Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Smoking or vaping CBD flower is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Many people who are new to hemp flower, however, wonder if you can fail a drug test from smoking CBD.

Secret Nature products contain less than 0.3% THC, and drug screenings aren’t designed to test for CBD. In this guide, we'll cover all your CBD drug testing questions, and we'll finish by telling you what to expect from CBD drug screening in the future.

Can you fail a drug test for CBD?

The short answer is “no” since drug tests are not designed to detect the presence of CBD. Some CBD products contain THC, however, which has the potential to cause a positive drug test reading even when only present in small concentrations.

Is there a drug test for CBD?

No, drug screenings do not test for CBD. At present, we know of no drug tests designed specifically to test for the presence of cannabidiol. The only cannabis-related drug tests check for the presence of THC, not CBD.

Can using CBD make you fail a drug test?

Potentially. Why?

Because all CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. Whether it's full-spectrum CBD with up to 0.3% THC or purified CBD isolate with just a few THC molecules kicking around, all hemp products contain at least some amount of THC.

From there, it's all a matter of math. Say you have an isolate CBD product with <0.0001% THC. If you consume kilograms upon kilograms of this product, you might test positive for cannabis. With a theoretical CBD product containing just below 0.3% THC, it would still be necessary to consume an extraordinary quantity — just considerably less.

We aren't going to lie to you and say that it's impossible to fail a drug test from using Secret Nature products. We're proud of how natural and organic our CBD flower products are, and some of our strains contain close to the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

If you were to consume an unreasonable amount of our products (an ounce of flower per day for two weeks for the sake of argument), it's possible enough THC would accumulate in your system to make you fail a drug test. If you feel yourself capable of such a feat, we encourage you grab your lighter or vaporizer ready and get ready to place a big order.

How much CBD will make me fail a drug test?

No amount of CBD will cause you to test positive on a drug test since there are no tests for CBD. Most CBD products, however, contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids as well.

Does CBD show up on a drug test? Never. Is it possible for marijuana drug testing to note the presence of CBD products? Under certain circumstances, yes, which is why third-party lab testing is so important.

Due to the rising CBD craze, veteran Seattle news channel KING 5 recently tested 12 of the most popular CBD products on shelves today. Half of the products contained less CBD than was listed, which makes you wonder about the potential of THC contamination.

It's no easy feat to keep THC levels in CBD products under 0.3%. For companies short on time, resources, or both, it's all too tempting to cut corners.

Secret Nature takes the high ground by offering verifiable, third-party lab tests for every batch of products we produce. Drug testing at work shouldn't make it harder to use CBD flower.

How long is CBD detectable in urine?

Like most compounds found in Cannabis sativa, CBD is fat-soluble. Most substances we ingest are either fat-soluble or water-soluble, and water-soluble substances pass through your body quickly. Fat-soluble substances, however, absorb into your fatty tissues, and organs like the liver and kidneys process them out slowly.

Let's remember that drug screenings do not test for CBD. If they did, however, it's likely that they would be able to detect the presence of CBD in your system for around 30 days. That's how long THC stays in your system as well, and approximately 30 days is the standard excretion time for fat-soluble substances.

Employers mostly test for federally illegal drugs like THC. Thankfully, it's possible to calculate how much of a particular CBD product you can use before you test positive for a substance that could cost you your job. Here's what you'll need:

  • The exact percentages of CBD and THC in the product
  • The THC detection threshold of the test
  • Recognition that cannabis compounds have around a 30-day half-life in the body
  • A calculator and a notepad

You might prefer to have a college math degree before you get started, but the short list above proves there's nothing mystical or arcane about understanding how CBD might affect a drug test. The whole system is very precise and scientific, and in general, there are only two rules you should keep in mind if you're worried about failing your drug test due to CBD:

  • Cannabinoids only last about 30 days in the body,
  • CBD products that are verified to have less than 0.3% THC by an independent lab can only make you fail your drug test when you consume them in very high quantities.

Can CBD lotion make you fail a drug test?

Just as with other CBD products, the potential to fail a drug test after using a hemp topical certainly exists. To understand the difference between how topical and oral CBD might affect drug testing, it's important to examine the considerable differences between the oral and transdermal administration routes.

What is transdermal administration?

When you ingest a substance orally, it passes through your liver before entering your bloodstream. While this administration method provides a full-body effect, bioavailability is limited by natural liver filtration mechanisms, and pinpointing exact problem areas is hard.

Topical administration, however, addresses specific areas without providing a notable system-wide effect. CBD can be formulated into both water-based and oil-based topical products, which has resulted in an extremely diverse cannabidiol topical market.

Most topically applied cannabinoids remain in the area they are applied. A small percentage, however, enter your bloodstream.

It's hard to say exactly how many cannabinoids topical administration introduces into your bloodstream. What's certain is that topical administration deposits far fewer cannabinoids throughout your body than oral ingestion.

About Secret Nature lab results

The only way to make sure your hemp product won't make you fail a drug test is by checking independent lab reports. At Secret Nature, we work with a select handful of widely respected, independent testing labs to provide total transparency and richly detailed product data.

In addition to testing for each of the major cannabinoids, we also pay extra to test the terpene profile of each Secret Nature product. Why? Because terpenes are almost as important as cannabinoids, and you deserve to know exactly how much myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene are in your vape cartridge or Secret Nature top-shelf hemp flower.

The future of CBD drug testing

Employers will remain free to fire workers for cannabis use for the foreseeable future, but state and federal cannabis laws are changing. Already, cannabis testing isn’t a priority for many employers.

Given the direction cannabis laws are shifting, you'll never have to worry about "testing positive" for CBD. Even cannabis is becoming less of an issue in many workplace drug tests.

THC might be inevitably inextricable from CBD. You’d need to consume very high concentrations of Secret Nature hemp flower or vapes, however, to accumulate any THC buildup, and our third-party lab results prove that THC levels in our products always stay below 0.3%.

CBD drug test FAQ

Anything else we can answer about how CBD might impact a drug test?

1. Will CBD ruin a drug test?

If you consider a drug test to be ruined when it shows a positive result for THC, then the chances are slim. All CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, and some contain more THC than others. If you’re concerned that testing positive for THC could impact your job, clear your CBD use with the party requesting the test first.

2. Will CBD show on a probation drug test?

Probation drug tests are usually administered by your local county court. In states where recreational cannabis is legal, probation drug tests no longer test for THC.

They also, of course, don’t test for CBD. Using CBD products in states where THC remains illegal, however, has a slim chance of landing you in hot water with your probation officer.

3. Can you pass a DOT drug test on CBD oil?

The United States Department of Transportation (DoT) enacted a very strict zero-THC policy for its employees in February 2020. Per this policy, “CBD use is not a legitimate medical explanation for a laboratory-confirmed marijuana positive result.”

As a DOT employee, a positive THC result may still result in termination even if you claim you “only used a CBD product.” Proceed with caution.

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