Full-Spectrum Flavor: Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack Review

Published March 03, 2021
Full-Spectrum Flavor: Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack Review - Secret Nature

A rainbow spans the entire color spectrum. Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in hemp flower.

That’s not the only way that Mr. Rainbow is true to its name. Like a rainbow’s two ends, indica and sativa join together in the arch of Mr. Rainbow’s uniquely balanced hybrid effects.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had the chance to try the Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack. Learn my thoughts on this product’s packaging, flavor, and effects. 

First impressions

Secret Nature’s pre-roll 7-packs contain 4.2g of CBD flower total. They’re reasonably large packages that are around the same shape and size as a fancy business card holder.

Instead of business cards, however, my Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll package contained seven immaculately rolled CBD joints stowed inside an airtight bag. My 7-pack pre-roll box arrived in perfect condition.

It had been packaged inside an individual sleeve amidst a general cushioning of styrofoam peanuts. My Mr. Rainbow box featured a small seal on its side that I broke by pushing up on the hinged top half of the box.

Removing a pre-roll from its bag, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the aroma of Mr. Rainbow. The strain’s aroma isn’t remarkably unique, and it has a familiar sort of hazy base fragrance.

My Mr. Rainbow pre-roll lit easily, and it burned slowly and evenly. I enjoyed this strain’s balanced benefits, and it didn’t have any noticeable side effects.


  • Attractive, intuitive pre-roll 7-pack packaging
  • Pleasant, relatively nondescript aroma
  • Balanced, soothing effects

Packaging and labeling

Secret Nature’s pre-roll packaging is some of the best I’ve seen in the industry overall. I’m not sure which type of Secret Nature packaging I like the most, to be honest.

In terms of labeling, I found the packaging provided with the Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack to be informative. Basic information on the product is easy to find on the front of the box, and further details are available on the back.

Included in the labeling on the back is a sticker with information on this particular batch of Mr. Rainbow pre-rolls along with a QR code that can be scanned to access the batch’s third-party lab report.

The joints inside the business-card-holder-like box are contained inside a heavy-duty airtight bag. I’ve gotten used to them now, but I used to have a tendency to break these aroma-proof bags.

Once opened, the bags are fully resealable except in the event of user error. Given how pungent Secret Nature’s hemp flower tends to be, this can be a relief for those who want to keep their CBD smoking somewhat discreet.

The FDA considers online product descriptions to be labeling, so I do too. In that regard, Secret Nature’s online product description of my Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack is highly informative and adds another layer to the smoking experience.


  • Very informative labeling
  • Durable, smell-proof packaging
  • Resealable airtight bag


Each Secret Nature product has its own texture. With Secret Nature’s hemp nug products, texture is largely determined by your method of ingestion.

Not so with pre-rolls. The only way to use pre-rolls is to light the end and inhale, serving as the great equalizer among strains.

I’ve only rarely found Secret Nature pre-rolls to be even somewhat harsh. In every case, it was due to strain-specific attributes, which I confirmed by smoking multiple pre-rolls of each strain.

Some terpene profiles are simply harsher or hit the throat differently. Mr. Rainbow proved to be yet another Secret Nature strain with a remarkably mild texture.

The texture of my Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll remained notably mild even halfway through the joint. At that point, the natural properties of burning plant matter inevitably harshen pre-roll smoke, but I’ve found Secret Nature pre-rolls to have persistently mild textures even with the ember past the halfway point.


  • Impressively mild texture
  • High-quality hemp smoke stays mild even toward the end of the joint


My instant, snap analysis of the flavor of Mr. Rainbow was that it was sweet. Not citrusy, not fruity, not earthy. Definitely sweet, though some of those other flavor notes would become apparent over the next few moments.

After a few puffs, I decided that the smoke my Mr. Rainbow pre-roll produced was sweet in the way that baked goods are sweet and earthy like fresh soil. Somewhat fruity notes were also present, and they tied the more dominant notes together.

If I had to say that Mr. Rainbow tastes like any particular thing, I would probably say fresh-baked cookies. I found the flavor of Mr. Rainbow to be consistently delicious even when my pre-roll was almost extinguished.


  • Strong sweet flavor
  • Earthy undertones also robust
  • Notes of fruit and haze


Coming into smoking Mr. Rainbow, I was already aware that this strain’s CBD content is higher than practically any other hemp cultivar. With close to 25% CBD, I was ready for Mr. Rainbow to have very potent effects.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high, and hemp flower won’t cause intoxication no matter what concentration of CBD it contains. I expected that the high concentration of CBD in Mr. Rainbow would, however, make the characteristically relaxing or soporific effects of CBD more intense.

My first indication that Mr. Rainbow would, indeed, be stronger than normal was the thick buildup of oily resin below the burning tip of my joint. In most cases, more resin means more potency, and my joint’s tip was practically bubbling with molten oil.

The effects of my Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll were subtly balanced, and they came on unexpectedly. I was around halfway through my joint when I suddenly felt the need to sit down and collapsed comfortably into a chair on my porch.

CBD’s expected calming effect came on with staggering intensity. By the time I was done with my joint, I felt like I’d just taken an unusually large dose of CBD tincture.

I felt relaxed and not particularly tired, but I did go to bed soon thereafter. For the remainder of the night, I continued to feel especially calm as the effects of CBD percolated through my system.


  • Extra-potent pre-roll provided intensely relaxing effects
  • Felt similar to taking a high dose of CBD tincture
  • Balanced effects — not particularly soporific

Onset and duration of effects

I first noticed the effects of my Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll around 2-3 minutes after I started smoking. In retrospect, however, it’s clear to see that the effects began immediately and subtly began to peak in the background.

I’d say that the effects of my Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll lasted for around 75-90 minutes. This was one of my longer-lasting CBD experiences.


  • Initially subtle, eventually profound effects
  • Onset within 2-3 minutes
  • Lasted for up to 90 minutes

Overall score

All factors in consideration, I give the Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack a combined score of 4.96 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 5.0/5

Flavor: 4.8/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.96/5

Packaging, labeling, and texture all pass with flying colors, but Mr. Rainbow’s flavor lacked the memorable appeal of certain other Secret Nature strains.

Mr. Rainbow’s effects and their duration were among the best I’ve experienced with a CBD flower strain. That extra 5% of CBD in each joint appears to make a big difference.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow Pre-Roll 7-Pack to CBD users who value convenience while desiring a steady source of potent, balanced premium CBD flower effects.

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