Greenhouse vs. Indoor Potency: Which Type of Hemp Is Stronger?

Published November 07, 2021
Greenhouse vs. Indoor Potency: Which Type of Hemp Is Stronger? - Secret Nature

With the recent addition of greenhouse-grown buds to the Secret Nature hemp flower lineup, it comes time to explain the differences between indoor-grown and greenhouse-grown hemp. Unlike the situation with outdoor-grown cannabis, greenhouse-grown hemp is almost as good as indoor-grown bud as long as it’s cultivated the right way.

In this guide, learn:

  • What greenhouse-grown hemp is
  • If it’s more or less potent than indoor-grown hemp
  • Whether indoor-grown or greenhouse-grown hemp is better

Can you grow hemp in a greenhouse?

Yes, it’s possible to grow hemp in a greenhouse, and as long as you follow the right steps, greenhouse-grown cannabis can be very high-grade. Some greenhouses block out all ambient light during a plant’s night cycle, reducing stress and improving yields.

All greenhouses provide plants with shelter from the surrounding elements. Greenhouses can maintain steady interior temperatures, helping hemp and other plants thrive even when exterior temperatures are cold.

  • Yes, you can grow hemp in a greenhouse, and it’s almost as good as indoor-grown hemp flower

Is a greenhouse considered indoor growing?

Growing hemp in a greenhouse is certainly more similar to growing it fully indoors than it is to growing hemp outside. Like fully indoor cultivation environments, greenhouses shelter plants from natural elements, and they provide greater overall control of the cultivation process.

Greenhouses can’t be considered fully indoor environments, though. They do a lot to shield plants from cold temperatures and unwanted lights, but only indoor cultivation spaces can be fully sealed and environmentally controlled.

Is indoor or outdoor more potent?

Indoor-grown cannabis or hemp is almost always considerably stronger than flower that was grown outdoors. Most outdoor-grown hemp contains less than 10% CBD, but indoor-grown hemp can contain 20% CBD or more.

Environmental factors prevent outdoor-grown hemp from reaching its full potential. Pests and wind damage hemp crops that aren’t protected from the elements, and the harsher handling usually applied to outdoor hemp can break off trichomes, the tiny, crystalline sacs on the surface of cannabis flower that contain cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Indoor-grown hemp is more potent than outdoor-grown hemp

Is greenhouse stronger than indoor?

No, greenhouse-grown hemp usually contains around 5% fewer total cannabinoids than indoor-grown hemp. Compared to hemp that was grown fully outdoors, though, greenhouse-grown hemp is usually considerably more potent. Most greenhouse-grown hemp contains more than 10% CBD, but it’s rare for greenhouse-grown buds to contain more than 15% total cannabinoids.

  • Indoor-grown hemp is stronger than greenhouse-grown hemp

Is greenhouse better than indoor?

In most ways, greenhouse-grown hemp can’t be considered better than indoor-grown hemp. Unlike hemp that was grown fully outdoors, though, greenhouse-grown hemp isn’t considerably lower-quality than its indoor-grown alternative.

If we were to separate it into grades, indoor-grown hemp would be considered “A-Grade,” greenhouse-grown hemp would be “B-Grade,” and outdoor-grown hemp would be “C-Grade.” For most consumers, B-Grade products are sometimes acceptable due to their reduced cost and increased value. C-Grade products, though, are usually shunned since they could be harmful.

  • Greenhouse-grown hemp is an acceptable if undeniably inferior substitute for indoor-grown hemp

What is the best indoor-grown hemp flower?

Indoor-grown hemp flower represents the cream of the crop, and more than 11,000 verified reviewers would argue that Secret Nature offers the best indoor-grown hemp buds on the internet. Secret Nature may now also offer greenhouse-grown buds under the Elysian brand, but buds bearing the “Secret Nature” name will always be purely indoor-grown.

Why is indoor-grown hemp better? Compared to greenhouse-grown hemp, fully indoor buds:

  • Are more potent
  • Taste better
  • Are usually denser

That’s why indoor hemp will always be a big part of the Secret Nature lineup. Greenhouse-grown buds, though, open up doors for customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to keep enough hemp on hand to cover daily needs.

  • Secret Nature Cobbler #5 Indoor-Grown CBD Hemp Flower review - Eric M. “🔥” ★★★★★ “Amazing tatse looked so 🔥 and I was relaxed chilled out vibe all night no paranoia or uncomfortableness deff getting again!! Love the packaging also excited to grab more this time very impressed and satisfied with product and service deff will recommend for other to try and grab!!”

What is the best greenhouse-grown hemp flower?

Based on initial customer feedback, Secret Nature Elysian appears to be the internet’s favorite indoor-grown hemp flower brand. Subjected to the same stringent standards of care that are applied to indoor-grown Secret Nature buds, Elysian hemp flower is hand-manicured, dense, and beautiful. If you hadn't been told, you probably wouldn’t have even known Elysian hemp was grown in a greenhouse.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Sidewinder Greenhouse-Grown CBD Hemp Flower review - Demetrius D. “Great For Relaxing After the Kids Go to Bed” ★★★★★ “A really good smoke to relax after the children go to bed, lol. Looks and smells like the gas I was used to when I smoked THC, great quality overall. I've already purchased twice, and will probably be purchasing a lot more in the near future.”

What is the most potent hemp flower: indoor or greenhouse?

There’s no contest: Indoor-grown hemp flower will always be the most potent thanks to the increased control over cultivation variables only fully indoor environments can offer. Secret Nature indoor hemp flower can reach total cannabinoid concentrations exceeding 25%, for instance, while it’s unlikely hemp grown in a greenhouse will exceed 20% total cannabinoids for the foreseeable future.

  • Secret Nature Blood-Diamond Ultra-Potent Indoor-Grown CBD Hemp Flower review - Takwon J. “A Shocker” ★★★★★ “Personally this strain in my experience was fantastic the effects shocked me, I’m not much of a hybrid user I prefer indicas. It helped me with my anxiety, my hands felt much better after use, super calm, helped my pain go way down all over my body. Definitely top tier as is everything from the beautiful company Secret Nature.”

Is outdoor-grown hemp flower any good?

Within the pantheon of the various ways you can grow hemp flower, outdoor-grown hemp is definitely the most inferior. Hemp that was grown fully outdoors might be suitable as biomass or as the raw material for extracts, but experts agree that outdoor-grown cannabis probably shouldn’t be smoked.

Protected by the walls of a greenhouse, though, cannabis can reach nearly the same potential as fully indoor-grown bud. Growing hemp in a greenhouse will remain a viable option as long as growing hemp indoors remains resource-intensive and comparatively complex.

To make sure your smoking experience is safe and satisfying, stick to either greenhouse-grown or indoor-grown hemp buds. Since it usually costs considerably less, greenhouse-grown hemp might be a more viable option for everyday smoking. Then, you can crack out your connoisseur indoor hemp buds when there’s something to celebrate.

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