Durban Poison Vape Guide

Published October 05, 2020
Durban Poison Vape Guide - Secret Nature

Almost every cannabis aficionado has heard of Durban Poison. It might come as news to some hemp users, however, that there’s now a non-intoxicating way to enjoy all the aromas and flavors of this famous strain.

Durban Poison CBD is nothing new to veteran Secret Nature customers—our vape cartridge containing terpenes from this strain has over 100 five-star reviews. Even if you’ve tried and loved our Durban Poison vape cartridge, however, there’s always more to learn about this unique CBD vape product and the benefits it provides. In this guide, learn more about the origins, effects, and best ways to use your Secret Nature Durban Poison vape cartridge.

What is a Secret Nature Durban Poison vape cartridge?

Named after South Africa’s third-largest city, Durban Poison is one of the most iconic cannabis strains. Grown in the United States since the late 60s or early 70s, Durban Poison is considered to be a “landrace” strain since it has been cultivated for centuries without being crossed with any other cultivars.

From the Danish word for “origin,” many cannabis connoisseurs consider “landrace” to be the qualifier of a rare or unique cannabis strain. These days, however, there’s nothing rare about Durban Poison, and this popular strain is easy to find in marijuana dispensaries around the nation.

Durban Poison has a unique flavor that doesn’t quite taste like anything else in nature. Some cannabis users say that this strain tastes like anise, while others say that its flavor is more like licorice or honey. What’s certain is that Durban Poison mixes sweet and spicy flavors into a distinctive medley that cannabis connoisseurs can easily recognize by smell alone.

The flavor and aroma of Durban Poison are so distinctive and iconic that cannabis lovers will go miles out of their way just to acquire a single gram of this strain. That’s why, as we built out our vape cartridge line, we knew that we had to capture the power of Durban Poison in CBD form.

Durban Poison vape ingredients

With modern technology, it’s relatively simple to capture the terpenes that make Durban Poison smell and taste so unique and port them into CBD vape cartridge form. While Secret Nature true full-spectrum vape cartridges always contain less than 0.3% THC, we’ve managed to seamlessly blend non-intoxicating Durban Poison terpenes with our organic CBD extract to provide a hemp vaping experience that tastes and smells just like Durban Poison cannabis.

The only two ingredients in Secret Nature Durban Poison CBD vape cartridges are organic, full-spectrum CBD extract and terpenes derived from Durban Poison cannabis plants. We don’t include any fillers, cutting agents, or other substances in our vape cartridges, and we submit each batch of the cartridges we create for purity and potency testing at an independent lab.

True full-spectrum CBD comprises the whole array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds found in mature, CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower. At Secret Nature, we don’t piece together a facsimile of full-spectrum extract by taking CBD isolate and combining it with other constituents of cannabis flower. Instead, we do things as nature intended by keeping all the constituent parts of CBD-rich hemp extract together in harmony.

Our full-spectrum extract already has all the terpenes it needs to taste and smell amazing. We simply add terpenes derived from Durban Poison cannabis plants to make this extract taste and smell exactly like this iconic strain. Secret Nature vape cartridges are guaranteed to never contain any contaminants or anything that wasn’t derived from Cannabis sativa.

Secret Nature Durban Poison vape reviews

Now that you have an idea of what makes our Durban Poison CBD vape cartridge so special, it’s time to discover exactly why our customers found this cartridge to be special too. At the time of this writing, our Durban Poison cartridge has a five-star average and 109 reviews, and Secret Nature customers haven’t held back in telling us just what they think about this delicious cartridge.

Stephanie R. has “used full-spectrum CBD oil to take the edge off of pain for years,” and she has “severe drug allergies.” When she decided to try vaping CBD, she chose Secret Nature because we offer the “purest form” of vapable CBD. She says that “[w]ithin seconds” our Durban Poison cartridge provided relief without making her feel “altered.” Stephanie is glad that she “waited to find a company that has such high standards.”

William D. was a “first time user of a CBD vape cart,” and he was “thoroughly impressed” by our Durban Poison CBD vape cartridge. He said that the “overall calming effect is satisfying” without making him tired. William also commented that the flavor of this cartridge “is great” with no “fake, candy-tasting BS, just a smooth natural flavor.”

Alex B. says he is “[s]uper stoked on this strain” and that the “flavor is excellent, and the effects are subtle, yet pleasant.” Lyle D. tells us that Secret Nature Durban Poison offers “[s]mooth and tasty inhale hits with delightful smell” and that he “would highly recommend and repurchase.”

What are the effects of Secret Nature Durban Poison?

The THC-rich version of Durban Poison is known for its uplifting, anxiety-reducing effects, and based on the reviews we’ve received, our Durban Poison CBD cartridge appears to do justice to its famous roots. While scientists still aren’t sure what causes the differing effects of various Cannabis sativa strains, the latest science indicates that terpenes may be involved. By porting the terpenes present in Durban Poison cannabis into our non-intoxicating CBD vape cartridge, we seem to have replicated the highly desirable effects of this strain without the potentially undesirable high.

While the effects of Durban Poison are largely energizing, plenty of customers have told us that this strain can also be considerably relaxing. Therefore, Secret Nature Durban Poison is a great vape cartridge to puff on at any time of day whether you’re getting ready for work or winding down before bed.

How to use a Secret Nature Durban Poison vape cartridge

At Secret Nature, we designed our vape cartridges to be as simple to use as possible. When you purchase your Durban Poison vape cartridge, you have the option of adding on a battery that will arrive pre-charged. Our cartridges are also universally compatible, so they will work with any vape batteries you might already have.

To begin your Secret Nature Durban Poison vaping experience, simply connect your cartridge to a battery, and inhale after removing the cartridge’s protective cap. If your Durban Poison cart does not produce vapor, charge the battery, or peer through the glass wall of your CBD cartridge to make sure it isn’t empty.

How much Secret Nature Durban Poison should I vape?

CBD is non-intoxicating, non-toxic, and non-addictive, so you can vape as much Secret Nature Durban Poison at a time as you want. Each of our cartridge sizes contains around 5-10mg CBD per puff, and our 700mg cartridges contain around 100 puffs while our 1200mg cartridges contain around 150 puffs.

Indulge in a taste of cannabis history with Durban Poison

It’s now possible to experience the unique flavor and effects of Durban Poison without getting high. Countless cannabis users swear by the benefits of this highly sought-after landrace strain, and combined with the power of non-intoxicating CBD, Durban Poison is more amazing than ever. Count on your Secret Nature Durban Poison CBD vape cartridge whenever you want to enjoy the effects of one of the best sativa strains ever bred while keeping your mind clear and relaxed.

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