjective experiences of sex after using THC cannabis. It lists CBD as an abbreviation in the index even though it’s listed (along with its full name) only once in the context of Facebook groups. It would, therefore, not be incorrect to say that there is no direct evidence regarding how CBD might impact male sexual behavior.

Much can be inferred circumstantially, though. If premature ejaculation is associated with anxiety, for instance, a great deal of research has been conducted into the potential relationship between CBD and anxiety disorders. There’s also some evidence that CBD might promote better blood flow, another issue that can play a role in male sexual dysfunction.

Overall, it’s a tossup based on the research alone. Animal models show that CBD decreases male sexual functioning, but on the other hand, CBD might help with some of the issues at the core of premature ejaculation. The only thing that’s clear is that more research is required to get to the bottom of the issue.

General ways CBD might help with sex

Before we focus on CBD, it’s important to point out that cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac since time immemorial. In more recent times, the internet has been flooded with anecdotal reports that using cannabis has helped men overcome, not only premature ejaculation, but also other sexual issues that were hindering their performance.

The same goes for women, who commonly report reaching new levels of sexual satisfaction when under the influence of THC. Overall, there is a wide body of historical and anecdotal evidence supporting the ability of cannabis to improve sex substantially.

What’s less clear is the part CBD specifically may play in this puzzle. We don’t know if there is some connection between the intoxication provided by THC and its improvement in both male and female sexual arousal and satisfaction.

It may also be the case that the usage method plays a role. The oral ingestion common to CBD, for instance, could potentially be less useful for aphrodisiac purposes than smoking cannabis. In that case, CBD flower or vapes could also be more useful for male sexual issues than orally ingested CBD products.

Whether CBD directly improves sexual satisfaction or the amount of time a man lasts during sex, what’s clear is that using CBD either alone or with your partner may enhance the sexual experience in one way or another.

As you search for ways to alleviate premature ejaculation, CBD is certainly worth trying. Also keep in mind that you can buy THCA products online now, making this intoxicating cannabinoid accessible to suffering men as well.

Other ways CBD could improve men’s health

CBD doesn’t need to improve the amount of time you last in bed to make a man’s life better. Even if the cannabinoid has no direct impact on sexual performance, CBD has a variety of benefits for men’s health that might return your vitality or put a new spring in your step. Research has been conducted into the potential, for instance, that CBD might:

- Improve inflammation, reducing pain and making exercise more satisfying
Help with sleep and anxiety
Reduce chronic conditions of all kinds, especially those that worsen with age

It might not be the trip to a romantic wonderland that THC can be under the right conditions, but you may not want intoxication to get in the way or your intimate experience anyway. One last thing to remember: CBD can make you sleepy, so don’t accidentally nod off with your partner waiting for you in the bedroom.

The bottom line: Should I try CBD for premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is already a condition intimately associated with disappointment. Therefore, it would be unwise to make your disappointment deeper by relying too much on CBD to solve your problem. CBD might improve sexual performance in some men, but there is no scientific evidence to support this position, and even the anecdotal evidence isn’t very favorable.

If you want to try a natural, holistic cure for premature ejaculation, you’d honestly be much better off with THCA flower or a THCA vape. The carboxylic acid THCA converts to THC when heated, providing the same benefits as this famous sex-boosting cannabinoid. Going straight to THCA might be taking things too fast for some people, so feel free to test the waters with CBD before going all the way with THCA.

CBD & premature ejaculation FAQ

All we’ve determined so far, essentially, is that the research on CBD and male sexual performance is inconclusive. There’s still a lot more to learn about the relationship between cannabis and sex, however, which we’ll explore a bit further in the following FAQ section.

Does CBD make you last longer in bed?

There does not appear to be any direct evidence suggesting that CBD might help men last longer in bed; that is to say, avoid premature ejaculation. Some of the suspected effects of CBD, such as anxiety relief, might help men with premature ejaculation, but animal models show that CBD may actually decrease male sexual activity, not increase it. All in all, it would be unwise to rely on CBD as a sexual aid unless your personal experience tells you otherwise.

Does CBD oil help with climax?

As far as we know, there is no direct evidence that CBD can assist with the female orgasm, commonly known as climax. Indirectly, women with male partners who use CBD could be better able to reach climax if CBD were to help their partners last longer in bed. There is no direct evidence that this is the case, however, with considerable evidence to the contrary.

With issues like premature ejaculation that have a link to anxiety, using CBD oil at least makes contextual sense. There is a void of evidence, however, regarding CBD and female sexuality.

Does CBD work like Viagra?

No, it would be a gross exaggeration to suggest that CBD works anything like the “male enhancement pill” Viagra. In the first place, there’s no evidence that CBD helps with erectile dysfunction. CBD also certainly doesn’t mimic the effects of Viagra, which forces penises to stay erect by vastly increasing blood flow.

Does CBD slow sperm?

There is no direct scientific evidence that CBD slows sperm or otherwise negatively impacts male fertility. There is some evidence that using THC-rich cannabis might decrease male fertility by hampering the motility of sperm cells. However, there is no evidence that CBD has the same effect as THC in this regard.

Which cannabinoid is best for arousal?

Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that THC is the best cannabinoid for both male and female arousal and sexual performance. Users of this cannabinoid commonly report that their sex lives are massively improved while the same is not the case for people who use other cannabinoids. If you are looking for a cannabinoid product you can buy online that might help with male sexual dysfunction, THCA is an ideal candidate.

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